Wingz Rideshare Expands Beyond Airports $5 Free Credit Promo Code

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WINGZ is similar to Lyft and Uber but it started out providing pre-booked, private, flat rate, no surge airport rides. The company has some big backers including Expedia and Marc Benioff, Saleforce's CEO. Passengers can book directly with specific drivers they like which is something new. Drivers can cherry pick the rides they want such as business travelers instead of group of drunks late at night. That's the main difference versus Lyft and Uber which don't give drivers the option to choose their passengers and destinations. Wingz also generally costs more than Lyft and Uber. This makes it more similar to a black car service.

New ride sharing start ups have been focusing on treating drivers better. Case in point: Via lets drivers earn predictable hourly wages instead of chasing fares and has expanded from New York City to Chicago and DC. Juno, which recently launched in New York City, treats drivers better by taking less commission and giving away equity. They also provide phone support – imagine that! Juno drivers are loving it – there are now 13,000 drivers in NYC, second only to Uber. Now Wingz is coming in from the west coast.


There are some sites out there which suggest the following promo codes can be applied after you sign up at but it seems to be expired already.

Use “affpuy10”  $10 credit
Use “new2wingz” for $5 credit


Wingz is starting to look more like Lyft and Uber since it is not just offering Airport rides anymore. Lyft and Uber are testing a feature to book rides in advance which would eliminate one of its main differentiators. Wingz offers:

  • No surge prices (Gett and Via offer this)
  • Book a ride in advance (Gett does this already, Lyft is testing this in SF, Uber is testing in Seattle sign up for early access)
  • Book the same driver (I have arranged this informally with Lyft/Uber but doesn't always work)
  • Driver can choose the rides he wants (Gett offers this)





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