Apple Price Match Policy Can Save You Up to 10%

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Apple products in the Apple store rarely go on sale…but here's how you can easily save up to 10%! I was surprised to find out last night that the Apple has a price match policy. They will price match another brick and mortar store up to 10% of the value of the item. Most discounts are available through resellers only which means most people shopping in the Apple Store are paying full price.

I've been looking to replace my Macbook Air from a few years ago when I picked up an base model at a big discount. (I was actually shopping for a pc laptop but the MB Air was cheaper and had a longer battery than any other laptop I could find). Now, I need some more power so I've been looking at the new MB Pro. Naturally, I'm looking for the best price, because these computers ain't cheap! After finding a few sale prices I called up Apple to find out if they price match. Surprise…they do!

Apple Price Match Policy (Save up to 10%)

  • Price match up to 10% of the price
  • Competitor must be an authorized reseller including Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Adorama, B&H
  • Item must be in stock (they will check online or call to confirm)
  • Order on or by phone (800-MY-APPLE)
  • Price match period is within the 14 return policy time frame (when you could just return the item and go buy it from the competitor)

Apple Black Friday Sale (Nov 25)

Last year, Apple skipped Black Friday. Their stores are always crowded so I guess they don't need it, right? This year, Apple has a Black Friday Sale on November 25th. I'm waiting to see what they are offering and will try to combine it with a price match.


  • Adorama has $150 off a base model Macbook Pro for $1,349. Apple's price is $1,499. Apple will match the lower price because it is 10% less.
  • Adorama has $250 off a base model Macbook Pro + AppleCare for $1,598. Apple's price is $1499+$249= $1,748. The max discount you can get is about $175.
  • Choose a higher model to get a bigger discount
  • You can order over the phone from Apple and skip the trip to the store and holiday lines. Keep in mind Adorama charges tax in NJ and NY while B&H only charges tax in NY. Even if you price match, you'll give back some of those savings if you buy in NY with the high sales tax.

Other Discounts/Cash Back

One of my favorite cash back cards is the Discover Card. Although they exclude many items including the MacBook Pro, they didn't do so last year. Their 5% cash back gets doubled on my Discover Card (within my first year). Before making a large purchase with Apple, it's worth checking out what Discover Card is offering. Links for credit cards can be found at the menu at the top.

Now, touch bar or no touch bar… probably base model with the best deal.


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