Postmates $100 Free Delivery Credit Promo Code, Refer a Friend Earn $10

Updated on July 27, 2020

postmates $100 promo code

Postmates $100 Free Delivery Credit

Postmates' hot promotion is back again: $100 in free delivery credits good for 7 days. That's 10 times better than the usual $10 offer! The credit is good for 7 days. Now is the perfect time to sign up and try Postmates.

What is Postmates? Local couriers will pick up and delivery anything from any store or restaurant in minutes. They delivery food just like Doordash, Caviar,, and Grubhub. Need something from Staples or Duane Reade, lipstick from the MAC store, baby stuff from giggle, or a gift card, Postmates will bring it to you.

Get The Bonus

Can I use the credit for multiple deliveries?

Yes. Below I confirmed with Postmates that the $100 credit card be used multiple times until the balance is zero or it expires (it doesn't get used up with one delivery).

postmates $100 delivery credit

Refer a Friend – Post your Referral Link

My promo code is above – many thanks if you use my code. You are welcome to list your referral link below in the comments if you follow the steps.

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Postmates $100 Free Delivery Promo Code


Plus Unlimited

Postmates has a premium service called “Plus Unlimited”. For $9.99/month, you'll get free delivery on all orders over $25 and no service fees (you pay the same price as in the store) and priority service. They'll give you a one month free trial, but with the $100 free credit, I think you'll get a good feel for if this service is something you will get a lot of value from.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Postmates promo code?

New users can use the promo code DINNER to the bonus $100 delivery fee credit.

Invite your friends to get $100 off:

  1. Open your Postmates app and click the profile button in the top left corner.
  2. Click Invite Friends, Get $100 Off.
  3. Copy your code and share with friends.

How do promo codes work for Postmates?

Promo codes are easy to apply in the Postmates app.

  1. Open your Postmates app and click the profile button in the top left corner.
  2. Click Promos and Credits.
  3. Type in the promo code at the top and click Apply. All your promo will be listed on this screen along with the expiration date.

Is Postmates delivery free?

New users can get $100 off delivery fees with promo code DINNER. The delivery fee for restaurants on Postmates varies and can be free when promotions are running. Nearby restaurants can sometimes charge $2.99, however, the fee will be displayed in the app while you are browsing restaurants.

Unlimited Free delivery is available on every order over $15. If you place at least two orders a month, you'll save enough to cover the monthly membership fee of $9.99 or $99.99 per year.


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    • I see it still live but it doesn’t show you anything when you just click the link. Tip depends on a lot of factors…

  1. so i had opened an account for postmates; and got 100 referral credit. but if it passes 7 days it expires right?

    • If it said 7 days when you signed up (they change things around from time to time) then probably yes. But you can try to an order together and see if they charge you for delivery. If not then the credits probably still work.

  2. First of all I filled in all *’d blanks. Secondly, I said I would only sign up if there was no expiration date. Third, when I tried to leave that comment I was told I had already said the same thing. Forth I never posted nor tried to sign up before.

    As a first time experience you can tell Martha Stewart I am not im[pressed. Another website bunch of BS.

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