Ritual $1 Food Festival Starts August 12 + $10 Off Lunch / Dinner

Updated on September 10, 2019


ritual $1 Food Festival Refer FriendRitual's $1 Food Fest Starts August 12!

UPDATENext $1 Food Festival starts September 16

Here comes the $1 Dollar Food Festival from the  Ritual App! During the past couple $1 Food Festivals we got $1 lunches every day! Starting August 12, the $1 meals start again. All you need to do is refer 1 friend. They gave everyone a week heads up so you can find your 1 referral. New to Ritual? Get $10 credit then go refer a friend! Your friend has to place their first order during the promotion period to unlock the $1 Food Fest deal. In addition, even without this promotion, you will find many places with $5 off and other promotions.

You can get 1 meal per day and a maximum of 5 during the promotion. With a little bit of searching, I've been able to find meals over $13 each but the average is around $10.

What is Ritual? Read my review. Short version: it lets you order and pickup without any wait.

Referral period: August 5, 2019 to August 23, 2019.


  1. If you are new to Ritual? Sign up and get $10 credit
  2. You must refer a friend and your friend must place their first order.
  3. $1 meals should be available to you now.


Participating Cities: The cities aren't listed out but I believe it's all the following: New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver.

Leave your referral code in the comments if you like.

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  1. I’d appreciate anyone who signs up using my referral code– ALEX15554. I’ve come to really like Ritual (there are pretty frequent promos like this and the rewards back can be pretty significant if you hit the bonus point places).

  2. So after you signed up, you need to make an order first. After that first order, you unlock this $1 deal for yourself. Is that correct?

    • No that’s not correct. Using your link does NOT get 5 meals for $1. Please read my instructions above on how to get it.

  3. Everything I’ve heard on this site requires you to live in a big city so I think I will cancel since I live in San Luis Obispo now , also just moved a lost my iPad and hate emails anyway but that was the only way I could get them

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