Up To 50% Off SPG Starpoints Ending Soon – Great Deal for Starwood Award Nights

50% Off SPG Starwood Starpoints

There are only a few days left to buy Starpoints up to 50% off, until December 31, 2016. Get it while you can! If you are lucky enough to get the 50% offer, you can buy Starpoints for $0.0175 each which is a fantastic deal if you can use the points. I regularly book Starwood hotels and get 2.5 to 3 cents per point value, so when I saw I can buy points for 1.75 cents each, that meant I could pay ~ half price for a couple hotel nights. If your offer is 35% or less, it's not really such a good deal.

Anyone who regularly stays at Starwood hotels should really consider this offer – it is a great deal! I just paid $525 for 30,000 points, which is the maximum you can buy. Of course the charge went onto a new Chase Ink Preferred working towards the 80,000 sign up bonus – links for credit card offers can be found here.

Up to 50% Off SPG Starpoints Offer Link – enter your information to see the offer


50% Off SPG Starwood Starpoints


What are Starpoints worth?

There are some really good values out there for certain Starwood hotels. My goal is to get at least 2 cents per points…then I use points. Anything less, I will often pay cash or just stay somewhere else. Remember to include the tax savings in your calculations which is ~15%. You do not pay tax when you use points to book a room (if you use cash and points, you only pay tax on the cash portion).

  • Example 1: I've stayed at the Sheraton Eatontown several times – which is 15 minutes drive to the beach in NJ. The cost is only 3,000 points on the weekend or about $125 with taxes, which works out to a value of 4.16 cents per point ($125/3000). Use points!
  • Example 2: I often find hotels priced at ~$125 (with tax) or 7,000 points. This is ~1.8 cents per points ($125/7,000) which is not such a great use of points. I would consider paying cash or finding another hotel.
  • Example 3: Sometimes I find rooms priced at $90 (with tax) or 7,000 points. This would be a terrible use of points and a great time to pay cash instead.


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