iPhone 7 Free With Trade-In, $10/mo Without Trade-In – Verizon Wireless

Free iPhone 7 Verizon Wireless with Trade In or $10/Month

Verizon Wireless has brought back their free iPhone 7 with trade-in just in time for Christmas, but perhaps even better is an iPhone 7 for only $10/month – NO TRADE IN required. Surprisingly, you can get even get an iPhone 7 PLUS for free with trade in. The PLUS makes the trade in much more valuable…which was not included last time around.

A few months ago, Verizon had a very popular free iPhone 7 with trade in of any iPhone 6 (6, 6+, 6S, 6S+).

UPDATE 12/24/16: The $10/month offer for iPhone 7 has expired yesterday, but today it is still available for Galaxy S7. The FREE iPhone 7 with trade in is still available.

No Trade In Required Offer

Link to Offer

I don't think it's worth trading in an iPhone 6S or 6S+ (regular 6 does not qualify), so this offer is very attractive as you are buying an iPhone 7 for just $240 after you pay your $10/month and get all your credits over 24 months. Yes, you'll need to stay with Verizon Wireless for 24 months to get the full credit. You are buying your iPhone 7 for $240 ($10 x 24 months) instead of the usual full price of $650. Want more memory, you can just pay a little more:

  • iPhone 7 32GB for $10/mo
  • iPhone 7 128GB for $15/mo
  • iPhone 7 256GB for $20/mo
Fine Print
Up to $649.99 device payment purchase req'd. Less up to $649.99 trade-in promo credit (for free iPhone 7 32GB) or up to $409.99 bill credit (for $10/mo) applied to account over 24 mos; credit begins w/in 2-3 cycles & promo/bill credit ends when balance paid or line is terminated/transferred; 0% APR. Eligible trade-in phone must be in good, working & cosmetic condition. Free phone offer not combinable with other trade-in offers.

iPhone 7 Free – Trade In Offer

Link to Offer  (Expires 12/25/16)

The trade in for the iPhone 7 PLUS seems to be the real deal here. If you trade in a phone, you can get the iPhone 7 (or 7 Plus) for free, BUT, the trade in for an iPhone 7 does not seem as good. Why? Because you'll need to trade in an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus and then you avoid paid the $10/month, or a $240 savings after 24 months. So… you are selling your iPhone 6S or 6S+ for $240. You could sell it for much more on eBay or Swappa.

In short…if you trade in an eligible phone, you can get a base model iPhone 7 for free, or pay a little more for the more memory:

  • iPhone 7 32GB for free
  • iPhone 7 128GB for $4.17/mo
  • iPhone 7 256GB for $8.33/mo

It is not listed on

Fine Print for the free iPhone 7 PLUS

$769.99 device payment pchse reqd on 32GB. Less $769.99 trade-in and promo credit over 24 mos; starts w/in 2-3 cycles; ends when balance is paid or line terminated/transferred; 0% APR. Fully-paid eligible trade-in must be good working and cosmetic cond.

Phones Eligible for Trade In

Link to offer

FREE iPhone 7 32gb base model when you trade in these phones:

  • iPhone 7  (who would do this… but you can also get a PLUS for free, see below)
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 edge
  • Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Galaxy Note5
  • Droid Turbo 2
  • LG G5
  • LG V10

FREE iPhone 7 PLUS base model when you trade in:

  • iPhone 7 (in case you are tired of your almost new phone)
  • Samsung S7 Edge

$100 iPhone 7 PLUS base model when you trade in:

  • iPhone 7, 6S, 6S Plus
  • Samsung S7, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5
  • LG G5, V10
  • Droid Turbo 2
  • HTC 10

iPhone 7 Free plus Verizon Wireless

Android Trade In Offers

Link to offer

Verizon is also offering the same deal for Android phones — $10 per month without a trade in or free with trade in. The eligible phones are the same (listed above)

  • Google Pixel
  • Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge
  • Moto Z Play

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    • Depends on what your old line fee was. It used to be $40/line. The new plans are $20 per line. Before I switched to the new plan, I was paying $15 per line. So, while I was $5 worse off per line, my Mifi dropped $10/month, and something else dropped while giving me more data for less $. In the end I got more benefits for ~ the same price.

  1. So I paid outright for my smart phone and use the monthly prepay plan. My total cost per month is $45 for 3 gb, unlimited talk/text, etc. I did have to lay out the $600 or so for my device but I have no contract.
    With this 24 month contract with access fee’s, etc. what is the typical total bill? People I’ve talked to are paying like $80 a month for the phone fees, etc.

    • Are you with Verizon? They don’t have a 3gb plan anymore. I think people can really see value on Verizon w/family plans vs solo plans. Once you get up to the 8gb plan ($70/month) you get 2gb extra per line. With a corporate discount, I’m paying ~160 for 4 lines, 20gb, mifi, and an iPad (not including cost of equipment to compare apples to apples vs your cost). And this includes rollover data which is new.

  2. I am paying the 20 to 30 dollars for basically the renting to own for the Galaxy s6 edge i don’t have it paid off yet but will I be able to bring in the phone that I have without paying the rest of it off and changing it and getting the new $10 a month plan and upgrading to the new Galaxy 7

  3. Screw Verizon right now, they pulled the offer for the iPhone 7’s. I wasted my entire day trying to get all of my family together to go get our phones but when I got to Verizon, they said “oh that was cancelled yesterday morning” so I asked why and he had “not a clue”. This is litterally the worst thing they have done. This offer was supposed to go through the 24th but for some reason they decided to just cancel it. I would like Verizon just to say oh we are sorry but they haven’t so I have just wasted a day trying to get a phone that was $15/month, but now is back to $40 so ughhh..

    • Are you trying to do a trade for free iPhone or the $10/month deal? I am still seeing the trade in offer online. I would always suggest checking online before making a major effort like getting all the family’s phones together.

  4. I am upset with Verizon as I went there on sat morning to get the 7iphone for $10.00 a month but when I got there they said they no longer had special which was supposed to go thru sat they didn’t offer any other options besides higher rates I went to another Verizon dealer and they said the Samsung s7was on sale for$10. But other dealer never mentioned that both were corporate stores but by that I was pretty disappointed and upset with Verizon how can they advertise specials and change there ending dates without any notice not a good business practice

  5. Just spent an hour on the phone with Verizon Wireless. I purchased an iPhone 7 on Dec. 18, 2016 using their $10/month promotion. I was told I would be billed $27.08/month for the first 2 months then on month 3 bill I would be credited $17.08 for the first 3 months. For the remaining 21 months I would be billed $27.08/mo with a $17.08/mo credit. I just received bill for month 3 and there was no credit. Verizon rep now tells me that the offer was predicated on a trade in. Has anyone else been fleeced like this? Does anyone have a copy of the original promotion? I know I am not wrong. Several people I know all signed up for the same deal and none are now getting the credit? Please Help !!!

    • Take a look at the graphic I posted at the top of this deal. It says “no trade-in required”. I would suggest either try another rep or go back to the store you bought it from. I got my credits that I expected but I did a trade in deal so that’s a different situation.

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