Rejected Then Approved! How To Get Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000 Bonus Over 5/24

Updated on October 18, 2016

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit CardGetting rejected then approved – Chase Sapphire Reserve

Below is the experience of a friend who got approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k offer after first being rejected. This may give some hope to many of you who have more than 5 cards in the last 24 months.

I'm excited that several of my friends have now been able to get approved despite being way over 5/24. At the same time, I am bummed that this has not worked for me.  I applied through a Chase banker who told me not to worry because he had the ability put in a special request in case I was rejected. Hoping to support my case, I even opened a business checking account a few weeks ago just in case. As expected, I was rejected. Two days later, my rep told me that I was denied because I had too many accounts but more importantly, the special request form was no longer available starting this week. It was clearly killed together with this new offer. I was not pre-approved but I took a chance because he told me not to worry.


THE REJECTION: Yesterday (8/23/16)

Yesterday, a colleague of mine was instantly approved online for the 100K Chase Sapphire Reserve, despite breaking the 5/24 rule.  So I felt lucky and applied online as well, only to get rejected after calling up the Chase reconsideration line.  Knowing that Chase consolidated same-day applications into 1 hard pull, I didn't want to waste the hard inquiry so I applied for the Chase Fairmont card and was approved for $30k and spent the rest of my day looking at which Fairmont properties were great value.

This morning, Doctor of Credit noted the following:

I already applied online and got denied. Can I go into a branch and get a pre-approval?

Yes, many have done this with success.  Tip: go the same day to get the inquires combined.

I knew I screwed up and should have walked over to my local Chase branch yesterday just to check if I was preapproved.  Instead, I gave it up for the Fairmont card, which I could have gotten any time since it doesn't follow the 5/24 rule.


THE APPROVAL: Today (8/24/16)

Today, I catch wind of the JPM Reserve card, which is very similar to the Sapphire Reserve in terms of bonus and perks.  I decided to submit the fax application despite not being a Chase Private Banking client. On top of that, the form asks whether I had any existing Chase savings or checking account, which I didn't.  I ticked “Yes” anyway and faxed in the application.  My source is telling me that JPM is receiving over 1,000 JPM Reserve card applications per hour.  So I knew I had time to open a Chase savings or checking account before my application was reviewed.

Recalling that there was an ongoing $500 Chase business checking account bonus, I walked over to my local Chase branch and started a new account. After account setup (30 minutes), I decided to ask the banker whether I was pre-approved for the Sapphire Reserve. He turned the screen towards me with all my pre-approved cards. There it was: the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I was very surprised!

A few clicks and 30 seconds later, I was approved (for another $30K)!  Both the Fairmont and Reserve cards now show up in my list of online accounts.



There you have it. The almighty in-branch pre-approval trumps the 5/24 rule, at least in my case.  In fact, it seems to trump much more.  Chase approved me for 2 credit cards in 2 consecutive days with a total credit line of $60K!  Best part was that the Chase banker tells me that I was also pre-approved for the Chase Ink Plus for another 70K, despite currently having an open Ink Plus card already.  I didn't want to push my luck!

If you are under 5/24 and have good credit, you should have nothing to worry about and just apply online.


to be continued…

Now I am just waiting on the JPM Reserve application status.  I also plan to sign up for the pre-approved 70K Ink Plus offer in a few weeks to see how it goes.  Will report back on both once I have an update.

JP Morgan Reserve Credit Card

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  1. Can you publish the link to JPM Reserve application? I see you only have screen shots of application on JPM Reserve post.

    • My wife and I make a trip to New Orleans every Valentines Day now to open a new bank account with the 500 offer. So yes, weekend getaway is not a bad idea!

    • Nothing material in terms of approval / rejection. Buddy of mine who is true private banking client phoned his rep on and was informed that they were completely back logged with the influx of applications (this was prior to me posting the PDF app)

  2. Couldn’t get the 500 offer. Just opened a checking and savings account and applied for the Chase Reserve since the banker said I was pre-approved even thought I was rejected online.

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