Free $150 or Bose Soundlink Speaker II with $600 Travel Purchase

Updated on February 2, 2018

Free Bose Bluetooth Speaker II-minFree $150 Gift Card, Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speakers w/$600 Travel Purchase has two new user bonus offers: get $150 gift card or get a free Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II with $600 business travel purchase (flight and/or hotel, uber) and now also rental cars which I asked them about a few months ago. I plan to use to book travel in the future when I'm not using points since the prices are about the same and their concierge-like service destroys any other site I've tried. On my last trip, Upside upgraded my seat for free and my better half got a free massage. We were booked separately so they didn't know we were traveling together but I offered to swap seats. Well, I don't expect that extra stuff but it did leave a nice impression as did their customer service when I needed some help with my booking. See my previous posts about Upside here and here

The speaker sells for $129 on Amazon but you can choose the $150 in gift cards which is a better value as you can buy the speaker and still have money left over. Not bad, but I still prefer the Bose Headphones which sell for $229 on Amazon. The headphones are worth those most out of the 3 options and are probably more useful for most people on a trip.

Watch out for expiration dates listed below!

If you try Upside, let me know what you think in the comments!

Bonus Offer Options

Upside Free Bose Bluetooth Speaker II

Offer Details

For all of the above 3 offers:

  • You need to book $600 worth of flights and/or hotels/uber/car rental
  • Flights only is OK, or you can add hotels, Uber, or car rental to meet the spend requirement
  • Upside now lets you book for more than 1 person so your each person doesn't have to create their own account
  • Valid for first time business traveler customers only.
  • EXPIRATION DATE: Purchase by the expirations dates listed above.

upside free bose

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