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Updated on September 30, 2016

JP Morgan Reserve Credit Card 100000 Bonus

Is United Club Membership included with the JPM Reserve card?

Yes! I recently wrote about the 100k Bonus for the JP Morgan Reserve card and how I got approved. The JPMR Visa already comes with Priority Pass Select membership with access to over 900 airport lounges. It's been rumored that a United Club membership is also included, a value of $450-$550 depending on your United status. After requesting it myself with customer service, I can confirm that it is included. You just need to ask for it. It takes a few days to show up in my account so I will have proof soon. One word of caution: the rep has to put in a request so it is not automatically setup. It is not advertised as a benefit so this might be a YMMV, but I think it is safe to say it is a benefit.

UPDATE: The JPM Reserve card arrived. Check out my unboxing video.



  1. Call customer service for your JP Morgan Reserve card (the number is on the back of your card, or if you dial a different Chase credit card phone number you can enter the last 4 digits of your JPM card and will get connected)
  2. Provide your United account number and ask to activate the United Club lounge membership.

The membership card takes 3-5 weeks to arrive but it should appear in your account within a few days. While you are waiting, you can use the lounge up to 2 times and JPMorgan Reserve will reimburse you the cost of the visit (according to multiple customer service reps).




United.com lists the benefits of their lounges:

  • Complimentary beverages and light snacks
  • Free bar service
  • Agent assistance with reservations, seat assignments and electronic ticketing
  • Complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access
  • Free local phone calls
  • Complimentary use of color/black and white printers
  • Conference rooms or private phone booths with speakerphones
  • Current periodicals and newspapers
  • Complimentary use of showers*
  • Information on local dining and entertainment options

* Available at select locations. United Club members can make conference room reservations online in advance. Showers are available for reservation upon arrival.


Do authorized users get a United Club membership?

No. Primary members gets the United Club membership. Authorized users do, however, get a Priority Pass membership.


Can I bring guests with my United Club membership?

Yes, according to United.com. United Club members can bring 2 adults or 1 adult and dependent children. According to JPM, the individual lounges decide.


How is this different than a One-Time Pass to the United Club Lounge?

A One-Time Pass is good for 1 person. No guests are allowed. (source: United.com)

United Club Membership vs one-time pass


Do I need to be flying on United to use the lounge?

No. But you do need to be flying that day. (Source)

Beginning August, 18, 2016, all United Club customers, including members, are eligible to access United Club locations only when they have a flight on any airline the same day, and must show a boarding pass for entry.



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  1. TheRewardBoss, still don’t understand how you got this card (full disclosure – i’m jealous). i’ve read the flyertalk thread on it and your 1k with chase makes you the “lightest” Chase client who’s been approved, at least compared to the flyertalk posters. I live in Pennsylvania where Chase no longer offers checking or savings accounts to residents…any advice? is it worth sending in one of the fax-apps, or am I an auto-reject simply because of geography? thanks.

    • If you didn’t pull the trigger last week, I am afraid you can no longer apply. Recent data points during the past several days have noted the fax number no longer works. Not sure if this is a temporary or permanent disconnection.

      • Good point! In terms of keeping a card long term though, assuming you could only keep one, the Reserve seems like the one to keep, right? Want to make sure I’m not missing something, hoping that I am, so I don’t feel as bad in not being able to get it over the CSR. haha

  2. is it possible to request for other airline memberships? ie, I want AA lounge instead and/or Centurion ( can they make it happen) or it’s United and that’s it.


    • According to the JPM Executive rep, Chase only has a partnership w United. Therefore United lounge membership is all that’s possible.

  3. I already have the United Club membership from the MileagePlus Club Card. Will I get a second membership card? Or will it merge? Should I cancel my United MileagePlus Club card? I have the grandfathered 395 AF one. Thanks!!

      • Downgraded my United MileagePlus Club card to the no fee United MileagePlus Rewards Card. Getting United Club now through JPMR, saving me that $395. Looks like I am losing the 2 free checked bags, Premier Access, Hyatt Platinum/MGM Gold, Hertz President’s Circle/Avis Preferred Plus, and the extra UA economy award inventory. Hopefully I made the right decision….

  4. I called Chase representative today, and was told the United Club membership is not included with the Reserve card. Any thoughts?

    • You are referring to the JPM Reserve and not the Chase Sapphire Reserve, correct? If yes, you want to speak w the JPM reps via number on the back of the card.

    • I also just got an Chase Sapphire Reserve card, and called the number on the back of the card to request for United Club membership. The rep told me they don’t offer United Club access only Priority Pass lounge access, they asked me to sign up for Mileage Plus Club Credit Card in order to get access to United Club. The req did enquire with his supervisor.

      Any thoughts?

  5. It appears both cpc or pbc cannot get this card at the moment.

    I am cpc and i asked my banker and she said the card is not released and we got to wait.
    Some people got it through the leak.
    Any word on how to get it now?

  6. I also called for the JP Morgan Reserve card and requested United access but I was told I needed to purchase a United Club membership. Any tips?

    • Do you have the JPM Reserve card already? I spoke with customer service in the past few days where they confirmed the United Club lounge benefit.

      • private bank is still offering the card. I signed up my wife for it last week through our banker (already have mine), and it came about a week later. BTW you can request a plastic version if you don’t want the metal.

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