How To Check Barclay Credit Card Application Status + Reconsideration Phone Number

Updated on November 24, 2017

Barclay Application Status How to Check Your Application Status

Chase Credit Card Application Status Check & Reconsideration Phone Line / Number

I just applied for the JetBlue Plus credit card and, unfortunately, wasn't approved instantly. What I saw next was the dreaded “your application is being reviewed…it can take up to 10 days” message. So, you probably don't want to wait up to 10 long days right. You have a couple options, first check the status online. Or, call the reconsideration phone number (which they do not provide).

Barclay Credit Card Application Status Pending Approval

Popular Barclaycard Travel Credit Cards

These are some of cards that Barclays has offered good sign up bonuses for in the past. View and compare current travel and airline credit card offers here.

  • JetBlue & JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard
  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus
  • AAdvantage Aviator Red & AAdvantage Aviator Business
  • Miles & More World Elite Mastercard
  • Uber Visa Card
  • Frontier Airlines (I do NOT recommend this card for collecting miles)

How to Check Your Barclay Application Status Online

The first step is to check the Barclay Credit Card application status online here:

You will have to enter your Last NameLast 4 of your social security #ZIP code, and email address. Once you submit your info, then the current status will pop up, which, in my case, was another message saying my application was pending. Not much help there!

Barclay Application Status Credit Card Application Status Check Reconsideration

Check by Calling the Barclay Reconsideration Phone Number

If you application is pending or you were denied, you can call the Barclay Reconsideration phone line 866-408-4064 (here is the new number 866-710-2688) and a credit analyst will answer. Once you call, the analyst will be able to review your application and approve/reject you by the end of the phone call. However, if you've been denied, they may be able to give you some more information on why you were rejected. And, you may be able to convince them to approve you instead – maybe they just need to confirm some incorrect information?

  • Barclay Application Status Phone Number/Hotline 866-408-4064 – new number 866-710-2688

I'm not sure of the hours, but they are open on the weekends, so just give them a ring (they answered my call Sunday night).


What to Say to the Barclay Credit Analysts

My conversation was very quick. I mentioned to the credit analyst that the JetBlue card that I had just applied for was pending and if he could check on it. After providing my information, he put me on hold to check my application. I found out I was approved when the analyst returned to the call. No further questions! Afterwards, the analyst mentioned the card will arrive in about 7 business days.


If you Barclay credit card is pending, first check the status online at Then, if that doesn't give you any information, the next step is to call the Barclay Reconsideration Phone Line at 866-408-4064.




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  1. I applied for an interest free credit card online around 8 days ago just wondering if I met the criteria for get this card.
    [removed personal information]

    • Please read the article to learn how to check your status. The bank doesn’t respond to comments here.

  2. This article was a life saver! Applied for Barclays Aviator Red World Elite MC card before I remembered we froze our credit. Unfroze credit at all three agencies, then spent next hour in call center hell (mostly in India) trying to find the person/department needed to run credit check on existing application. After half a dozen calls and more transfers, Googled and found this article. Two minutes on the phone, credit check run and card approved. NO idea why they make it impossible to find this department, but THANKS!

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