Lyft: Free Rental Car + Driver Bonuses Up to $500 – $750

Lyft Express Drive - Free Rental Car


Lyft and GM are teaming up to give Lyft drivers a free rental car. Now you can drive for Lyft even if you don't have a car! As long as you do a minimum number of rides per week, the rental is free. No long term commitments. This is perfect timing as Lyft recently increased bonuses in many cities back up to $500 – $750 after dropping as low as $50.

This is great news for many people who want to drive but either don't have a car or have a car that doesn't qualify (maybe it's too old or does not have 4 doors). Current full time drivers may even be better off vs using their own car, however, as you'd expect, Lyft doesn't want you driving for any competitor in the free rental car. If they catch you, they may kick you out.

In Chicago alone, 60k people applied but didn't qualify because they didn't have a car or their car didn't meet requirements, according to Lyft's blog.

Available cities:
These cities are expected to launch by midyear: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Boston. Other metro areas will be added.


  1. Apply to LYFT Express Drive or if you have your own car, sign up here.
  2. Use promo code EXPRESSDRIVER to get a bonus up to $750. (See updated list of cities and bonuses – many cities were recently increased!)
  3. Pick up the car and start driving. Give back the car when you are done, up to 8 weeks later – no long term commitments!

Become a Lyft Driver


It's fairly simple:

  • Give 65+ rides in a week and the rental is FREE.
  • Give 40+ rides in a week and the rental is $99 for the week.
  • Give less than 40 rides and the rental costs $99 + 20 cents per mile
  • Personal driving is charged at 20 cents per mile.
  • Rent the car for up to 8 weeks
  • Insurance and maintenance are included!

Lyft Express Drive Free Rental Car Promo Code EXPRESSDRIVER

Lyft Express Drive - Free Rental Car Sign Up Page


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  1. Hi. I’m a Lyft Driver, but my car is on its way out. If I rent with this program, it will charge me 20 cents per personal mile. Does that apply even if I get 65 rides a week?
    Thank you.

  2. I have been a driver for lyft for 8 months how can I go about getting a car and do y’all offer Black SUV’s?

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