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Updated on September 7, 2017

Free iPhone 7 Verizon Wireless with Trade In or $10/Month

Verizon Wireless has brought back their free iPhone 7 with trade-in just in time for Christmas, but perhaps even better is an iPhone 7 for only $10/month – NO TRADE IN required. Surprisingly, you can get even get an iPhone 7 PLUS for free with trade in. The PLUS makes the trade in much more valuable…which was not included last time around.

A few months ago, Verizon had a very popular free iPhone 7 with trade in of any iPhone 6 (6, 6+, 6S, 6S+).

UPDATE 12/24/16: The $10/month offer for iPhone 7 has expired yesterday, but today it is still available for Galaxy S7. The FREE iPhone 7 with trade in is still available.

No Trade In Required Offer

Link to Offer

I don't think it's worth trading in an iPhone 6S or 6S+ (regular 6 does not qualify), so this offer is very attractive as you are buying an iPhone 7 for just $240 after you pay your $10/month and get all your credits over 24 months. Yes, you'll need to stay with Verizon Wireless for 24 months to get the full credit. You are buying your iPhone 7 for $240 ($10 x 24 months) instead of the usual full price of $650. Want more memory, you can just pay a little more:

  • iPhone 7 32GB for $10/mo
  • iPhone 7 128GB for $15/mo
  • iPhone 7 256GB for $20/mo
Fine Print
Up to $649.99 device payment purchase req'd. Less up to $649.99 trade-in promo credit (for free iPhone 7 32GB) or up to $409.99 bill credit (for $10/mo) applied to account over 24 mos; credit begins w/in 2-3 cycles & promo/bill credit ends when balance paid or line is terminated/transferred; 0% APR. Eligible trade-in phone must be in good, working & cosmetic condition. Free phone offer not combinable with other trade-in offers.

iPhone 7 Free – Trade In Offer

Link to Offer  (Expires 12/25/16)

The trade in for the iPhone 7 PLUS seems to be the real deal here. If you trade in a phone, you can get the iPhone 7 (or 7 Plus) for free, BUT, the trade in for an iPhone 7 does not seem as good. Why? Because you'll need to trade in an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus and then you avoid paid the $10/month, or a $240 savings after 24 months. So… you are selling your iPhone 6S or 6S+ for $240. You could sell it for much more on eBay or Swappa.

In short…if you trade in an eligible phone, you can get a base model iPhone 7 for free, or pay a little more for the more memory:

  • iPhone 7 32GB for free
  • iPhone 7 128GB for $4.17/mo
  • iPhone 7 256GB for $8.33/mo

It is not listed on

Fine Print for the free iPhone 7 PLUS

$769.99 device payment pchse reqd on 32GB. Less $769.99 trade-in and promo credit over 24 mos; starts w/in 2-3 cycles; ends when balance is paid or line terminated/transferred; 0% APR. Fully-paid eligible trade-in must be good working and cosmetic cond.

Phones Eligible for Trade In

Link to offer

FREE iPhone 7 32gb base model when you trade in these phones:

  • iPhone 7  (who would do this… but you can also get a PLUS for free, see below)
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 edge
  • Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Galaxy Note5
  • Droid Turbo 2
  • LG G5
  • LG V10

FREE iPhone 7 PLUS base model when you trade in:

  • iPhone 7 (in case you are tired of your almost new phone)
  • Samsung S7 Edge

$100 iPhone 7 PLUS base model when you trade in:

  • iPhone 7, 6S, 6S Plus
  • Samsung S7, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5
  • LG G5, V10
  • Droid Turbo 2
  • HTC 10

iPhone 7 Free plus Verizon Wireless

Android Trade In Offers

Link to offer

Verizon is also offering the same deal for Android phones — $10 per month without a trade in or free with trade in. The eligible phones are the same (listed above)

  • Google Pixel
  • Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge
  • Moto Z Play

Valentine's Android Promotion 50% Off (No Trade-In Required)

9/8/17: This promotion was for Valentine's 2017 – Verizon offered 50% off with “no trade-in required”. I've added this screen shot for a reader who is having problems getting the discount from Verizon. (Source)

moto z verizon no trade in


2GB Bonus Per Month For Life

When I traded in my phones to get the iPhone 7 for the lines on my family plan I also upgraded to the new Verizon plan. This plan included 2GB bonus data per month for life. Here's a screen shot for Jennifer who wrote in the comments and is having trouble getting her bonus data. It may have required a minimum size data plan, like the 12GB plan that I have.

Verizon 2GB Bonus Data per month for life

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    • Depends on what your old line fee was. It used to be $40/line. The new plans are $20 per line. Before I switched to the new plan, I was paying $15 per line. So, while I was $5 worse off per line, my Mifi dropped $10/month, and something else dropped while giving me more data for less $. In the end I got more benefits for ~ the same price.

