Free 1 Year Membership Promo Code + $15 Off / $10 Off First Order

Updated on July 20, 2016

jet-logo logo, a competitor to and Costco, just launched yesterday. Use the promo coupon code to get a free 1 year membership. This is better than the 6 month promo codes and much better than the 3 months you get if you just sign up without any codes.


  • 20% Off First Grocery Order: FRESH20 min $35 grocery order, max discount $25
  • 20% OffAPPLE20 or ANDROID20 see it on the app store or google play – max $50 discount, new customers only, expire date unknown. The codes work even without the mobile apps!
  • 15% off: Use promo code at checkout NYSAVES – new customers only
  • $10 off $35: Use Jet promo code TENBUCKSNOW, SAVELOTS, SAVE10SEPT (expires 12/31/15), NYCSAVES10

EXPIRED CODES (some might still work)

  • 20% Off: 20NOW (max $50, new customers only, expires 10/29/15)
  • $15 off $50: promo code 9D2FFB2 to get $15 off your first order of $50 (expired 9/1/15) and combine with the free 1 year codes below!
  • $15 off: Use Jet promo code at checkout ANDROID15 ($15 off $50), 15BUCKSNOW ($15 off $35 expires 10/15), 15NOW
  • Free shipping expires 9/30


UPDATE: Free membership for everyone!

  1. Go to and add items to your shopping cart. Enter one of these codes in the Promo Code box at checkout
  2. 1 YEAR FREE:
    • Working codes: GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT
    • Expired codes: Accel0721A, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, CURISMA, GOLDMAN, or FACEBOOK
    • Everywhere: FREE6, JETVIRAL
    • New York City: NYCSAVES
    • Chicago: CHISAVES
    • Philadelphia: PHILLYSAVES
    • Washington DC: DCSAVES
    • Miami: MIAMISAVES
    • Los Angeles: LASAVES
  4. Click Create Account. The membership starts after your first purchase.
  5. Be sure to use one of the coupon codes above on your first order!

UPDATE 10/20/15: Memberships are now free for everyone!
UPDATE: 9/21/15:
 Free 1 year membership promo codes WORKING AGAIN! HURRY! Several people have reported the 1 year codes working again and I've updated the instructions (Thank you BE David Brown for pointing this out!). The codes must be entered in the Promo Code box at checkout. The system accepted the FACEBOOK code. When I enter another working code like GOOGLE, it says I have already entered a working code. If I enter an expired code, it says the date it expired. Free 1 Year Membership Promo Free 1 Year Membership Promo Code

CODES NOTE WORKING? The original 1 Year promo codes were working on and off depending on the day and computer you use, but now they no longer seem to work. I've added 6 month free membership codes as the next best thing. If you discover any new codes, please let me know in the comments.

I just tested these codes on 9/1/15 and these are still working – These codes have not been working in the in the last couple of days.



Note: This is not a referral code. It's directly from Accel Partners (see their tweet). I do not get anything if you sign up. No credit card is needed and they don't auto-renew (otherwise I would not sign up). free 1 year membership

you should see this the free 12 month membership message



Jet is trying to compete with Amazon and is a cross between Costco and Amazon. They say they make money off the membership fee and the more you buy, the lower the prices go. The prices are the same or better than Comedian Kumail Nanjiani explains it in this video:


Update: Read about my first order, the smushed boxes, and how Jet customer service responded.

Jet claims buying larger quantities unlocks more discounts. I tried it out and here's an example of how it works: This Penne Pasta costs $1.28 for 1 box. If I buy a 2nd box, I get $1.02 off (almost buy one get one free). If I add a 3rd box, I get $1.59 off. On the 10th box, I get $6.20 off. That's only $0.66 for each box (and a lot of pasta!). example

Comparing vs Amazon

Jet is supposed to show you Amazon's price right on the product page — but it doesn't for this one for some reason. barilla pasta
The same Barilla Pasta on costs $1.37, or $1.24 after the 10% coupon, but Amazon doesn't give me any discount for buying more than 1.


If you buy in bulk, you can probably save some money using If you pay for Amazon Prime and need Amazon Same Day Delivery to bring you 1 bag of chips, this might not be worth it for you. With a free 1 year membership and free shipping on orders of $35 or more, its worth trying out



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    • yep – they wanted to make a spash… free 3 or 6 months isn’t as exciting as 1 year. They must have signed up a lot of people because the code stopped working shortly after but I found a couple more codes.

  1. CURISMA is another 1 year code! 🙂 Got it from the Curisma app which just announced its shutdown…and one of its founders now works at Jet.

    • They are working on mobile and desktop for me. Just tested it out using safari on iPhone 6. Which phone/browser are you using?

  2. Thanks so much for posting these codes!! I just made my first purchase and the discounts were fairly unbelievable. The google and microsoft codes did not work, but curisma was working.

  3. I just used GOLDMAN and got 12-month free membership, which begins after the first order. Thank you for posting!

  4. CURISMA worked 7/27/15. The others didn’t.

    Was planning on ordering a camp stove through my Amazon Prime, and Jet saved me an additional $52 on the same stove through Amazon. Also got the $49.99 year membership for free, thanks to the above code.

  5. I was able to order before the official kick-off and got some good buys. I used a debit card to save an additional 1.5% off each order. Based on what I had paid and new prices, I’ve no plans to renew and pay for a membership next July.

  6. CURISMA still works, but honestly, the prices are better at walmart along with the shipping price which i think is like 4.95 or something, i dont see a point to

    • How do you like shopping at I def do not like going into their stores even if I had a car.

  7. I just used CURISMA this morning (August 10), and I’m happy to have a free one year membership. Thanks for the help!

    • Thanks for the update. I just checked the other codes and many of them are working again so I updated the post.

  8. I checked the codes GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, & FACEBOOK but it did not work today (8/26). I was able to get the free membership with CURISMA. Thanks!

    • Which browser are you using and which city are you in? I just tried those 3 on my iPhone and they all work. Thinking they are targeting based on regions.

  9. Today is 08/31/2015. I used promo CURISMA which worked for the free 12 month membership. Google and Microsoft did not work when I used them. I will see how well this works out. I like the idea of a free year to try before buying. Thanks

    • I just tested all the codes and 3 are working for me. I added screenshots to the post above showing which ones still work.

    • Thanks Jerry! I just updated the post and added some Free 6 month codes which appears to be the best currently available.

  10. Yuup.. Google code still worked for free 1 year membership. I live in VA for y’all who are wondering if it’s a regional thing..

  11. Should there be a place to enter a promo code on the create account page to extend the free trial, or when you place an order ? If it should be on the create account page there is no place to enter a promo code. BTW I’m in Phx. AZ. if anyone else from here has tried and get the same results.

  12. Just an update on the order page I used promo code save10now, (order was over $35) applied that $10 off the order, used promo code google applied that free one year membership. So their promo codes take effect on the order page.

  13. $15 off $35: 15BUCKSNOW (first order only) [Exp 10/15]

    Free Shipping Holiday (no minimum free shipping) [Exp 9/30]

    source: (main page)

  14. As of October 6th, the Android 15 was still working, as was the Facebook passcode for a 12 month free of charge membership. So now, both myself, as well as my mom are enjoying the benefits of your labor. Thank you Mr. Reward Boss. : )

    • Nice! I just added an update where everyone is getting a free membership. Did you get free shipping for your account?

  15. First experience was great got 15% discount and free shipping. Now that I am just a regular customer there are no discounts also shopping Cyber Monday there are no deals or discounts unless your a new customer. Its like any other site now some prices much higher then chain stores with online shopping . I thought this would be a go to site just another startup with average or above average pricing.

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