Chase Application Status Check + Reconsideration Phone Line / Number Tips

Updated on January 31, 2018

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Chase Application Status Check & Reconsideration Phone Line / Number – Credit Cards

After you apply for a Chase credit card, you may not get instantly approved. You can easily check the status of your application. If you were denied, there is the Chase reconsideration department that you can call to get the denial reversed over the phone!


How to Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

While you can check your Chase Loan Application Status online, surprisingly, it is not possible to check your Chase credit card application status. You will have to call the Chase Application Status Hotline and enter your social security number to check your status through the automated system:

  • Chase Application Status Hotline: 888-338-2586   

I am quite surprised that a big player credit card player like Chase does not offer an online application status check but competitors Bank of America and Amex do.


Chase Reconsideration Phone Line / Number for Denied or Pending Applications

If your Chase application status is denied or pending, you can call:

  • 888-270-2127 (Personal Cards) – Updated Phone Number
  • 800-453-9719 (Business Cards)

New Chase Reconsideration Phone Number: Chase changed the phone number for personal cards. The old number 888-245-0625 has been disconnected and replaced with 888-270-2127.

These are live credit analysts who have the power to approve your pending application or reverse your denial over the phone. Be nice to them!


What to Say to the Chase Credit Analysts

Remember – the credit analysts have approval power, so you want to be soft-toned and as helpful as possible. Some people are afraid to call and ask. If you are one of those people, here is an example of how my calls usually go: (you don't need to sugar coat too much but it does help to be polite!)

  • Chase Credit Analyst: Thanks for calling Chase lending services.  My name is Mary.  How may I help you?
  • Me: Hello Mary, how's your day going so far?
  • Chase Credit Analyst: It's going fine; thanks for asking (or some similar variation… if the small talk continues, just go with the flow).  How may I help you?
  • Me: I recently applied for a credit card online and I am surprised I didn't get instant approval.  I wanted to see if I could help answer any questions in efforts to facilitate the process.
  • Chase Credit Analyst: I would be happy to have a look.  Do you have an application ID?
  • Me: (Provide if you have one.  If not: say this) I do not have one – are you able to look it up by social security number?
  • Chase Credit Analyst: Yes – may I have your social security number?
  • Me: (Provide your social)
  • Chase Credit Analyst: Please hold 2-5 minutes while I look up your application.
  • Me: No problem – take your time.  I am in no rush.

The analyst gets back and informs me that I have been approved.  Occasionally, I am asked to confirm my phone number or home address – and approved after another brief hold.  If you have an existing credit card with Chase already, there is a good chance they will simply ask you to confirm one or both of the following:

  1. Last payment amount
  2. Last charge amount and merchant name

Often times, Chase wants to keep an application pending for security / fraud measures and not because there is something fishy on your credit report.  This is YMMV but I suspect most you will go through similar experiences above. If you don't get a desired outcome, HUCA (Hang Up & Call Again). Then comes the approval email:

Chase Approval - Chase Application Status Check

Chase Credit Analysts for Business Credit Cards

Chase Business credit cards and charge cards are trickier than personal cards.  Years ago, the credit analysts used to be much more lenient and the conversation example above would still hold true. During the past 2 years, however, I have found that calling up has done more harm than good.

For one pending business application, I was being badgered by the credit analyst for what seems to have been an eternity (although more like 25 minutes) with questions coming from left and right field:

  • What are your projected revenues for the next 6 months?  1 year?  3 years?
  • Your credit report shows you have opened X new accounts within the past 12 months – let's go through each account and let me know why you opened them.
  • Your credit report shows you have closed X accounts within the past 12 months – let's go through each closure and let me know why you closed them.

Proof of Identification

Another occasion I was simply asked to fax in a copy of my driver's license.  A different time, I was asked to fax in my business formation documents and tax return for my business.  The funny thing is that Chase already knows my business because of cards that already had in my wallet. Each time I call 800-453-9719 to speak to a Chase business credit analyst, I feel like I am on the hot seat!

Tax Returns: Really? Yes. While I am not a tax expert (and therefore you should not take any tax advice from me), I can tell you that neither a sole proprietorship nor an LLC owned by 1 person files a separate tax return for the business. The business income simply shows up on your personal tax return, specifically in Schedule C (1040). The credit analyst did not know that so instead asked me to send the part of the tax return which shows the name and address of the business. I sent over Schedule C. If you told them you make $10 million per year and your Schedule C shows $1 thousand, Lucy you got some ‘splaining' to do!  I was approved less than 2 weeks later.