  1. So I paid outright for my smart phone and use the monthly prepay plan. My total cost per month is $45 for 3 gb, unlimited talk/text, etc. I did have to lay out the $600 or so for my device but I have no contract.
    With this 24 month contract with access fee’s, etc. what is the typical total bill? People I’ve talked to are paying like $80 a month for the phone fees, etc.

    • Are you with Verizon? They don’t have a 3gb plan anymore. I think people can really see value on Verizon w/family plans vs solo plans. Once you get up to the 8gb plan ($70/month) you get 2gb extra per line. With a corporate discount, I’m paying ~160 for 4 lines, 20gb, mifi, and an iPad (not including cost of equipment to compare apples to apples vs your cost). And this includes rollover data which is new.

  2. I am paying the 20 to 30 dollars for basically the renting to own for the Galaxy s6 edge i don’t have it paid off yet but will I be able to bring in the phone that I have without paying the rest of it off and changing it and getting the new $10 a month plan and upgrading to the new Galaxy 7

  3. Screw Verizon right now, they pulled the offer for the iPhone 7’s. I wasted my entire day trying to get all of my family together to go get our phones but when I got to Verizon, they said “oh that was cancelled yesterday morning” so I asked why and he had “not a clue”. This is litterally the worst thing they have done. This offer was supposed to go through the 24th but for some reason they decided to just cancel it. I would like Verizon just to say oh we are sorry but they haven’t so I have just wasted a day trying to get a phone that was $15/month, but now is back to $40 so ughhh..

    • Are you trying to do a trade for free iPhone or the $10/month deal? I am still seeing the trade in offer online. I would always suggest checking online before making a major effort like getting all the family’s phones together.

  4. I am upset with Verizon as I went there on sat morning to get the 7iphone for $10.00 a month but when I got there they said they no longer had special which was supposed to go thru sat they didn’t offer any other options besides higher rates I went to another Verizon dealer and they said the Samsung s7was on sale for$10. But other dealer never mentioned that both were corporate stores but by that I was pretty disappointed and upset with Verizon how can they advertise specials and change there ending dates without any notice not a good business practice

  5. Just spent an hour on the phone with Verizon Wireless. I purchased an iPhone 7 on Dec. 18, 2016 using their $10/month promotion. I was told I would be billed $27.08/month for the first 2 months then on month 3 bill I would be credited $17.08 for the first 3 months. For the remaining 21 months I would be billed $27.08/mo with a $17.08/mo credit. I just received bill for month 3 and there was no credit. Verizon rep now tells me that the offer was predicated on a trade in. Has anyone else been fleeced like this? Does anyone have a copy of the original promotion? I know I am not wrong. Several people I know all signed up for the same deal and none are now getting the credit? Please Help !!!

    • Take a look at the graphic I posted at the top of this deal. It says “no trade-in required”. I would suggest either try another rep or go back to the store you bought it from. I got my credits that I expected but I did a trade in deal so that’s a different situation.

    • Literally just got off the phone with a rep. I traded in my old 6s (I owed 12 payments still) and got the new 7. A few days later this promo came out and they had the 14 day worry free guarantee. I called the customer service line and she said go back into the store and explain to them and then within 2 cycles there will be a credit. They are trying to tell me now that because I owed on my phone I don’t qualify. That was not mentioned ANYWHERE nor on my 2 calls to customer service and 2 visits to the store did anyone say it. She said they can’t override the system and she was sorry. Back to sprint I go.

    • No I am not getting my credit either. I traded in my 6s for the $15 per month iPhone 7. Received my 3rd bill today and still no credit. Called Verizon and they are telling because my phone was not paid off I was only eligible for the upgrade and to trade my phone in but not the promotion. I cannot find the original promotion either. Very disappointed with Verizon! What a SCAM!!

      • Update pertaining this issue: My 3rd month’s bill closed recently and I did not receive the promised 3x $17.08 credit. Called up Verizon Wireless to speak with the billing department and was transferred to the trade-in department after explaining the issue. Anyway, the issue appears to now be resolved: the rep had to create a case number to get the promotional credit applied going forward and he assured me that I would see 4x $17.08 credit on my next bill (since another month would have rolled by). If you are also experiencing the same issue, please call in and feel free to keep everyone else updated. Likewise, I will let everyone know if I run into further issues (do not see credit on my April bill) – thanks.

    • I purchased my Iphone 7 plus under the same plan on Dec. 16,2016. 7 plus 128 is $36 per month,no tradein. I was supposed to start getting a $16.24 credit after 2-3 billing cycles it is now month 3 and I have not received any credit. I chatted on line a month ago and was assured it would be credited soon. What is the problem? Do they think we are going to forget. I cannot find my email with the actual offer.

      • Just make sure you save those chats. I would expect it all to roll in on the next month or they need to make some adjustments. At least they confirmed it via chat.

