Lyft Customer Service Phone Number + How To Contact Lyft When I Have a Question

Lyft Phone Number Lyft Customer Service


I am trying to get in touch with lyft!

12/14/17: Update: Drivers can now get a phone call from the Lyft driver support team (I added the link below).

Sometimes its seems difficult to contact Lyft when you need them. There are quite a few ways to get in touch with Lyft customer service. The best way for most people to reach Lyft is by sending an email through Lyft's website or via Twitter for quick questions. If it is critical, see the Critical Response info below. I usually get a response the same day via email and within a couple hours via twitter. Below is all the ways to get your questions answered.

Lyft Phone Number – Critical Response Team

For emergencies, call 911 first!

For urgent driver or passenger safety issues including accidents or citations, call 855-865-9553 click here or the pink button below to have Lyft call you. The above number now just refers you to their website. Most other issues can be handled using one of the below options. Unfortunately, there is no Lyft Customer Service phone number but they are usually pretty good about responding using one of the following methods. NOTE: This is NOT for billing problems, complaints, etc, you wont get help with those non-urgent questions and will be told to use one of the other methods here. I often wish I could get them on the phone but this is not the way.

Urgent issues like reporting an accident or safety concern – call 855-865-9553 or click the button below to get a call back:

Lyft Call Me Report Accident

Lyft Driver Support Team

Lyft drivers can have the driver support team call you! Press the Call Me button and then you can request a call back! You can't call them but they will call you right back.

Lyft Call Me Report Accident


Lyft Frequently Asked Questions

Check Lyft's FAQ page, where you will probably find answers to most of your questions.

Social Media – Ask Questions on Twitter and Facebook

  • Twitter – Send a message to @AskLyft every day 5am-9pm pacific time
  • Facebook – Get support and chat with other customers on Lyft's official facebook page

Twitter Iconfacebook icon



Contact Support (Lyft Email Support)

Support requests should be sent via their website. You will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your request. Once they reply, you'll be able to email back and forth with Go through the website first otherwise your email will get bounced back with a message to use the website. In the past, they allowed incoming emails to but they have since changed that.

Contact Lyft Support

Lost and Found

Ever have something slip out of your pocket? Yep. Me too! You can get in touch with the driver by

  1. In the Lyft App, click RIDE HISTORY, find the ride then click FIND LOST ITEM or
  2. Find the email receipt and click FIND LOST ITEM. The driver will get a text message and can get in touch with you.

Screen shots and full details can be found on Lyft's website.


Free Ride Credit

Here are some free ride promotions for new users:



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  1. My name is Daphne Clay and on xx/xx/xxxx I had my first lyft ride and was told it would be a free ride and I was charged over $17 today I don’t think that’s good business when a lot of my co- worker’s told me thier first ride was free, I got a ride to my job’s x-mas party and was shocked to see i was charged leaving a nasty taste in my mouth, I would like my money put back on my account and to speak with a supervisors regarding this experience, my number is xxxxxxxxx I can be reached before noon Monday through Friday and anytime Saturday and Sunday. Thank you

    • Hello
      Leaving a comment here will not get you in touch with Lyft – please see above on how to get in touch with them.
      I think you may have forgotten to enter the promocode. Press the top left button on the app then Payments then enter FIFTYGO in the “Add Credit/Gift Code” and see you get your credit.

      • I would like a call back ASAP!!

        I’m being charged on my credit card 11 charges.

        I have never asked for a ride by your company – ever!

    • My ride was too much . I was told it would be one price and I was charged 38.45. For a 6.8 mile trip what a rip-off . I will not be calling Lyft ever again.

    • Lyft does not read the comments section of my blog. Please contact them directly. Instructions are above on how to contact them.

  2. As per my experience, Lyft Facebook page is the best way to contact them when having issues. They respond promptly to private messages but wall posts and comments get swift attention. As for sending an email through their website, it is important to be as precise and brief as you can because chances are, you will just get a canned response when you write a very long description of your concern. Thanks, I had a good read. Keep on sharing useful posts like this one.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:
    I am the GM for 3 Midas Auto Service Centers in Renton, West Seattle, and Kent, WA. I have been doing vehicle inspections for Lyft just like we do for Uber. I had a customer come back and tell us he was refused because we were not an accredited auto repair on your list. This does not make sense when other franchised Midas owners are in the north end. How do we get accredited otherwise?

  4. my name is vivian bailey ,i’m a lyft driver since a few days ago i try to go on line was not able to do so,then i learn that my application is incomplete so what do i need to complete my application as i need to get back to work.

