$13 Off Delivery.com Order Promo + $13 Refer a Friend Bonus + 25% Off

Updated on December 28, 2015

$13 off Delivery.com $13 Refer a Friend

$13 off Delivery.com + $13 Refer a Friend

UPDATE: The $13 off promo has ended and it is now $7 off + $7 when you refer a friend.

New Delivery.com users now get $13 credit and everyone can refer their friends and get $13 per friend. Credit valid for food, groceries, and alcohol orders. In response, GubHub just announced $12 free credit per new user (but it's “temporarily” not working) and $12 for any friends you refer.

25% OFF PROMO CODE : After you click the link and sign up for the $13 credit, at checkout use coupon promo code PATH to get 25% off your first order. You need to click on it to add it to the order otherwise the $13 credit will likely be used. The 25% off should be used on your first order.

This is a limited time offer: the usual credit for new users and referrals is $7. I order food several times per week and I like using Delivery.com more than Seamless/Grub Hub as I find it more user friendly and less cluttered. Through the grape vine, I heard they are not doing so well. Perhaps they are feeling the heat from all the new food delivery services popping up and need to offer a better incentive to get new users.

Delivery is trying to aggregate 3 services which other competitors focus on individually. They are competing with DoorDash.com and GrubHub/Seamless for food delivery, FreshDirect for groceries, and Drizly for alcohol delivery. Which services do you like most?

Enjoy your free meal (or groceries or alcohol)!

Expiration Date: TBD. The fine print below suggests that any referral credits are valid for 3 months but it doesn't say when this offer ends.


  • New users sign up here to get $13 off Delivery.com (no promo code needed)
  • At checkout, enter the code PATH to get 25% off your first purchase (click on the 25% off to redeem it otherwise it may apply the $13 off first)

Delivery.com 25% Off Code PATH

Thank you in advance if you use my referral link (we will both get $13 off the next order).



  1. Login to Delivery.com
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner => Tell a Friend.
  3. Share your link with your friends and get $13 for each friend.


Delivery.com $13 Promotion Fine Print:

*Referrer receives $13 credit only after referee has placed first order. Referee’s first order requires a minimum subtotal of $15, excluding taxes, tips, and fees. Neither PayPal nor cash orders are eligible for credit. Referrer and referee $13 credit is only valid on food, groceries, and alcohol orders. Not valid for past orders. Offer expires 3 months from issue date.



  1. $5 off food order + free delivery with DoorDash.com
  2. $12 off food order GrubHub
  3. $5 or $20 off Alcohol Delivery with Drizly.com
  4. $100 free groceries at FreshDirect ($50 off first 2 orders)
  5. $10 free groceries at Shipt.com



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