Note: The Fax # for Verification Documents is: 888-643-9628


My Recommendation for Pending Chase Business Card Applications

My recommendation specifically for Chase business credit cards and charge cards is to NOT call the reconsideration line (800-453-9719).  During one of my recent mini-app-o-ramas I didn't want to deal with all the potential questions.  I just waited, and waited, and waited.  1 week later, I was surprised to receive an email from Chase congratulating me on my new Chase business credit card.

My colleague took the same route and chose not to call in.  1 week later, she received a call from Chase who asked her a few simple questions and approved her over the phone.

One final business card application experience I wanted to share: ~1 week after my app went into pending, Chase called and left a voicemail (I was in a meeting and couldn't pick up).  Several hours later, I received an email, similar to the one above, noting I was approved!  Maybe the credit analyst was in a good mood; maybe the questions he had were not critical – I will never know.


The “5/24” Rule for Chase Personal Cards

The following is an excerpt taken from FlyerTalk:

“Starting in May 2015, Chase began denying applications for its own UltimateRewards-earning personal cards (e.g., Sapphire Preferred, Freedom) if the applicant's credit report shows that she or he opened 5 or more credit cards in the prior 24 months (“the 5/24 rule”).  There have been reports of people with more than 5 cards opened in the last 24 months being approved if they have already been pre-approved for the card in question. To find out if you are pre-approved, you can call or go into a branch to ask.”

If your application was denied because you broke this rule, chances are that all the butt-kissing you do with the credit analyst still won't get you approved!  Pro Tip: Walk into your local Chase branch and ask if there are any pre-approved offers associated with your social security number.  If yes, you just by-passed the 5/24 rule!

If your application was denied because you broke this rule, don't let that hard credit pull go to waste!  Chase will consolidate multiple applications into 1 hard pull as long as the apps were done on the same day AND the apps are not crisscrossing between personal and business cards.


In-Branch Pre-Approvals Bypass 5/24 Rule

If you applied online for the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer and find out from the credit analyst that you have been rejected because of the 5/24 rule, don't give up!  Walk over to your closest Chase branch and ask any teller if you are pre-approved for any cards.  If the Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of them, apply in branch and you will most likely get approved!  If you apply on the same day, Chase will consolidate both applications into only 1 hard pull.

Similarly for Business cards, I prefer going in branch to check for pre-approvals.  Even if the in-branch application goes pending, I find the call to recon to be much less inquisitive.

What about Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)?

You may have been rejected due to a bankruptcy on your credit report. When is a bankruptcy deleted from my credit report? According to Experian,

  • Chapter 7 stays on your report for 10 years
  • Chapter 13 stays on your report for 7 years

Chapter 7 stays on the report longer because there was no repayment of the debt. Here are some useful datapoints of how people dealt with a BK on their credit report. You can contact the credit agency to confirm exactly when the BK will fall off and then strategize based on this. It's a good idea to track your credit score with sites like, or If you get rejected, you can help rebuild your credit with a secure credit card (you deposit some $ with a bank and that becomes your credit limit).

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  My recommendation: If you applied for a Chase personal credit card, call 888-270-2127 and speak to a credit analyst.  If you applied for a Chase business credit card or charge card, just sit tight and don't call in.  Clearly this is YMMV.


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  1. @therewardboss
    very interesting.
    i applied for the united biz card 3 weeks ago. still no card or denial letter.
    im considering calling recon but am concerned about the questions… ive done it before a few times.

    • Just followed up with Chase on a UAL Mil Plus Business app. (wasn’t approved immediately-waited a few days to call). I was very polite and had a nice agent. She checked a couple things, asked me a few simple verifications, and then said I was approved for a pretty sizable line of credit even tho I am under 30! I asked her why the delay (I have a good record with Chase personal cards) and she said “patriot act” requirements, and just security verifications. She also said that if I had applied under a tax ID number I would have been required to submit a million other doc for verification…so basically, always apply as a sole proprietor! Simpler she said, and they can’t ask for verification on a lot of things. Good advice!

