Gett Together Launches – Free Rides In November then only $3 – New York City

Updated on January 13, 2017

Free Gett Ride Gett Together Rideshare

Gett is giving FREE rides together with the launch of their new $3 shared ride service called “Gett Together”. Until now, Gett has only offered private rides in NYC ($10 flat rate rides and no surge pricing). Now they are finally jumping on bandwagon with shared rides to compete with Lyft, Uber, and Via (is Juno going to follow suit?). The $3 rides have a limited route and time frame so this won't work for everyone…but it costs only a bit more than a subway! They must be feeling the heat from the competition.

Taking a Gett has always been a very good experience, except of course sometimes there is a long wait/no cars. Why is that? I think it has to do with their no surge pricing. Whenever competitors Uber and Lyft offer good surge pricing, drivers turn off their Gett App and turn on Lyft and Uber… and Getts disappear.

I do like their new graphics, Gett it? Commute Like A Boss!


Gett Together is just like Via, which now runs in NYC, Chicago, and DC. A SUV drives pre-set routes in NYC during rush hour times. Launch your app, select Gett Together, walk to the pick up spot and hop in your shared SUV ride.

  • Price: FREE until December 2nd, then its $3/ride
  • Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday 7-10am & 5-8pm.
  • 3 Routes (mornings, evenings are the reverse):
    • Upper East Side downtown (between 96th St & 30th)
    • Upper West Side downtown (between 96th st & 48th)
    • East Village uptown (between 6th St & 47th St)

Note: You need to walk to the pickup spot which will be along the driver's route. They will not pick you up in your exact location. This saves time and keeps costs lower.


UPDATE: Gett recently increased the sign up bonus to $50 (after being in the $10 – $20 range for a while)

The Complete Routes

East Side:


96th St & 2nd Ave, to

31st St & 2nd Ave, to

31st St & Madison Ave, to

40th St & Madison Ave


38th St & 5th Ave, to

30th St & 5th Ave, to

30th St & 1st Ave, to

96th St & 1st Ave

West Side:


96th St & Columbus Ave, to

48th St & 9th Ave, to

48th St & 6th Ave, to

55th St & 6th Ave


51st St & 6th Ave, to

51st St & 10th Ave, to

96th St & Amsterdam Ave

East Village:


7th St & Ave C, to

7th St & 1st Ave, to

47th St & 1st Ave, to

47th St & Madison Ave


46th St & Madison Ave, to

46th St & 2nd Ave, to

6th St & 2nd Ave, to

6th St & Ave C

Gett Together Free Ride Screen Shot



Here's the press release:

Gett Expands Services to Fill the Gaps of Public Transportation:
Launches Gett Together, a Faster, Cheaper Carpooling Service

NOVEMBER 15, 2016 – Gett, the global on-demand mobility company available in more than 80 cities worldwide, today expanded its offerings with the launch of its innovative carpooling service in New York City designed to supplement public transportation. Dubbed “Gett Together,” the new service will provide commuters in Manhattan with $3 direct rides that never surge, filling the gaps of public transportation along the East and West Sides and offering New Yorkers a more convenient and comfortable alternative – or complement – to the subway. Gett Together aims to be the best in its class in both speed and price.

At launch, New Yorkers will be able to commute to and from work for free along set routes via Gett Together. Professional drivers will pick up riders in clean, climate-controlled cars during commuting hours and travel along routes underserved by public transportation, offering riders a much more comfortable and convenient commute than the subway or bus – all at a highly competitive price. Gett Together operates along the same set routes every morning and evening, respectively, so riders always know exactly where they’re going and don’t have to worry about unexpected detours or surprise stops along the way.

Shahar Waiser, CEO of Gett, commented: “Gett Together is faster and cheaper than Uber Pool. It takes a fresh approach to carpooling by targeting areas underserved by public transportation and complementing subway routes. Our solution is cheaper, more convenient and faster than other carpooling options. Gett Together only operates along direct routes thereby eliminating deviations and minimizing driving time. New Yorkers deserve reliable and affordable transportation; Gett Together is our solution.”

Gett Together will be FREE for a limited time (until December 5th), and will then be $3/ride (plus no surge pricing, ever).

Gett Together rides are available MondayFriday from 7-10 am and 5-8 pm along the East and West Side of Manhattan. Riders who request a Gett Together can be picked up and dropped off anywhere along the set route during designated commuting hours, and may share the vehicle with other riders headed the same way.

The three lines will take commuters from the Upper East Side downtown, the Upper West Side downtown, and the East Village uptown in the mornings, then bring New Yorkers home on similar lines in the evenings. To see exact routes, open the Gett app and drag your pickup location to East Manhattan between 6th St & 96th St or West Manhattan between 50th St & 96th St. Click here to download routes and screenshots of Gett Together. Gett is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

About Gett
Gett is an on-demand mobility company changing how people move around and Gett things. A leading provider in Europe, Gett is available in more than 80 cities worldwide, including London, Moscow, and NYC. Gett’s technology enables consumers to instantly book on-demand transportation, delivery and logistics. Gett also offers the on-demand business mobility solution, Gett for Business, trusted by over 5,000 leading corporations worldwide. Gett has raised over $520 million in venture funding, including the recent strategic $300M investment from Volkswagen Group.”

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