Samsung Galaxy Note7 FlameProof Return Box + Refunds + Recall Notices

Samsung Galaxy Note7 FlameProof ReturnBox Refunds


Galaxy Note7 Recall & Refunds

All carriers are recalling Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones due to the ongoing problems of the smartphones catching fire. Below is a list of carrier numbers and recall notices/FAQs to help with the return process. The fastest way is to return it your carrier's closest retail store.

(Sprint still hasn't taken down their page selling the Note7 which is the first search result in google, but fortunately it is ‘out of stock'.)

Customers who bought their phone online are receiving a flameproof recovery box to return Galaxy Note7 phones. At this point, they cannot take any chances with phones potentially catching fire during shipping. The box even comes with gloves because the lining could cause a bad reaction if you touch with your bare skin. Making it even more difficult for Samsung, the UK Post Office is refusing to ship the phones.

Shockingly, an unbelievable law could have prevented the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from warning people to stop using the Galaxy Note 7 phone. Samsung didn't block the message but they could have!

How To Get A Refund

More detailed information can be found here:





  • Call 1-888-211-4727 or bring your phone to any Sprint store.
  • Recall Notice


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