Amex Premier Rewards Gold 50,000 Offer – Hold Off for 75,000?

Updated on December 14, 2023

Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card

Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express – 50K Offer

Many consider the latest 50K after $1,000 spend offer for Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express to be a no brainer.  With the annual fee waived the first year and a $200 airline fee credit ($100 annually x 2), this is clearly a money making signup.  Even with the most conservative valuation at 1c per MR pt, this signup is worth at least $700.

Get Card Again?  Not with the Current Amex Rules

Commenter Gene asked whether he could get the bonus again if he already had it before.  To clarify, the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express is considered a personal credit card, while the The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN card is a business credit card.  Amex changed its signup bonus eligibility rules in 2014 for the worse: only 1 bonus per lifetime.  The good news is that this new rule only applies to personal Amex cards.  For business Amex cards, one can still requalify for the signup bonus after a 12 month “cooling off period” for the same card.

It is very possible that Amex may one day revise its signup bonus eligibility rules again for the better.  For the foreseeable future, assume the bonus for all personal Amex cards to be once per lifetime.

Do I qualify for the 50k Bonus if I Have the Amex Business Gold Card?

Yes – confirmed via FT and from a colleague who currently holds both the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express and the The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN and has confirmed receipt of both bonuses.

Should I Apply or Hold off for the Higher 75k Bonus Offer?

The highest bonus for the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express for 75,000 bonus pts after $1,000 spend was last seen February 2013.  If you are currently working on meeting min. spend requirements from other credit card signups, you may want to hold off on applying until your next app-o-rama.  There is a chance Amex may bump up the offer to 75,000 pts again.

If you are new to the points and miles credit card game and have had less than 5 new credit card accounts in the past 2 years, you may want to apply for a Chase credit cards that earn Ultimate Reward pts.  Chase has recently revised its signup bonus eligibility rules ONLY for personal cards that earn Ultimate Reward pts.  Applicants will be auto-rejected if they have had 5+ new credit card accounts across all banks within the past 2 years, making Ultimate Reward pts extremely valuable now more than ever!

If you fit this scenario, sign up for the Chase Ink Plus or any of the other Chase cards that earn Ultimate Reward pts.  Once you have surpassed the 5 new accounts / 2 yr restriction, you can then pursue other cards (that do not earn Ultimate Reward pts).

Instructions – Applying for the American Express Premier Rewards Gold 50,000pt Offer

Other Considerations

As I have always encouraged, if you decide to apply for a credit card, try to sign up for multiple cards on the same day.  Credit bureaus will not see the hard credit pulls until the next day, increasing the chances of instant approval when applying for multiple cards on the same day – just make sure no more than 1 card per bank.  If you ultimately decide to pull the trigger on the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express card, here are my picks to compliment your application:

Did't Get Instant Approval??

Check your Amex app status online 

Other Amex Offers:

American Express has really been on a roll with lots of great offers this year. I’ve been able to increase my point balance significantly.  Thank you Amex! Check out these recent posts if this card does not fit your spending needs:

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