Surge Sucks: Gett Pays Your Uber Surge / Lyft Prime Fees + $1000 Prize For The Biggest Fees

Updated on December 31, 2015

Gett Surge Sucks

SURGE SUCKS – Yes it does!

Sick of Uber's Surge or Lyft's Prime fees? Gett's “Surge Sucks” promo pays the fees for you…with Gett credit of course. My favorite Gett features are the $10 flat rate rides in New York City and being able to reserver a car in advance (great for airport rides!). The only downside is that sometimes its very hard to find a Gett ride but availability has been improving significantly.

With the “Surge Sucks” promotion, you can take whatever is convenient, Uber, Lyft, or Gett, and not worry too much about the extra fees as long as you'll be able to use Gett. Plus, whoever paid the most surge/prime fees for a single ride will get $1,000 Gett Credit!

Note: You can only get a max of $100 credit so don't take a 2 hour tour of Manhattan when Uber is surging 4x. You might might win the $1000 but I would not take that risk.

UPDATE: You can submit any Uber or Lyft receipt in NYC. I searched my email any receipts as far back as I could find and was able to get the max $100 credit.


  1. New users only: Download the app and use this to get $10 credit (this is my referral link, many thanks in advance if you use it to sign up)
  2. Sign up on
  3. Forward your Lyft & Uber email receipts with surge/prime fees to for any rides taken in New York City.
  4. After I submitted my receipts via email I received an email with a link. To get the credit you must click the link using the phone with the app installed. Otherwise, the credit will not be applied.


How do I find my receipts easily?

  • If you use gmail, this search should help you find all your Lyft receipts with Prime Charges (paste this exact text with quotes): “prime time” from: “lyft ride receipt”
  • This search should find all your Uber receipts from New York: from: “”
Gett $100 SurgeSucks Credit

I got the max $100 credit by submitting any and all Lyft/Uber NYC receipts with Prime/Surge fees.


Read all the details on the website. Here are the main points:

  • How many receipts can I submit? Submit as many receipts as you want. They will refund up to $100 ‘Surge' and ‘Prime Time' fees on “receipts that are deemed eligible”. That's a maximum of $100 total so you cannot get more than $100 credit!
  • When is the last day to submit receipts? Gett says there is currently no end date (except for the $1000 contest, I suppose, if they plan to choose a winner on Jan 3)
  • What is an eligible receipt? “You can submit receipts from any Uber or Lyft ride previously taken in NYC.”
  • Gett rounds up in $5 increments. Submit a receipt showing $21 in surge fees, you’ll receive $25 in Gett credit.
  • Can I submit a receipt even from last year? Yes.
  • When will I get the credits? Credits will arrive in 2 business days.
  • When do the credits expire? Credits must be used by February 30th 2016. (my $100 credit actually says March 3, 2016)


Have you paid BIG surge or prime time fees? Not only will you get the credit as explained above, if you paid the most surge/prime fees for a single ride, you could win an additional credit of $1000. That's 100 $10 flat rate rides Manhattan. The winner will be chosen by January 3, 2016. You can see the current leaders on which shows the highest fees were paid by:

Anthony Lella- $237.44
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  1. Surge doesn’t suck. Surge means I can get a car even when it is busy; if i am willing to pay for it. GETT doesn’t do surge pricing, but just like a yellow cab, at the times you really need one, there are non. Why are there no GETT cars when its busy? Because many drivers turn off their GETT app and take the Uber, Lyft and Juno rides who are paying more. Pretty much anytime the others are SURGING, GETT has no cars available. You get the message “Demand is off the charts! TRY AGAIN”. Also get is not at all customer service oriented. They don’t respond to messages and the hold time is far to long to actually talk to someone.

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