  5. Every time I request a lyft, I am charged 15 dollars before I even take the ride. Then, I’m charged after the ride. This is every time I ride. I called and a lady told me it’s a service charge that does not actually get taken out of my account. THAT’S A LIE !

    • have you checked your credit card statement after about a week to see if that $15 is still on your account and not a temporary charge?

  6. I am curious ,.
    If I drive for lyft
    Can I specify where I want to drive from & to?…
    For example ….

    • Hi Kevin,
      You’ll have to contact Lyft using one of the above methods. They do not see your comments here. I deleted your confidential information so the world would not see it.

    • You’re yelling at the wrong guy. I’m not Lyft and they don’t read this. Try contacting their background check company Sterling tel:800-899-2272 – maybe they will tell you why you were rejected.

  7. On Saturday June 3rd I happened to be behind a LYFT driver at a red light. The light was red,
    but allowed a turn on red after coming to a stop. there was a vehicle in front of the Lyft driver
    was not turning. The Lyft driver started beeping her horn and yelling at the car in front of her,
    using very obscene language. In our state you to DO NOT HAVE to turn on red, it is an option.
    The license plate number was Massachusetts – 622WF.

  8. Just an FYI, the number you provided may have at one time been been a customer service line. Now it simply tells you via recorded message to visit their website and email any questions or concerns or to dial 911 if it’s an emergency and then hangs up.

    • Thanks. I confirmed this and updated the post. Pressing the button to get a phone call from Lyft still seems to work.

  9. On April 3 I took lyft from work. At 7:30 An I contacted lyft to let them know I had left my phone. I sent my emails because you can’t get a human on the phone. Today is the 7th the driver no longer answers. An I can’t get to my email. All my pass codes an personal info. I have lost work because of my boss’s not being able to reach me. They have a clause people ! They can hold your personal property for 72 hours ! Well my 72 hours is up still no phone. No contact from them still. My ride was from Waffle House on Dacula to my home. They don’t care if my life is falling apart. An my job is in jeopardy ! I am having to post this off my brothers page,because I can no longer retrieve my Facebook or my email ? Funny my pass codes have been changed ? Go figure !

  10. My husband is new to driving for Lyft. He completed all his paper work and is supposedly an official driver. Today was his first day. He went to the Philadelphia airport and saw that there were 89 Lyft cars ahead of him. So he sat, and sat, and sat and after two hours he got a notice that he missed his turn. He didn’t get any call or notification so he doesn’t even know what he did wrong, and there is no one to contact. Needless to say he and I are frustrated. How can a business be run successfully if the employees get no training instruction when they are hired? Do u know anything about this?

  11. I have just signed up for Lyft and can’t figure out how to complete my registration. This should be a slam dunk. But it’s not intuitive at all. Most importantly, the Customer Service phone number is absolutely useless. Why do they even post it? It’s an automated answer saying “call 911 if it’s an emergency” otherwise visit the site. Which if I could have found the answers I was looking for I wouldn’t have had to call Customer Service! My sister and brother-in-law swear by Lyft so I was excited to be able to download the app on my new android phone. Obviously, Lyft is more customer friendly to California based folks … I am awaiting step-by-step instructions via email (although that took a while as well). I won’t be using Lyft tonight.

  12. I have emailed lyft numerous times to request a refund. No response. Followed steps. Any info on an alternate method or actual number. This is ridiculous. Any suggestions please?

  13. I have about 18 occasions with charges l have never employed them for any services. I need to talk to a live person

  14. My name is starting a Alston #xxxxxxxxx last nite I ask 4 a Lyft my $$ was taking out cause cab was cancel but don’t have it now how long 4 my runs 2 b back thank you …call me .tu

  15. I am filling fraud charges on your against your company my card was charge $8.49 on 9/30. at 10:05 pm I would to know where they was pick up from and drop off could you get back with me as soon as possible. Thank you very much

  16. How do I find out an address that my wife went to a month ago cause I just found it on statement I have the ride number any ideas since I can’t get into the account she has taken me off of it

    • I think you’d need access to the account. Sounds like you might need to change the credit card number if it’s still linked an account you don’t want charges from.

  17. I was on a round-trip. Got to my destination submitted for a ride back. The driver excepted the call. It was taken from him! Now I am going to pay him cash but your system seriously need some updating please call me back ASAP at 202-253-6053j says:

    I was on a round-trip. Got to my destination submitted for a ride back. The driver excepted the call. It was taken from him! Now I am going to pay him cash but your system seriously need some updating please call me back ASAP at xxx. Additionally when another driver excepted the return trip phone call I was charge five bucks for canceling I really believe somebody’s to call me back

  18. I was in a hurry to schedule lyft to go to the train station and selected share ride. I did not want that just me so please refund any fees for that to me. Also the share option should not be the first one you list which causes mistakes by passengers to select the first one.

