Verizon Fios Doubling Speed To 100/100 Same Price $39/month ($500 Credit to Switch)

Updated on December 14, 2023

Verizon Fios Logo

Verizon Fios should be announcing (it is now updated on their website) they are doubling base internet speed for the same price starting November 10, 2017. Instead of 50/50 Mbps speed, they will now offer 100/100 Mbps for the same price of $39! This was previously a $20/month upgrade. Gigabit service will get better too. These services and offers may not be available in all areas.

What's the catch?

This offer is for the first year only and represents a $10/month discount. So after that you will pay $49.00/month and on top of they charge $10/month for a router. Currently I don't use their router but they do not charge extra for it on my plan, so I would think you can just get your own router. This information is not clear on the website.

Update: This 100/100 offer is ONLY available online. Don't bother calling, I just tried and it's a slow painful torture. If you are a glutton for punishment here is the phone number (800) 837-4966.

Offer Link

The Verizon website is now updated with this offer. Get up to a $100 Prepaid Mastercard when you sign up for Triple Play, $75 for Double Play, and $50 for Gigabit.

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Up To $500 Credit to Get Out Of Your Contract

To top that off, Verizon will give you $500 credit to cover the cost of switching. Some competitor fees for the same 100/100 speed internet service: Optimum  $39/month, Spectrum/Time Warner 100/100 service $45/month.

Verizon Fios Package Deals

Many people are cutting the cord on TV and phone and just sticking with internet. If you are not ready to cut the cords yet (excluding the internet), here are the new package deals:

Will You Switch?

Which provider do you have and how much is the termination fee?

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    • Same here. I’m excited about the doubling of the internet speed – now I’m trying to see if I can get them to upgrade my existing service for free

    • I’m trying to see if they will allow upgrades for existing customers. They did allow the upgrade to 50/50 during the last bump up and that was part of a condo package.

      • I spoke with Verizon as an existing customer about the last upgrade package they offered for new customers only – they basically told me to stuff it. They said I was “already getting a discount” (?) and I had gotten “a similar initial offer” when I signed up, so I should be happy. I could almost understand where they were coming from, except that the examples the rep gave didn’t make much sense – he kept trying to show me how my $129 service with 75/75 was actually a better deal than $79 gigabit. Hopefully you have better luck.

        • So you don’t like paying more for slower speed? Maybe it’s time to switch. Other competitors seem to be offering credit to cover cancelation fees just like Verizon is. They may be a little more flexible when you decide to move away from Verizon.

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