Gett Guarantee: Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back (Up to $100)

Updated on July 7, 2016

Gett Guarantees To Beat Uber Prices


Gett just launched a new guarantee: “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back”. I can't remember a time when I saw a Gett fare that was more expensive than an Uber fare so this might be more of an advertisement than a promotion. If you find a cheaper fare from Uber, send Gett the Uber invoice and they will give you a refund of the Gett fare (Gett credit, of course), up to $100. Considering just about all my Gett rides are $10 (except for airport rides) I don't expect to be able to file a claim.

Gett's “” promotion is much better in my opinion, though that appears to be ending on 1/31/16 as per the updated terms. They have also revised the promotion so that you can only submit receipts from January 2016 (previously they accepted receipts from ANY date).


Note – this is a referral link so if you sign up I will also get a credit. Many thanks if you use my link!


  1. Open your Uber and Gett Apps and make sure you have the same vehicle type selected.(Uber X = Gett Standard, Uber Black = Gett Premium, Uber Black SUV = Gett SUV)
  2. Get prices for your ride on both the Uber and Gett App.
  3. If Uber is cheaper, take the Uber ride and email the receipt to

Offer ends 2/29/16 per the terms. Send as many receipts as you want before then and get up to $100 credit.

Gett No Surge Facts (vs Uber)

Here is the press release


In the rare case that a New York City rider finds Gett’s fixed fare is more than Uber’s ever-changing fare, Gett will gift the user free ride credits equal to Gett’s guaranteed quote.

Gett, the surge-free black car app available in 57 cities worldwide, is launching their “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” Guarantee in New York City today. This new program challenges New Yorkers to compare their Uber receipts to Gett’s fixed rates, guaranteeing riders that Gett’s fares are better than Uber’s – or your money back.

Gett is the only on-demand black car app that provides New Yorkers with affordable, fixed rates that never surge, regardless of weather, traffic, or demand. Unlike Uber, Gett’s flat-rate pricing means riders know exactly what they’ll pay before they even request a car. Starting today, New Yorkers can also enjoy Gett's “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” Guarantee. For proof that Gett is cheaper, riders simply need to find any Uber receipt in their email and follow these simple steps to compare Gett’s fixed rate to what they paid Uber:

  1. Open the Gett app and select the same type of vehicle as your Uber trip

    1. If you're looking at an Uber X receipt, select Gett Standard (up to 30% better rates)

    2. If you're looking at an Uber Black receipt, select Gett Premium (up to 35% better rates)

    3. If you're looking at an Uber Black SUV receipt, select Gett SUV (up to 40% better rates)

  2. Enter the same origin as your Uber trip and tap “Set Pickup”

  3. Enter the same destination as your Uber trip to get your Gett price

Gett guarantees its fixed rate will be cheaper than Uber in almost every case. In the rare case that you find Gett’s quote to be more than what you paid Uber, simply email your Uber receipt to to receive a free ride credit equal to Gett’s fixed quote. Credits will be rounded up to the nearest $5 increment (e.g. a $26.54 fare quote from Gett will equate to $30 in Gett credit), and riders are welcome to submit multiple receipts up to a cumulative total of $100.*

“Gett provides similar services to Uber, but also gives consumers the option to book cars immediately or pre-book the ride in advance, all at a much better rate. We want to make sure every New Yorker is aware of this, which is why we’re launching our “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” Guarantee,” said Gett CEO Shahar Waiser. “Many riders are also tired of paying exorbitant rates due to surge pricing; Gett is the only black car app in NYC that offers $10 rides anywhere below 110th Street and 24/7 surge-free fares.”



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