IHG Accelerate Bonus Q1 2017 – Stay & Earn Points

IHG Accelerate Bonus Q1 2017

IHG is back with their Accelerate bonuses for Q1 2017. I was pleasantly surprised with a pretty good offer – up to 56,600 points. Is your offer better or worse? My bonus offers would really ONLY be worth it if I were going to stay at two InterContinentals which is where most of the bonus points kick in. I already have a night booked at an Intercontinental in January but I'm using my Chase Free Anniversary Night… too bad only paid stays count. Since I won't likely have enough paid stays to get much, most/all my stays with be with Starwood as usual to maintain my Platinum status.

How To Sign Up – IHG Accelerate Bonus


  • Qualifying Stays must be booked and completed between 1st January 2017 and 15th April 2017 (both dates inclusive)
  • Only PAID stays count: A “Qualifying Stay” include most business and leisure rates… so award stays DO NOT count

My Bonus Offers

Here's what I've been offered — up to 56,600 points total. Not bad! An average Holiday Inn stay may cost ~$125 or about 25,000 points…so about $0.005 per point. This bonus is worth approximately 2 free nights at an average Holiday Inn. Here's some other offers: ViewFromTheWing, PointsWithACrew.

Short Cut: It appears possible to knock out all of these with just 2 paid Intercontinental Hotel stays in January for a total of 46,600. That might be worth it for someone paying cash instead of using points.

  1. 3,000 points for booking and staying one time (easy)
  2. 10,000 points for staying 5 nights (not so easy)
  3. 24,000 points for staying at 2 InterContinental Hotels (nice bonus!)
  4. 3,600 points for booking 1 Bonus Points Package
  5. 15,000 point bonus for completing 3 of the above 4 offers
  6. 1,000 points staying once in January (easy)

IHG Accelerate Bonus Q1 2017

Did you get anything worthwhile?

Hat Tip: ViewFromTheWing

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  1. Mine is SWEETTTTTT.
    I got 60,000 for fall. 6 nights, 3 different brands, weekend stay,
    I stayed 9 nights, 3 different cities and the 6 out of 7 points was 24,000!!!!

    for Q! 2017
    stay once 2000- going to africa
    stay 6 nights 9000- staying 10 nights
    stay weekend 4000- staying over a weekend
    2 stays corporate rate 2500- staying 2 cities cpt and jnb
    stay in Africa 8000- going to africa
    stay in January 1000- going to africa
    stay once 2000- going to africa
    6 of the 7 offers 11000- meeting 7 offers
    This is a preplanned trip btw.

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