      • I applied for the CSR today have 2 other cards with them. Got the pending approval. I spoke to a lady who verified my name, ssn and dob who then said I had to be transferred to a “verification department” It took about 10 minutes, I had to name the limit on one of my other cards, he also asked for my phone number and then sent a verification text, he then said he had get my application in order and finally approved me but only for a $16k limit.

        • I got a pending receive and they asked me security questions… like 2 active credit cards that I have had for a year. She said my answer was incorrect for some reason.

          • i applied about 3 days ago, said i would notified of their decision in 30 days. Called the automated # above and said they were currently reviewing the application..Any ideas?

          • I called recently and spoke to an analyst about an application. Maybe you called after they closed?

  2. Thank you! I received the “pending approval” message on a personal card. I called and did exactly as scripted, and got approved for a 5K CL.

    Thanks again!

  3. I can’t believe it fcking worked. I did as scripted verbatim at first. Then went rogue and chatted up a storm w the agent. Cs 650 as she turned a blind eye and as Susie Orman would say… Girlfriend you are APPROVED!!!

  4. I should have read the whole article before calling the business reconsideration line. Agent badgered me with a whole lot of questions that i never had been asked in previous years. This is the 4th time i am getting the ink card in as many years. Never had to answer so many questions. Finally got approved after having to move credit line from existing card to the new card.

  5. Thank you! My app went into pending status when I applied and I was completely floored. But, I took the advise posted here, called the number after what seemed like forever…I was agonizing (trying to rebuild my credit for years now) the lady got back from hold and said she approved my application. Truly, without this knowledge here, I would have not followed through with a phone call.

    Thank you very much!

  6. I applied for Chase I n k biz card today and the email I received says they will let me know. However, after I click submit button, it said to call customer support specialist 6010 number asap to discuss the application. Do I NEED to call them or just wait? I am not ready for all the questions they might ask. Anyone have experience like this?

    • Do not call unless you are feeling lucky or have a legitimate small business. If you can, expect the worse (getting badgered)

  7. Thanks for posting the phone numbers. I would have waited helplessly for a month for a letter in the mail probably ending in denial. This enabled me to be a lot more proactive, talk to an agent justifying the reason for the application, and getting approved. The conversation was completed in 5 minutes and the new card is on the way.

  8. Called the number and used the script verbatim and was approved for a $4K limit with a $0 fee $0 balance transfer for 15 months. My application was under scrutiny because of a fraud alert I put on my credit report 2 months ago. Thanks Reward Boss!

  9. Thank you for this page. I applied for a card on very good credit but got ‘pending’. I called and was asked to submit proof of address. I did, and I’m waiting to hear back. Hopefully it goes well, I see no reason why it shouldn’t. But thanks for this info, it gave me the needed numbers and what to expect!

    • Hello, Frank Gaffener.
      Me too asked me my physical address. You, as thou hast sent? how? please, how was your process?
      Thank you.

  10. I applied yesterday for a Chase Southwest credit card and got the “more review needed” msg. I called the recon line and used ur script. Bada-Bing 3k approval with a 679 TU credit score. Thanks for this, I wouldn’t have known about the recon line.

  11. Thanks for the tips! I got the pending review notice, waited about 30 minutes and called. It was probably a 15 minute conversation total, with a couple of different rounds of questions. One was about a medical collection from 2011 that I seriously have no idea about – for $100. I was approved for $3000 and will be receiving the welcome packet and card in the mail separately. Cheers!

  12. I applied chase ink plus yesterday in branch. I didn’t instant approve. But I just start a real small business about 3 weeks. Should I call?

  13. Applied for Business Ink on 1/22 and received 30 day pending notice. Called Business recon today (1/28) and had pleasant conversation with CSR. Normal recon info about nature of business that I own and projected income, etc. Put on hold for 3-5 minutes and response was that she is “recommending for approval” but needs to forward application to a senior representative for final decision and answer should be determined in another 7-10 days. Well, that’s a new one. We’ll see what happens. I have two other Chase personal cards (CSP at $12.5K limit and United personal @ $20K limit). Do have more than 5 recent cards obtained this year however, so perhaps that’s the hold up?

    • I had a similar experience with the CW Premier. Applied 2/8 and called recon that day. He said he was recommending me for approval but it needed to go through a secondary step because I already have 5 cards with Chase. He told me it should only be a day or two. Still waiting and it’s been almost three weeks.

