Video: Woman Chews Out Lyft Driver Over Hawaiian Hula Doll

Watch as Lyft rider Annaliese Nielsen tells off her Lyft driver because he won't remove his Hawaiian Hula doll.

Why is she so upset? She finds it extremely offensive and refers to “the pillaging of, like, the continent of Hawaii”. She constantly accuses him of being rude and calls him a “a f**king selfish dumbass idiot”.

What do you think? Is the driver allowed to have a hula doll?


According to dailywire, Annaliese deleted her twitter account and created a new one… except someone grabbed the original to poke fun at her. She deleted the 2nd account too.

Hawaiian Hula Doll


Some tweets from her twitter account

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  1. The continent of Hawaii?!? I hope she never has children. We don’t want the propagation of this ‘ignorant, idiot, etc., etc.’ individual. But and then she may be another live ‘troll’ seeking attention.

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