$12 off GrubHub Food Delivery Promo + $12 Refer a Friend Bonus

Updated on March 13, 2016

$12 off grubhub refer a friend

$12 off GrubHub + $12 Refer a Friend

UPDATE 1/16/16: Grubhub's refer a friend offer is LIVE again – $7 off + $7 when you refer a friend. Don't forget, they only allow up to 20 referrals and the terms say the credit expires 2 weeks after you earn them!

UPDATE: For some reason Grub Hub has suspended the promotion and you may get this error message “Sponsor is temporarily suspending the Refer a Friend Promotion”. I have asked customer service to look into it and will report back. Also, GrubHub expired all my $12 friend credits and refuses to answer my emails about it! Did that happen to you too? At least the $13 $7 off Delivery.com Promo is still working.

GrubHub is offering $12 $7 off an order of $15+ for new customers. This is higher than the usual $7 they offer and they rarely increase the bonus. Existing users can earn up to $240 in free food credit by referring the maximum of 20 friends.

This promotion is probably a response to Delivery.com increasing their new customer bonus to $13 (from $7) which I wrote about recently. I mentioned this $12 off promo but never finished this post until I was reminded by MileToMemories‘s post.

  • Offer expires 12/31/15 [the new $7 off promo expires 12/31/2016]

Haven't heard of GrubHub yet? Most people have heard of Seamless which started a few years earlier and eventually merged with GrubHub. They still operate two separate websites for some reason, but they are part of the same company.  I order food delivery several times per week and GrubHub is just one of the many delivery services we use.

HOW TO SIGN UP (GET $12 $7 Off)

This is my referral link and I will also receive credit if you sign up. Many thanks if you use my link! Feel free to post your own link below.


It is a bit more difficult to refer a friend on GrubHub – its a really poor referral system and its surprising that they stick with it. Competitors Delivery.com and DoorDash, for example, make it easy to refer a friend. If you have not received an email from GrubHub with your link, here's how to do it:

  1. Login to GrubHub.
  2. Click the link below the search box Share GrubHub with a friend, get $7!” (see screen shot below)
    • If you don't see this, click the GrubHub logo in the upper left corner of the page and you should see it.
    • If it still doesn't work, use this link (this link is not currently working) to get to the GrubHub referral portal.
  3. A purple box should pop up with the $12 $7 off $15 offer. Grab the link at the bottom and email it to your friends from your own email account to make sure it is really sent. You can also fill in your friend's email and let GrubHub send the email but you won't know if it's really sent.
  4. Post your link below in the comments.


The referral process seems to be broken. You should get an email when you earn a referral bonus but those emails are not coming. I contacted customer service and they were able to look up my credits with my email address. This appears to be the only way to find out. Unfortunately, they were not able to figure out why I wasn't getting the emails or how I could check the status myself. I contacted Extole, the company who manages their referral program and they are looking into the problem (though they kept pointing the finger towards GrubHub).

GrubHub $12 Refer a Friend


GrubHub $12 Refer a Friend

Promotion Fine Print:

*Eligible Referrers must be at least 13 years of age, a legal U.S. resident and an existing GrubHub diner. Eligible Referrers may earn a $12 discount code to be redeemed on a minimum order of $15 before tax, tip and delivery fee, for up to 20 friend referrals – one for each Friend who places their first GrubHub order from the Referrer's Personal Link. The discount code expires December 31, 2015, and may be subject to additional restrictions. Referred Friend will receive a $12 discount code, valid on their first order from Referrer's Personal Link, which must exceed $15, before tax, tip and delivery fee. To redeem, Friend must enter promo code at checkout, and pay with a valid credit card or PayPal® (cannot be combined with cash). Code is valid for one-time use and cannot be combined with other offers. Code expires two (2) weeks from receipt.


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  1. Hey. Are you actually receiving codes from people ordering food using your referral link? Mine doesn’t seem to work. In fact, a lot of people have not gotten their referral coupons from referring their friends.

  2. I’m glad somebody wrote about their experience regarding this. Just like most of you, I had to keep calling in and doing online chats forever to finally get all my referral credits. They ended up giving my 17/$12 credits, and they sent them over on a spreadsheet. One week later, I tried to use the codes and ….they were disabled. When I initiated a chat with them, I was told that the program was discontinued and that all my credits were just gone. How unfair is that? Shouldn’t they have at least honored the promo codes they had already rewarded us with, instead of just snatching them away? Is there anything we can do about it? I am soooooo disappointed. Afterall, I worked really hard acquiring referrals for Grubhub, and I’m sure everyone else did too!

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