      • I had the same situation. I called them and they said it needs to go to a senior analyst for review. I asked why and they said because I have too much credit with all my cards. I told them I was planning on cancelling one of my cards. Then the representative said she will take $x credit from another Chase card and approved me over the phone instead of going through another step.

  14. I just called the 888-338-2586 # and they told me instantly that my WDW Chase credit card application was approved Thanks so much for that information. I don’t understand why companies try to make everything hard for there customers. But thanks too you I feel like I have beaten Goliath!!! Here is my search question that brought me to your web page: Why did chase bank tell me i have to wait up to 30 days to see if im approved or not for a credit card?

    Thanks again,

    aka Billy

  15. I have tried calling the Chase number twice, and both times I get a recording saying that the office is closed and to call back during business hours – but I AM calling during the hours that it says they are open right in the message. I tried the number Any suggestions of what to do now? I also tried the number that the commenter above used, but it was just an automated system that said my application is still under review. Help! Thanks

    • They say that their business hours are from like 7am-10pm est. but i seen on the lending tree website its actually like :
      Monday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm Eastern
      Friday: 8am – 8pm Eastern
      Saturday: 10am – 7pm Eastern

      • I have called at 4:30 PM EST, 5:30 PM EST, and 9:00 PM EST…so I have no idea what’s going on. Every time I call it says they are closed. ???

    • I am having the same issue! I have tried calling 4 times over the past 90 minutes and it’s 7:19 EST right now on a Thursday! What gives?

  16. I applied for the chase business card a month ago which went into pending. A few days later, I received a letter to verify my identity. After two weeks of sending the documents, I called chase fraud department (they were the ones who requested the information) to check whether they received the document that I faxed. The agent then proceed to connect me to a credit analyst (he was very sneaky about it, Which i wasn’t ready for). I wasn’t planning to call recon (since it’s a big NONO). Long story short, I got denied for the card. I was wondering if I were to go to the branch with my documents, will they be able to overturn the denial decision? I have a small business (make less than $2k a year – sole proprietorship) that I report on my income tax for the past three years. When I had submitted the app I didn’t have any business CCs before. I recently applied for one via BoA and got approve but not for chase, what gives!!!

  17. Wow! Just got off the phone with Chase after 1.5 hours. I applied for the SW Plus Chase card over the phone and the SW Premier Chase card on the internet 2 weeks ago. I kept calling the application status line and they kept telling me it would take 30 days. I finally called the backdoor number and spoke to someone at Chase Lending Services. Very nice but asked a lot of questions, and was curious why I applied for both cards the same day. Understandable. I pointed out the benefits of both cards and said I wanted one for my wife and one for me, the Premier card bc of no foreign transactions and the Plus becuase of the lower annual fee, yada yada yada. He asked me to call me on my cellphone to verify ID. He kept putting me on hold for 2-3 minutes at a time. Finally he sent me over to his Chase Verifications dept for the same deal. Verifications insisted on sending me a text to my phone for ID purposes which I had to retrieve and give them the code. This was the first time I have ever put someone on hold and retrieved a text message while on the phone with someone bc I just got a smart phone! Finally after 1.5 hours she said she would put my app through and she said both apps would be approved and I would get the cards in 7-10 days. Thanks Chase and Reward Boss!

  18. Hi I was wondering if you can help. I applied for my first chase credit card at a chase branch, i have $5000 in mortgage and $85000 in income, but after talking to credit analyst i was put on hold. And then they said wait 10 days to hear something in the mail, does that mean i was denied? The banker told me since i keep a sizable amount of funds with chase bank they can do a special consideration and get me approved for the chase preferred saphhire card, anyone heard of this

  19. Outstanding info! Had applied for Amazon Visa rewards card around Black Friday to get Amazon gift card and got the further review screen and then received letter of denial at this time for no stated reasons. Applied again yesterday and got the same under review screen but this time called the number posted in your article and 30 minutes and three depatments later, the last being a verification dept based in the Phillipines, I was approved with a healthy opening credit limit, got my $50 Amazon gift card posted to my Amazon account, and all I had to do was be personable, polite, and patient. Be aware they go way back to verify info I had to remember the make and model of a car I purchased for cash 25 years ago so make sure you are ready to verify some obscure facts from your public records history! Thans for the great info, I plan on using this technique in the future!