  19. My lift driver put me out the saying the address was wrong n he couldn’t take me because you guys would not pay him

  20. I need someone from lyft get in touch with me as soon possible a matter need to be handle far as my credit card being charged for a ride I did not receive .

  21. I’m I more than upset with lyft ! Your driver showed up to my house when you guys texted me and said he was … he was two block down by a damn car wash I walk over there it said he departed ! I look at the map and he sat in the same area you guys could have at least found another driver or called me when an update ! You are costing me a job because now I’m late as hell if you try to charge me I’m going to be oblivious and pissed off ! Contact me as soon as possible

  22. Hi this is Catherine Powder Icalled the driver I told him Igor surgery I need him to wait a few second and he left me

  23. I called a lyft cab earlier and he didn’t come to pick me up. I called him bec ride will be canceled and he didn’t show up!

  24. On 11/7/17 I took a Lyft ride from Zelma (xxxxxx) and did not get the $5 credit Lyft Emailed me. Two days earlier I took a Lyft and did receive my $5 credit. Lyft sent me $5 credits on my next 20 rides that expired on 11/13. Why didn’t I get my credit on the second ride?

  25. I have been waiting outside pick up spot and then got a text that driver was here. Map showed him on another block. The I got a message saying I would be charged $9 for not being there. I was on Fort Greene Place, and he/she was on St. Felix.

  26. Hi ,Tonight I was charge for two lift rides where they could not find my friend standing in front of him and his tobacco in this cold weather while Uber has picked her up in one shot and bring her back and I’m charged $10 each ride five dollars please remove that charge or I will dispute with my credit card please call me at [phone number removed] so I can explain so you could not only improve your service because I love lift more than Uber but also help me thank you

  27. Your customer service site appears to be down. This is my first attempt using lyft.

    I need a receipt for a ride on 11/9/17 from O’Hare airport to Itasca, IL around 4:30 pm. The driver’s name was Pamela, red buick encore [removed].

  28. I was in the que at southwest Florida airport and lost contact with Lyft
    I had five drivers in front of me
    Now I have twelve
    Has this happened before

    Not fun losing money…$

  29. Hi
    I have emailed these questions a couple time and haven’t received a response
    1.Can you please let me know if I can register 2 cars?
    2. Do I get paid more for using my Escalade?
    3. I also have an older Tahoe so I wanted to compare the 2 from a financial standpoint.
    4.I am trying to take advantage of the bonus for a certain number of trips over 45 day period. When does that clock start ticking? Does it start when I complete the application or when I do my first trip? I don’t want to start until December 1 so I have held off in my final item to submit.

  30. I’m not paying you guys $13 for a maybe $9 ride when I ask for a 4seat you sent a suv think think some body gonna pay $13 sorry I’m not gonna use you no more I will be deleting my account

  31. I requested a lyft last night I didn’t get any one of them and they charged me me for it I had to find a way home I need someone to tell me how to get my money back from a ride that never came I got charged you can feel free to contact me at [# removed for privacy] because one ride said he didn’t know where the address was even with gps he canceled and the other one never showed up I was sitting there waiting and no one came

  32. Why do I keep getting bumped to PREMIER as only option. Charged $19 2 nights ago for 6 block ride! Nancy
    [email removed]

  33. My card was charged $16 and some change and I also wrote that I took with a note to know $16 and when I call my card it said that it was put in manually

  34. A F******* joke!! I will NEVER use Lyft! I got hit by a Lyft driver named Kevin Alvarez in Boston. Got police report. Called Lyft on 11/26/17 and spoke to an idiot named Gustavo who kept jumping to conclusions and not listening well. Gave him my email address spelling it out for him and he STILL got it wrong! I never got an email from Lyft Help because of Gustavo. Lyft should not employ Alvarez. Wasn’t even his car if that matters. I am angry! EMPLOY SMARTER PEOPLE LYFT!

  35. I trying get y’all connected with a company that want use Lyft for their patients. Please call them at 318- 688-0477. The company name Waltemate Wellness Center please ask for Taresa.

  36. My name is Gail [removed] I was over charged by Timothy 26.90 to a same as everyday it’s cost 11.90 why and he was rude why I’m I be charged so much for the same distance please have someone contact me I take Lyft a lot I’m so unhappy I feel like he was taking advantage of me

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