$200 / $100 Amex Airline Fee Credit Works for Amazon Gift Cards (via United Mileage Plus X)

Updated on December 14, 2023

Amazon 200 Airline Fee Credit

Using Amex Airline Fee Credit for Airline e-Gift Certificates

There is a $200 & $100 airline fee credit offered by American Express for the Platinum, Business Platinum, and Premier Rewards Gold. By now, you have probably heard that many are getting reimbursed for electronic gift certificates for certain airlines such as American Airlines. Not long ago many bloggers were posting that it stopped working but it was only temporary.

UPDATE: This is no longer working according to Flyertalk (but they have removed all posts mentioning it) and other sources. Just buy AA gift cards instead.

The post below provides details on using the airline credit for Amazon.com gift cards.  If you are interested in using the airline credit for airline gift cards, see this post for tips and tricks on using for various airline gift cards.

Will Amazon.com e-Gift Cards Get Reimbursed?

It appears electronic gift cards for Amazon.com are now getting reimbursed as well…as well as other things. You can follow the instructions on Flyertalk and use the United gift registry.  Or you can use an easier method: buy through United's MileagePlus X shopping app.

One downside of the gift registry method is that it requires a 24 hour waiting period but the easier method (explained below) does not have any waiting period.

How to get e-Gift Cards Reimbursed

Hat Tip to two readers who tried both methods and provided screen shots. Here's how:

  • Step 1: Important: First you must select United as your airline for the current calendar year: Do it online here Premier Rewards Gold or Platinum / Business Platinum or call customer service.
  • Step 2: Download United's MileagePlus X (iOS) (Android) application on your smartphone
  • Step 3: Search ONLINE MERCHANTS and select AMAZON

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App

  • Step 4: Select PAY NOW on AMAZON

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App

  • Step 5Enter desired amount (up to $100 for the PRG and $200 for Plat / Biz Plat). I suggest doing $50 at a time just in case, but this reader just did $200 in one go and it worked.

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App

  • 7/8/16 Update: Still working. It took 2 business days for the credit.

Amex Airline Fee Reimbursed July 2016

  • 1/21/16 Update: Please stick with $50 increments!  Still working. It took 4 days.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.58.26 PM
  • 12/28/15 Update: Still works as of 12/25/15.


12.25.15 MPX

  • Step 6: Enter your American Express credit card details

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App

  • Step 7: Complete checkout
  • Step 8: Fee credit should be reimbursed ~5 business days after the charge has posted

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App

How to Use the Amazon e-Gift Cards

Here are the terms of the Amazon.com e-Gift Cards:

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App

After you purchase the gift card, the gift card # should display. There are 2 ways to add your gift card to your Amazon account. 1. Click this link to add your gift card through Amazon's website, or 2) click “copy number” on the bottom of the app which will launch the Amazon App where you can paste in the gift card #. I also earned 2x miles per dollar spent!

Airline Fee Credit MileagePlus X App



Does Trick Work for Citi Prestige® or Chase Sapphire Reserve?

No – trick does not work.  I tried on both cards and did not get reimbursed.


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  1. It did not work for me. I purchased a $200 Amazon gift card per your instructions. It posted on 11/29/15. It’s now 9 days later and no credit reimbursed.

  2. Has anyone got this to work recently?
    I selected United as my airline but I wanted check it would work before I did it?

  3. Thanks for posting this! I tried this on Dec 17th and bought 2 $50 Amazon gift cards. 7 days later on Dec 24th, I got credited for both transactions!

    Bought another $100 Amazon gift card yesterday before this year is over. Just follow the directions exactly and you should be fine.

  4. Thank you for explaining the process for buying Amazon GC using MileagePlus X. Super helpful! I purchased $175 Amazon GC using MileagePlus X on December 19th. I had $127.60 left on my Amex Platinum Airline Fee reimbursement account and this exact amount was credited on December 28th.

  5. The MileagePlus X Amazon gift card (2x $100 credits) worked as of 25 Dec 15. THANK YOU! Great way to be reimbursed since we shop Amazon all the time.

  6. Hi Sean I got the airline credits on united, downloaded the app and enrolled on the app but it said I had 0 miles. How do I link my AmEx card credits to the app account?

    • Doesn’t work that way. The miles/points reflected in MPX app represents your United account balance, unrelated to Amex MR pts.

  7. Does this work for other gift cards on the Mileage Plus X app like for example Landry’s? Or is it only for Amazon?

    • I haven’t tried it myself other than Amazon Gc but the FT thread suggests it works so long as the charge gets coded correctly (so yes).

  8. Just worked for me for the Amex Platinum. On 1/15 I went through the United Mileage Plus X app and bought 4 $50 Amazon gift cards to hit the $200 credit. Today, 5 days later on 1/21, all of the credits posted.

  9. I did the same thing txn. done on 20th.. Still waiting for it to post.. The CS says it is 2-4 weeks but most of my credits with Amex have been super fast.. Not sure here and it shows as MPX* AMAZON.COM.. The details show United.. let us see

  10. Followed the steps and purchased 4 $50 increment gift cards on 1/18/2016 and it still has not posted credit to my account to date (1/28/16). I guess I’ll wait but even it doesn’t post the $200 in amazon gift cards will not go to waste. And I guess I can try it again later on if it never does post.

  11. Bought two amazon gift cards for $100 each on Feb 1st. Still haven’t gotten reimbursed. Is this still working if I buy two for $100 each? I’d prefer to just get reimbursed for this and not have to re-buy 4 gift cards for $50 each.

  12. I tried selecting United as airline for my Premier Rewards Gold Card. So I called customer service to set United as airline. They said United is not in their Airline list 🙁 Please suggest.

  13. I just read that when you go ahead and buy your airline ticket you can only apply one gift certificate per ticket …is that true?

  14. Thank you for this post. I bought a $50 Amazon gift card on the app on the 16th and a credit appeared on the 24th. Now for the other $50!

  15. Does anyone know if this only works for Amazon GC purchases? Could I purchase a different type of GC (like Gap, Banana Republic, etc.) through the MPX app and still trigger the $200 airline credit from the Amex Platinum?

    • Yes pretty much anything you buy through MPX. My advice is to cap the purchase at $50 per transaction.

  16. Does this still work? and if yes, should I do all the $50 charges in the same day or wait a day in between?

    • $50 max per order. Doesn’t matter if you spread them out or not. I usually do 2 X $50 on one day and another set the following day.

  17. Is it just me or MPX app is not working? I downloaded app and tried to log in with my united mileage plus info, but it kept saying “system is disabled.”

  18. Does anyone know if this still work for Amazon gift Card? I purchased $20 7 days ago, no reimbursement yet. It was classified as “Additional Information: TKT# 01629246xxxxxx AIRLINE/AIR C
    Category: Travel – Airline”.

    Btw, I purchased Amazon GC on the same day but after I selected United, will that cause problem?

  19. Thank you, I had to call in after 14 days and they manually adjusted it because the charge shows up as MPX*AMAZON.COM – 1-800-421-4655, TX

  20. My purchase was named differently on my AMEX activity “MILEAGEPLUS X”. Anyone else seen this? If so, will it still work?

  21. Thanks for this wonderful info…does anyone know if it still works? I followed the instructions, but don’t see a credit yet. It’s been 6 days since the Amazon charges hit.

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