Free $20 Via Ride Credit – Launches Washington DC With $2.15 Rides!

Updated on February 7, 2019

ridewithVia Launches Washington DC$20 Free Via Ride Credit – Washington DC – Launches $2.15 Rides

Via, a smaller competitor to Uber and Lyft, just launched in Washington DC and is offering $20 bonus promo credit when you sign up and take your first ride by Friday August 5th! ONE WEEK ONLY! And rides are just $2.15 (that's the same price as the Metrorail).

Via started out in New York City with it's $5 shares rides and also launched in Chicago with $3.95 rides. Via's growth in the face of intense competition has surprised me. After interviewing many drivers, they are loving Via and many hating Uber and Lyft. There is clearly a benefit to having steady income instead of chasing fares all the time!


Expired – the code is now worth $10!

  1. Download the free app: App Store or Google Play
  2. When you sign up, enter promo code JEFFREY5T8 – if you miss the option, you can add it later:  just click MENU –> PROMO CODES.  This is a referral code. Thank you if you sign up with this code – feel free to post yours in the comments below.
  3. Take your first ride by August 5!


You are welcome to list your referral link below if you follow the steps.

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Via is a little different than it's bigger competitors. Unlike Lyft and Uber, there is no option for a private ride. Via is essentially a shuttle that usually takes local roads picking up people and dropping them off along the way.


New driver bonuses are available only to the first 100 drivers in the district, though they haven't given details on the bonus amount yet. If you apply please let me know.

  1. To apply, click here and select WASHINGTON DC.
  2. Enter your information.


For only $2.15, you can get a ride in DC!

All rides in D.C. are just $2.15 and are tax free. Extra riders in your party ride at just $1 per passenger. After your first 5 rides, there will be an additional $1 fee per ride when riding without pre-purchased ride credit. Cancellations and No Shows will be assessed a $2 fee.

Via Washington DC Coverage Map


There is no tax added to the rides AND you can use pre-tax dollars. Via takes several different payment methods including TransitCheck, Commuter Check, Beniversal, WageWorks, and eTRAC.


If you are in a rush or easily get annoyed by other people, Via may not be the best idea. There might be many stops along the way – just like taking a train or bus!


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  1. I use VIA in NYC. Can be a slow ride so best not to use in a time sensitive situation. Best use is as an alternative to the subway when you are going to/from an area far from a station or that would require multiple connections.

  2. Hey guys,

    so my thoughts on VIA:

    I used via in both, Washington and Manhattan, and read a lot about other people complaining that it is not fast enough or as service oriented as UBER or Lyft.


    I am using VIA almost only for short trips (5-15 mins) and have never had a problem so far. Drivers were on time, cars have been VERY clean and I enjoyed the ride.


    Yes, if you are really time sensitive, it might be better for you to plan with some more time. I am usually taking via to get home from work, so I am basically just glad that I can relax in a warm car (since it’s winter when I am writing this) and not have to think about where & when to get off.


    I guess there are already enough codes here to choose from but just for the sake of it:

    mia5w7 · Sign-up & download is right here:

    Stay warm and have a safe ride 🙂

  3. I use via all the time! It’s when I’m going a really far distance within manhattan because it’s a flat rate during weekdays. However, depending on the time of day, there can be a lot of pickups and dropoffs, so it can be touch and go when you’re in a time crunch.

    Use steph7u5 to get a $10 credit on your first two rides!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Just used your code. Looking forward to trying this service tmrw.
      My referral code is sky4r8 for $10 off.

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