BIG $1000 Lyft Driver Bonus: San Francisco (Up to $750 Other Cities)

Updated on May 3, 2016

$1000 Lyft Driver Bonus San Francisco Promo Code$1000 Lyft driver bonus for new drivers – now in San Francisco + New York City. Up to $750 in other cities.

Last year, a $1000 was offered in Boston but has not come back since then. Bonuses for other cities have been on the rise too – now up to $750 for many cities (listed below). No Car? Lyft will give you one and pay for it if you do a minimum number of rides. Lyft changes their bonus offers frequently!



  1. Click here to sign up – use promo code DRIVEDRIVE
  2. Fill out the form.

Lyft Apply To Drive Button - Driver Sign-Up Bonus

THE LATEST BONUSES$1000 Bonus - Lyft Driver Bonus Promo Code DRIVEDRIVE - only 100 rides required

Ride requirement is now 100 rides with 30 days (instead of 200 rides in 60 days!) – updated 4/14/16.

These are the current bonus offers for each city. Check here for future updates to the bonuses amounts. NOTE: You have 60 days (instead of the usual 30 days) to complete the 200 ride requirement in San Francisco according to the pic above.

City Bonus Ride Requirement in 30 days*
Atlanta $500 50
Austin* $150 50
Baltimore $200 50
Boston* $650 75
Chicago* $150 50
Columbus $150 30
Dallas $500 50
Denver $500 50
Lake Tahoe $10 30
Las Vegas $300 50
Los Angeles* $750 100
Miami $50 50
Nashville* $500 50
New Jersey $500 50
New Orleans $200 75
New York City $1,000 100
Orange County $750 75
Philadelphia* $350 50
Phoenix $500 50
Pittsburgh $200 50
Portland* $500 50
Reno $10 30
Sacramento $500 100
San Bernardino $200 30
San Diego $750 100
San Francisco* $1,000 200 now only 100 (*60 days to complete)
Seattle* $350 50
Silicon Valley $750 50
Tucson $50 50
Washington, D.C.* $500 50

*Bonus amounts and ride requirements may vary in this region depending on the code used to start a driver application.


$1000 Lyft Driver Bonus Promo Code


This offer won't be as easy as the $1,000 promotion which required only 1 ride, but I doubt that offer will ever return. Do you plan to sign up? Questions? Ask in the comments below.

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  1. if anybody used my driver referral code(input on application page, last box) it’s code: adam9217

    it is hard to complete rides on lyft, best bet is to have friends sign up, 2 rides max per person per ride requirement, you can just start and end ride for minimum fare, you also get $10 per referral and their frist ride will be either $20 free or 5 rides at $10 free.

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