    • Yes!!! I am going thru this now! I am so pissed at Verizon! I called in to activate a phone I purchased on Ebay. She said, why buy a phone on ebay? I can offer you $15 a month for a moto z force. I took the deal on both of my lines and then resold the ebay phone for a loss. It has been 6 months and NO discount!! I called in and they told me I needed to trade in a phone in order to apply that discount. She never told me that. I would not have taken the deal. I also would have kept on with activation my ebay phone. Please tell me someone has a copy of this promotion!!

      • Christy, I added a screen shot for the Moto Z Force for $15/month with No Trade-in Required. Hope that helps you!

  6. Thanks so much for this information. I found myself in nearly the same position as Danielle, Anthony, Ann and GB. On December 18, I purchased an iphone 7 128 g and returned my 6s. I did this entirely online–didn’t visit a store. I was only about 10 months into paying for my phone so I had to pay off the last two months. Then I paid some taxes on the new phone. I know that it did not say that I had to own my 6s clear and outright because I am careful and wouldn’t have agreed to pay that much for a phone.
    Last month I called in and they told me that it would be showing up on my March 5 bill. When it hadn’t I called yesterday. After an hour on the phone, the agent basically told me that I never had the promotion because at that time they couldn’t offer me two promotions–trading my 6s in and the getting the new 7 for approximately $20/mo. She offered a $50 inconvenience credit, but that’s all she was willing to do. I even told her I would send her back this phone, and she could send me a 6s back. I would never have taken this deal if I thought that I would be paying $36/mo for a phone. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor.
    The supervisor was great. After a much shorter conversation, she was willing to concede that it “was confusing” online and offered me the deal I thought I was getting. I was out for the first three months, but from this point on I’ll be paying about $20/month and I’m happy with that.
    Needless to say, it was frustrating that it was such a difficult process. But I’m glad that it was resolved. I would keep insisting and ask to speak to a supervisor. Hope some of you do and find success because it seems very wrong of them not to honor the deal.

  7. Our Device Promotional Credit just kicked in this month for 2 of 3 phones. I chatted with support and they fixed the other phone credit issue. It should show up in the next billing cycle.


  8. I just had my second phone call with Verizon because here it is April 19th and I am still not receiving the credit for the IPhone 7 I bought in December which is supposed to be $17.08 a month to brimg my device payment to $10 if I remember correctly. As part of the promotion that day, the ad also said 2gb of data per month for life with the purchase of the phone and of course the Verizon rep isn’t aware of this after I had to argue when she was trying to convince me that the promotion for the bill credit was only if I traded in my phone. I’m wondering if anyone else remembers or has the ad stating the 2 extra gb.

    • I got 2gb bonus data for free. I added a screen shot in the post above for you although I traded in my iPhones and got the new plan right when the iPhone 7 came out last year.



  10. I have also been going back and forth with Verizon trying to get them to honor my promotion. I got the iPhone 7 on December 20 and did the no trade in option for $10 a month. They are now telling me this promo was only available if I traded my old phone in. I have a screen shot of my account showing the phone will be reduced from $27 to $10 and they still won’t honor it. I’m not giving up!!!! They did however off reimburse be for one billing cycle….

  11. I am having the same problem, but I did an even better offer that was only for a couple of days and I was suppose to not pay anything for the phone as they were to credit my account for $27.08. I also had iphone 5s which they said I didn’t have to turn in since they really didn’t want. I confirmed this twice. We did however sell back one of the phones for about $30 and now that seems to be the only phone that is getting the credit out of the 3 we bought and it is only for $17.08. I have never seen anything so bad. I have called for the past 2 months. Last month, no credit, this month 4 credits on 1 phone of the $17 and 1 credit on another phone for $17 and nothing on the 3rd. I thought I kept a copy of the advertisement, but can’t seem to find. The contract does not even mention it, so really can’t prove that was what you signed up for. They have put in a request to get this fixed, but somehow I don’t think it is really going to happen. Interesting I did 1 through verizon that said 0, then I did 2 at best buy. Interesting enough, I originally had the $17 credit plan ( $10 a month), and then they ran the better deal, and returned the one I had gotten the week before that wasn’t activated and resold under the new plan, so I know there really was a change. Guess this is where you lose trust in verizon and keep all records. I have been keeping the chats, but not sure how you get to someone other than the online people. Maybe go to the store?

  12. Makes me feel soooo much better knowing Verizon is scamming everyone and not just me. I had the EXACT SAME THING happen thinking I would be getting a bill credit in 3 – 4 cycles but then I was told I got “bad information” and now that 90 days have passed I need a legal subpoena to access my online chat from the free iPhone 7 promotion period. This honestly is not OK. How can Verizon get away with this? Blatantly lied to. Blatant Lies.

    • You should have had an option to get a chat transcript after you finished. I received an email with the transcript which had a subject of “Thanks for chatting with us today.” from VZWMail@ecrmemail.verizonwireless.com. With any luck you might have some support in your email.

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