Huge $1000 Bonus – New Lyft Drivers in Boston!

Updated on April 19, 2016

Lyft $1000 Bonus Driver Bonus Boston

$1000 Bonus New Drivers in Boston

Lyft is back with a HUGE $1000 Bonus for new drivers in Boston who complete 100 50 rides in 30 days.  The new driver promo has been live for a few months but none of the bonuses hit $1,000 until now! They reduced the bonus in many other cities (with the max at $750). **NOTE: The bonus amount has been fluctuating so check the updated list of bonuses. If you have questions, please ask in the comments or email me.

**UPDATE: BOSTON EXPIRED, but $1000 Offer Live in San Francisco & New York City – SEE UPDATED LIST OF BONUSES**


  1. Click here to sign up – use promo code DRIVEDRIVE
  2. Fill out the form.

Lyft Apply To Drive Button


Limited Time Offer: Lyft can change their offer at any time (as they have done in the past)!

$1000 New Driver Bonus Lyft - Boston

Lyft New Driver Bonus in Boston is $1000 + only requires 50 rides (instead of 100 rides required previously)!


Lyft $750 $1000 Bonus New Driver Bonus

The $1000 Bonus previously required 100 rides


  • You will have 30 days to get approved after starting your application (this process includes background check, mentor ride, etc)
  • Then, complete all your rides within 30 days after being approved as a Lyft driver
  • You will have plenty of time to get through the approval process unlike the last $1000 bonus promotion


The Lyft promotion states this promotion is “limited to the first 1,000 applicants”. In the past, Lyft has revised the terms of their promotions after receiving a record number of new applicants. They have put in these limits to prevent that from happening again, so if you are considering this, sign up as soon as possible. Of course the requirements (mainly the 100 50 rides) are more difficult this time, so hopefully they won't kill the promotion by tomorrow.


Lyft $750 - $1000 New Driver Bonus Boston



What kind of car do I need to be able to drive for Lyft?

A: All the requirements are listed on the Lyft website.

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