How To Combine or Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points Between Accounts

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward

It is easy to transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points between accounts. However, it may be a bit tough to find the right section on the Chase Ultimate Rewards page.

Many people recently applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and have asked this question. Why? Because Sapphire Reserve makes your Ultimate Rewards points worth at least 1.5 cents each when redeeming through the UR portal. Another person had points stranded in a Chase Freedom account. Yet another had points in various accounts and combining them allowed a transfer to an airline to book a flight.

Here's a step by step guide on how to combine points (transferring points from one account to another).


How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points From One Account To Another

1. Sign into your Chase account.


2. Click your ULTIMATE REWARDS balance. You can also login directly to your Ultimate Rewards Points account as this screen may look different depending on what type of accounts you have.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward


3. Select the credit card you want to transfer FROM

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward


4. Within the Ultimate Rewards portal, click your point balance on the top right and select COMBINE POINTS in the drop down menu.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward


5. Select the card you want to transfer from (on the left) and the one you want to transfer to (on the right). Here you can Add/Change a “Household Member” on the bottom right corner. Click CONTINUE when you are ready.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward

6. Select “All my points” or “Other amount” and enter the amount of points you would like to transfer. Click REVIEW at the bottom to continue.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward


7. Do a final review and click CONFIRM & SUBMIT.Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward



8. The confirmation screen appears for your reference.  That's it!




9. If you want to confirm, click your point balance on the top right and the drop down will show the new balances.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward


OOPS! I made a mistake!

If you accidentally combined / transferred too much or too little Ultimate Reward points, it's ok.  You can perform another transaction by following the steps above. Combining Ultimate Reward points from your business card (such as the Chase Ink Plus) to your personal card account (such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve) follows similar steps.


How do I transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to my spouse?

You'll need to add your spouse as a household member before you can transfer points to their account. See step 5 above.


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