It’s Here! JP Morgan Reserve Unboxing – Metal Card

Updated on October 3, 2016

JP Morgan Reserve Unboxing

JP Morgan Reserve Unboxing

It's here! My JP Morgan Reserve card just arrived today and I made a quick unboxing video. Check out my recent posts about the JP Morgan 100k Bonus offer and how both a friend and I were approved for the JP Morgan Reserve card recently. I would expect a lot of people to be getting their cards this week.

Someone else also posted their unboxing video on youtube.


Yes. The card is dressed in metal and weighs in at 0.9 oz to 1.0 oz which is about double the weight of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred ~(0.4 oz). Most other credit card weights ~0.2 oz. My shipping scale is not that precise.

UPDATE: I found a better scale and here are the actual weights

  • JPMorgan Reserve = 0.86 ozt
  • Sapphire Rerserve = 0.40 ozt

These are troy ounces which are different than regular ounces.

JPMorgan Reserve Weight

Sapphire Reserve Weight


Did you recently get your card? What do you think?


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  1. Congratulations! All-metal cards are pretty impressive! I have the Ritz-Carlton Visa which weighs in at 1.04oz (on my scale), and, quite frankly, the problem with the weight is that the card is always falling out of my wallet! Impressive to hold; easy to lose!

    • The weight came in at 1 oz but changed to 0.9 oz – it’s a shipping scale so not so precise for smaller items.

  2. hey RewardBoss, you are being accused of 1) fabricating your receipt of this card, and 2) promoting this blog under and alias on the Palladium/JPM thread on Flyertalk. you may want to head over there to defend your honor if you’re clean.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I rarely post on FT and I would think the video is proof enough. There will always be haters out there. If you successfully faxed in your application last week good luck and let me know when you card arrives.

  3. can chase private client apply for this card? The banker I know told me that you don’t really need 250k. 100k is fine to, but can maintain private client for a year.

  4. Anyone that applied 9/1 or later heard anything yet? I know of people that applied before that and have heard back but I don’t know of any who applied after and have heard anything.

    • I faxed in on 9/1 and haven’t heard anything yet. Can confirm that the fax went through, though. There also isn’t a hard pull on any of my credit reports. I’m not really expecting much at this point.

      • Actually no, I spoke to the JPM people and did get my United Club $550 benefit ordered but she was aware about the application leak and she was the one who brought it up. They are not approving anyone who is not a JPM client with 10MM or more in assets. The rep knew about the leak online and they shut down the fax number and those applications will not be approved. They may also be closing down people who were approved already who went through that line. They are definitely not upgrading anyone from CSR, I asked. I think my account will be fine because of reasons I had disclosed in prior deleted post. They also approved me today already knowing the problem. She was insanely professional on phone, a true private banking experience. I really hope my account stays open.

  5. From someone on the other thread:

    “I faxed my application in on 9/1 and decided to call up today to check on the status. I was immediately transferred to an agent who said there was no record of my application. I said I faxed it in over a week ago and was wondering if they were just backed up, and then the call turned confrontational… The agent said this card isn’t publicly available so I shouldn’t have sent the application in myself to begin with, and that this could flag my “client profile” and prevent me from getting approved for Chase credit cards in the future or even having my existing card accounts closed. !!! I made up some excuse about a banker emailing the application to me, but she wasn’t having it (she was surprisingly rude about it ), and then I hung up.

    I hope she was just messing with me. All my existing Chase cards and points seem okay when I login, but I’m wondering if I should transfer everything out to United just to be safe. Anyone else have a call like this?”

    If that is true I find then wow.

    • Just chill dude, Did the application mention that you are not supposed to send the application in yourself? Did the application even mention that you need to be a private client?

      You dont have to transfer everything to United yet. Wait, and explore more reward partner options based on your needs.

  6. Is it confirmed that the JP Morgan Reserve card has the exact same benefits as the Chase Sapphire Reserve card? I ask as I have neither cards but plan on getting one. So if the perks and annual fees are the same, I’d prefer to go for the JP Morgan. Any thoughts or advice?

    • Jpmr fax line has been disconnected so unless you have another method of submission, the csr is your only option for now.

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