How To Use Starwood SPG Corporate Codes (SET Discount Codes) Or Apply For One For Your Company

Updated on August 12, 2016

Starwood SPG Corporate Discount Codes

Save on Hotel Bookings by Using SPG Corporate Discount Codes

Many mid and large size firms have corporate codes that their employees as well as contractors are allowed to use. While traveling for work and living in hotels for years, I noticed that many employees and contractors either do not know about this or do not know how to obtain the actual corporate code. These codes are meant for business-related travel but often times, they allow for personal use too.

Since many codes are Corporate Codes, only use them if you can prove affiliation with that company and can provide proof, such as a business card. As a consultant, a client would often require us to use their corporate code since we were visiting their office and they were paying for the hotel. Of course this was easy to prove with an employee ID card from the client.

As discussed in this FlyerTalk thread, whether or not a hotel will ask for support is YMMV. I assume they will always ask for proof so be ready to show you are authorized to use the code.

Warning About Using SPG Corporate Codes

  1. I must stress that I do not advocate using any of the corporate codes within unless you can prove affiliation with the company whose code you are using. It may get pretty uncomfortable if you cannot check in because you booked using another company's code.
  2. Some companies require that you use their contracted agency or system to book hotel stay. If you book directly with the hotel using a code, you might not get reimbursed as was the case with my old job. If you are using your company code for a personal stay, you can probably book directly. Double check to avoid any problems.

Can't Find Your Corporate Code?

  1. First, check with your travel department or HR.
  2. If you've asked around and you still can't find your company corporate discount code, maybe your company doesn't have one. If that's the case, you can sign up with Starwood's SPG Business Program and get discounts and benefits for everyone at your company. Get up to 7% off the best available rates, gift elite status to employees and more.

How To Use SPG Corporate Discount Codes

  1. Go to the Starwood website and search for the dates and location as usual
  2. Once the results load, click on the “pencil” as seen below and a drop down will appear
  3. Enter in one of the codes above and hit APPLY

Click here to see the instructions Starwood that provides.

Note: These corporate discounts can be significant but depend on property and date. If it doesn't give you a good enough discount, you can always try SPG member exclusive rates.

Starwood SPG Corporate Discount Codes


Starwood SPG Corporate Discount Codes

Now you'll be able to see the new rates for the code you entered. Be careful! Sometimes its HIGHER than the regular price. If you are on business trip, unless you are told otherwise by your company, just choose the lowest rate. Some companies pay higher than lowest prices due to some contracts in place which may include things like breakfast, parking, wifi, and possibly other services.

Starwood SPG Corporate Discount Codes


  • SPG Business – Sign up your company for corporate discounts


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