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Get $750 of free hotels, Starwood American Express Gives 30k SPG points when you sign up and spend $5k – Until 9/3/13 (usually 25k points or less)

Starwood American Express is offering 30,000 points if you sign up for their card and spend $5k in 6 months.  They usually offer 25,000 Starwood points or less so 30,000 is great!  They offered  30k last year for a short time but that was it.  Considering they raised the rates for rooms booked with points…

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Starwood SPG Status Renewal Gift 2013 — 35% Off Award Stay

For the past 2 years, when I have re-qualified for Platinum Status, I have received a $25 SPG Gift Certificate.  A nice little gift.  I can’t complaint. But this year it seems that things are very different.  Mommypoints explains this well here. If you are GOLD, you can get 25% off an award redemption. If…

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Starwood SPG – Devaluation & Category Changes March 5th! What to book before the change?

As you may have heard, Starwood prices are going up.  The category for many hotels are increasing and the cash and points rates are also increasing. The details of the changes are here:  click here Here’s a list of the hotels that are changing categories: click here With the change less than 2 days left, I…

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Starwood Q4 2012 Promo is out

Updated on August 4, 2015Starwood just released their Q4 Promo Here’s the link:  www.spg.com/better They are offering double or triple points.  Well, its not so exciting but at least you can collect some extra SPG points.  Interestingly, they are offering 250 points if you book through their website or 500 points if you book it…

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