Lyft Bumps New Driver Sign-Up Bonus To $750 – $5000

Up to $5,000 – New Lyft Driver Sign-Up Bonuses

A HUGE bonus up to $5,000 available in Seattle! See the list of cities below. Bonus amounts are changed often by Lyft so check out the updated list below. This won’t be as easy as the $1,000 promotion from earlier 2015, but now you will have 30 days to get approved and another 30 complete the required rides instead of 1 week. That is plenty of time! Lyft promotions can change at any time (without notice) so sign up asap if this interests you.


  1. Click here to sign up – use promo code DRIVERDRIVER
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Don’t have a car? Get a free rental car from Lyft + GM.

Lyft Apply To Drive Button - Driver Sign-Up Bonus


LIST OF CURRENT BONUSES (Updated 11/20/16)

UPDATE 10/13/16: $5,000 in Los Angeles is back!!
UPDATE 10/7/16: 
$2000 San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Orange County and Los Angeles new driver bonus – expanding in California!

City (Links) Bonus Ride Requirement in 30 days Maximum # of Applicants
Atlanta $150 50
Baltimore $300 50
Boston $1,000 $300 100 1,000
Chicago $300 75 2,000
Columbus $10 30
Dallas $100 50 500
Denver $200 70 1,000
Detroit $350 30 (in 40 days)
Indianapolis $10 30
Inland Empire $50 30
Lake Tahoe $10 30
Las Vegas $250 75
Los Angeles $5000 1,000 (in 90 days)
Miami $100 50
Nashville $100 50 1,000
New Jersey $300 100
New Orleans $50 30
New York City
$750 $600 150 (in 45 days) 1,000
Orange County $2,000 500 (in 60 days)
Philadelphia $300 100 1,000
Phoenix $50 50 (in 50 days)
Pittsburgh $100 30
Portland $150 50
Reno $10 30
Sacramento $350 10
San Diego $2,000 $250 30
San Francisco $2,000 500 (in 60 days)
Seattle $1500 $150 100 (in 60 days)
Silicon Valley $2,000 500 (in 60 days)
Tuscon $10 30
Washington, D.C. $450 150 1,000

Lyft Apply To Drive Button - Driver Sign-Up Bonus


UPDATE 10/3/16: $2000 Orange County new driver bonus is back!
UPDATE 9/27/16: 
$2000 Los Angeles new driver bonus!
UPDATE 9/13/16:
Los Angeles dropped even farther to $50 (from $250)
UPDATE 9/1/16: 
$1500 Seattle still going but LA is $250 and Orange County $350
UPDATE 8/17/16: 
$2,000 Bonus Orange County, $1500 Seattle, $5,000 Los Angeles!
UPDATE 8/12/16: 
$5000 Bonus in Los Angeles is BACK!
UPDATE 6/24/16: 
$2,000 Bonus in San Diego
UPDATE 6/2/16:
$2,000 Bonus in Los Angeles, $1,000 in New York City!
UPDATE 5/26/16: $1,000 only in New York City now!
UPDATE 5/20/16: 
$1000 Bonus in Silicon Valley added
UPDATE 5/5/16: 
$5000 Bonus in Los Angeles – Holy cow! + Exit from Austin market
UPDATE 5/2/16: $1000 Bonus still in New York & San Francisco (Washington DC down to $750)
UPDATE 4/29/16: $750 Bonus Washington DC & Orange County  
UPDATE 4/19/16: 
$1000 Bonus in New York City & San Francisco!
UPDATE 4/7/16: $1000 Bonus in San Francisco!
UPDATE 3/17/16:
$750 Bonus now in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, + Silicon Valley!
UPDATE 3/13/16: Bonuses increase! Many cities now at $500
UPDATE 3/4/16: Silicon Valley now $750!
UPDATE 2/24/16: Most bonuses INCREASED! After falling to an all time low, bonuses are on the rise again. Ride requirements for several cities dropped too, making it easier to reach the bonus.
UPDATE 1/28/16: Bonuses are continuing to drop, with most cities now only $50. A few cities still have higher bonuses, however!
UPDATE 11/21/15: Many bonuses have been dropping while rides req’d are increasing
UPDATE 11/5/15:
$750 Bonus for new Silicon Valley drivers
UPDATE 8/29/15:
$750 $500 Bonus for new Chicago & Austin drivers
UPDATE 8/20/15: $1000 $750 Bonus for new Boston drivers
UPDATE 8/17/15: $750 Bonus $500 for new Seattle drivers (up from $500)
UPDATE 7/27/15:
$750 Bonus for new New York City drivers
UPDATE 7/5/15
$500 Bonus for new Las Vegas drivers added
UPDATE  5/3/16: Lyft temporarily boosted the bonus to $5,000 after 1,000 rides in 3 months!


Lyft $5000 Driver Bonus Los Angeles



  • Get approved within 30 days of starting your application (background check, mentor ride, etc)
  • Complete rides within 30 days after being approved as a Lyft driver

Register to drive in your city while the increased bonus is still available. Lyft $750 - $1000 New Driver Bonus Boston


Q: Do I have to pay taxes in income earned as a Lyft driver?

Yes. You will get receive a 1099 from Lyft and figure out how much you owe at the end of the year.

Q: What are the requirements for enrolling as a Lyft driver?

A: From Lyft’s website.

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • 4 door car with at least 5 seatbelts (including driver’s)
  • Vehicle from year 2003 or newer (More details on car requirements). Note: In our Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis-St. Paul regions, government regulations require cars to be no older than 10 years. Newer markets may also be subject to a 10 year car requirement.
  • Be licensed to drive for at least a year prior to applying (More details on driving history requirements)
  • In-state insurance with your name on the policy
  • In-state license
  • In-state plates with a current registration (commercial plates are acceptable as well)
  • Clean driving record
  • An iOS or Android smartphone that meets the minimum requirements to run the latest version of the app.

Some of our markets have specific requirements in order to comply with local government. You can learn more about those region-specific requirements here.

To view more about our safety requirements, please visit

Q: Is a welcome ride required?

Yes. This is part of your training. Check out the article from Lyft’s website.

Q: What is the Lyft customer service phone number? How can I get in touch with Lyft?

You can contact Lyft support on Twitter, e-Mail, or for emergencies call 855-865-9553. This phone number is the critical response line. Emailing no longer works and they will direct you to the website to sent them a message.



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  1. For new Lyft drivers they can use:

    -CODE REMOVED- for:

    $50 credit towards their first rides ($5 off their first ten rides)
    $500 Referral Credit for new drivers after driving 50 rides within 30 days

    For Uber use code -CODE REMOVED- for:

    $300 Referral credit after driving 20 rides within 30 days
    $30 credit in rides

    • Sarah,
      I checked your Lyft code and it’s only $20 not $50. I also checked your Uber code and it’s $20 not $30. The $500 Lyft credit is only in certain cities. If you have some evidence that these are really $50 and $30, let me know.

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