$50 Lyft Credit Promo Code ($70 Total Credit! Up From $20)

Updated on September 5, 2023

Lyft Promo Code 50 Credit FIFTYPROMO - Coupon Discount

GET $15-20 LYFT CREDIT (increased to $50 $70!)

New customers can now get $50 up to $20 free Lyft credit! This $50 credit gives you $5 off 10 rides. Please keep in mind that Lyft often changes their promotion without notice. Some people have been reporting $5 off 10 rides and others $10 off 5 rides with an expiration date of just 2 weeks!

This is the highest credit that I have seen in a while. I'm sure everyone misses the days when Lyft was giving out 50 free rides, not just $50 credit!  Perfect timing so you can take advantage of the Justin Bieber promotion! Unfortunately, existing users are not eligible.

$50 Lyft Credit Promo Code


  1. Click here to sign up and you should see the above screen showing $50 Lyft credit
  2. Enter your phone number + download the mobile app when you get a link via text msg
  3. Sign up then click in the settings –> payment –> scroll to the bottom below your credit card info to the section called “Add payment method: Add credit code”. You should see your ride credit in this area.  If not, enter the promo code NOWFIFTY and click apply.

I will receive referral credit if you use my links. Many thanks in advance if you do!


Lyft sign up button



Sign up to be a Lyft driver and get a big bonus up to $5000! Want to register to drive? Check out the details here -> New Lyft driver bonus list. [UPDATE The bonus amounts change all the time so be sure to click the link to see the latest updates]


This $50 offer is still going is now up to $20, depending on your city.  Lyft often changes changes the offers without any warning so please keep that in mind.


Thanks to Ad for sending in these screen shots.  He got 5 free rides + 1 free ride but he already used one of his free rides before he sent the screen shot.  That's why the screen shot says “4 free rides” instead of “5 free rides”.

Lyft 1 Free Ride up to $20

New users have not been getting the extra $20 for some time now.

Lyft 5 Free Ride up to $20


Lyft is jumping into the music distribution business. Until 11/19/15, if you pay $5 to buy Bieber's new album and take a Lyft, you'll get $5 credit for your next ride. Who's going to sign up first??

Lyft Bieber Mode - $50 Lyft Credit




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  1. You get a $10 credit for 5 rides, only good until Nov 29. Not as good as the full $30 for the first ride. I feel ripped off.

  2. New users get $10 credit x 5 rides expiring 11/29/15.

    PLUS, you get a $20 credit x 1 ride expiring 12/14/15 if you use a referral code (i.e. the one provided on this site).

  3. I used the promo for 10 x $5 credit, however, I also referred a friend to lyft and received a free ride up to $20. I was wondering for my next ride, which promo will be applied first since I want to save my free ride for a longer trip? Is there any way to determine this?


    • Yes, on the app, press menu (top left) -> payment then you’ll be able to see all your different credits. After you finish a ride, you should be able to select your payment method and choose a credit.

  4. The $50 free ride credit comes in one time $50 credit or they give up $5 off each ride for total of 10 rides?

    • 10 rides x $5 off, but keep in mind Lyft often change the offers. It’s also been 5 rides x $10 off.

    • Exactly. The app will subtract $5 from the bill and you can choose a credit card to pay the rest.

    • No, it will tell you in the app what your rides are worth. For example, 10 rides $5 each or 5 rides $10 each.

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