Get $750 of free hotels, Starwood American Express Gives 30k SPG points when you sign up and spend $5k – Until 9/3/13 (usually 25k points or less)

Starwood American Express is offering 30,000 points if you sign up for their card and spend $5k in 6 months.  They usually offer 25,000 Starwood points or less so 30,000 is great!  They offered  30k last year for a short time but that was it.  Considering they raised the rates for rooms booked with points this past year, I was hoping they would make up for it and offer a much bigger credit card offer, but this still is a great deal.  This is my favorite card when I'm not chasing another promotion and a fantastic card for anyone to have in their wallet all the time. Click here for my most recent post with updated links What can you do with 30,000 points?   By booking rooms using cash and points, I can usually get 2 to 3 cents or more per point.  If we use 2.5 cents x 30,000 =  this is worth about $750.  I do NOT recommend using full points, for example 12,000 points for one night because you will use the points faster and not get as good a value.  Unless of course its 3k or 4k points for a night, then I have no problem using the points. Need help spending $5k to reach your goal and get your points? You can use Amazon payments to help you.  Click here to find out how you can speed things up by sending payments to trusted friends or family.

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