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Updated on December 10, 2018

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Ritual $10 Free Food – Skip the Line, Earn Rewards!

Ritual is a new food app I have been using because I love to save time and money ($10 free food for new users)! It lets me order food on my phone, skip the lines, and earn rewards. During peak times, some restaurants in NYC have lines 30+ people deep. Who has that kind of time to wait for a salad during lunch? The chain restaurants may have apps to do the same but it's nice to just use one app. Ritual stands out because it partners with indie coffee shops and restaurants that will never have their own app!

Running into a Manhattan restaurant and picking up your lunch in 1 minute during peak times is amazing!

At first, I thought it was another me-too food delivery or rewards app. There are enough of those that I often ignore them now. I gave it a shot and it's actually useful. Ritual reminds me of the LevelUp app which I have been using to pay for my meals and earn rewards. LevelUp's focus was being a payment app. They also let you to order in advance but it's a bit hidden and not user friendly. Instead, LevelUp helps restaurants build their own standalone apps that run on their platform, like Sweetgreen. I've been now using Ritual for over a year and it's great to see the number of restaurants grow significantly. I often see restaurants use Ritual alongside LevelUp and even MealPal.

$10 Free Food Promo

Ritual Rewards

Ritual's reward system is not exactly simple. It's bit of a game which I'll explain. The standard way to earn points is very slow but there are plenty of bonuses available. Here's the short version:

  • EARN: You'll earn 10 points per $1 you spend. If you order from certain restaurants a second time, you'll get 20x the points (look for green “EARN+” logo)
  • REDEEM FOR CREDIT: 10,000 points will get you $10 credit to spend anywhere. I earned 3,116 after placing my first two orders at the same restaurant. That gets me roughly a free lunch every 6 orders, if I stick to those that have the EARN+ 20x bonus. Or…a really long time to earn anything if you don't use the 20x bonuses. Not bad!
  • REDEEM FOR DISCOUNTS: Instead of credit you could spend 500 points for $5+ discounts on an order. For example, I can order a Poke Signature bowl, normally $14.95, for only $6.99, saving $7.96. Here I'm getting 1.6 cents per point value. After just two orders, I have enough points to do this a few times. This seems to be the best use of points if you see a redemption you like.
  • BONUSES: Besides the big 20x bonus, the app gives you bonus points to do different things like 500 points for adding 5 favorite spots (or randomly hitting the heart button 5 times). See below for a list of current bonuses available.
  • ELITE STATUS: Make 8 purchases a month and you'll get 1.5x points on regular purchases, 10x on new restaurants, and secret menus, events, though I haven't tried this out.

Do the points or credits expire?  No. They don't expire according to the website. Excellent!

Ritual App Rewards


Ritual got started in Toronto. They quickly expanded then entered the US and are live in 4 cities right now:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Toronto


The Ritual app partners with both indie shops as well as some names you may recognize if you are in Manhattan:

Refer a Friend – They Get $10 Free Credit

After you sign up, share your link with friends to give them $10 in free credit. You'll currently earn 1000 points but it was also 3000 points recently. This is roughly worth only $1 per friend but can be worth more if you use your points wisely (see above).

Ritual App refer a friend


What do you think? Have you tried Ritual yet?



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