Get $1000 Bonus After 45 Postmates Deliveries in 30 days (New Courier Bonus in New York City)

Updated on February 7, 2018

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$1000 New Postmates Courier Bonus

2/7/18 UPDATE: Looks like they have revised this to a $500 guarantee if you sign up in NYC now.

Here's how to make a fairly easy $1000 if you live near New York City and have a little bit of free time. Postmates is offering a new bonus offer for new couriers – do 45 deliveries (most likely meals) within 30 days in New York City and they guarantee you'll make at least $1000. That an average of 1.5 deliveries per day. You don't even need a car — just deliver items by foot. This offer varies based on your city. If I only had some more time… New users can still get $100 free delivery credit (see my detailed post here).

Note: Its not actually a bonus but at the end of the 45 deliveries you will have $1000 guaranteed. Worst case I would estimate $1000/45 hour = $22.22/hour and best case you do 2 deliveries per hour and make $44.44/hour.

How To Sign Up

  1. Sign up with this link. Expires 3/1/18.
  2. Complete 45 deliveries in NYC and maintain 4.5 rating or better (so make sure your delivery doesn't explode all over the bag and looks good before you hand it over!)
  3. Postmates guarantees you'll make at least $1,000!

*Thanks for using my referral link!

Postmates Fleet Driver $1000 Bonus


Do I need a car?

Nope, you can do deliveries on by bicycle, on foot. Your choice. Here are the options in the app.Postmates No Car Bicycle On Foot


What's it like? How Flexible is it?

You can be your own boss and choose your own hours while you make a few bucks on the side — or in this case, at least $1000! After that you can make up to $25+/hour. Just turn on the app and you're ready to probably pick up a meal and deliver it. Don't feel like doing anymore? Just turn off the app. No boss bothering you about the TPS report that was due last week. If you don't like it, you just never turn on the app. No strings attached.


How do I go online / offline?

When you open the app, you'll see a big green GO ONLINE button on the top right corner. Just press it and Postmates will try to match you with a delivery. You can see the busier areas are shaded a darker red.


Postmates Dispatch Map



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    • You may be able to see the promo after you click the link. I’ve asked them in the meantime — will post an update when they respond.

      • They said I’d have to open the app when in the other region to see the promotion there. Unfortunately I won’t be in your area anytime soon.

  1. I just finished my 45 deliveries last night- I emailed pm and they said it takes 7-10 business days after the incentive delivery was completed. Then they said, you don’t qualify to get the $1000 bonus. I’m on my 28th day with 48 deliveries now. I’m hoping for the best but it sounds fishy

    • Are you in NYC and did you sign up while the $1k offer was running? They dropped it down to $500 before the original deadline for some reason.

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