  20. So I applied for the SW last night and got the 7-10 day review notice with a follow up 30 day email. Being that it’s not an instant denial, I have hope. My scores are 630ish however, and I have been doing the rebuilding thing for a little over a year. Started out with C1 platinum 300 limit which is up to 3K limit and 3 months later opened C1 QS MC with 500 limit which is 2300 now. All on time payments, 30 percent util at the moment due to an unexpected expense. I have a medical collection from 2012 for an emergency surgery. That didn’t stop me from getting the C1s, a motorcycle loan at 8 percent last Sep, and an auto loan at 8 percent last month. That said, I feel like there is no reason I should get denied for the SW from Chase just from all of the reviews, posts, and forums I’ve researched. So here’s the deal: I have tried 4 times in the last 2 hours to call the Recon line to expedite my app. All 4 times I have gotten a recording saying “thanks for calling, but we’re closed. We want to help, so please call back tomorrow.” It’s 7:28 EST right this second. I’ve been trying since 5. They’re supposed to be open until 10… Does anyone know what’s going on? Are they all on hiatus? Or is there some magical program that captures my number and stores it in a computer bank that will allow me to actually speak with somebody tomorrow? You know, to show that I’m really serious about calling this number? lol Or did they pack up and move to a new number?

    • The department you are calling is only open from 8am until 5 PM Eastern. Try during those hours and you will get through.

  21. Thanks for this information. The numbers work and I finally got someone who explained my application was denied because they could not get a hold of me to verify something. Quicker than waiting for a letter.

    • Did they ask you to send in the docs to verify your information so that you can get approved?

  22. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the phone number and script!! I applied for the CSP around 3 am last night but got the pending approval page. I was shocked because that never happened to me before. Anyway I found this site and kept it open until this morning. Called in and was on hold for 10 min. Once someone answered they verified my identity by asking for my home address and phone number etc. Then he transferred me over to a credit analyst. The Credit Analyst asked me the same questions again and texted me a code I had to read back to her. Then I was on hold for 2 more min. She came back and said I was approved for a 21K limit!! Sweet!! Thanks for all the help.

  23. What I understand is that it depends what hour and day of week you apply for. If the lending department is closed, it might not approve immediately ( different reason like you had applied too many or very recent past).

    I will suggest as other posts to give a call day time and ask for delay very politely. In the process, they establish the physical verification and your approved on the phone immediately.

  24. So I have 4 cards with chase already but have had 2 of them since 2013, (, Freedom, Marriott, CSP) and decided to go for the United card since they were offering an insider bonus. So I applied, got a page asking if I’d be willing to move credit lines over from other cards (I assume because my income is not extremely high) so I checked off yes, still got a pending approval page. Called this morning to the specialist, did the exact recording then he asks me a bunch of questions about transactions made last year (I brought an engagement ring out of family savings) we even go over the credit lines that need to be moved. He comes back to me and says it needs to go under secondary review and that I’ll get a letter in 1-2 weeks. Last time I heard this, it was 5-6 years ago and it meant denial… Unless I’m overthinking it, thoughts?

    • I also want to add in that I have a credit score closer to the 750-800 range since I never carry a balance, so it’s definitely not a credit issue.

  25. I called the business line and got rejected… They said I have too many inquiries in the past half year and had too many accounts opened in the last year. Is there another chance maybe I can talk about reconsidering? Thanks.

  26. I applied for the sapphire and business card at the same time. I got approved for the sapphire and they declined the business. 1st they said I had too many inquiries and I disputed that and they came back and said the business is too new. Is there a way around that?

    • It’s all YMMV based on the analyst you get. Do you have an existing chase biz card that you can shift credit over to the new card app? That may be your best bet.

  27. Applied for both CSP and Freedom on the same day. Received 7-10 messages for both. Exactly 1 week later, received denial letters in the mail. Called Recon line and gave the reference number for CSP. At first, they said “too many accounts opened”. I pointed out that only 3 during the past 24 months. CSR asked a couple of questions to check my current income and such; and said they would reconsider my account. Asked about the Freedom but she said “because both were denied for too many accounts, they can only approve one.” 3 days after recon call, received email approval for CSP and credit card is in Chase online. Should I try to call recon again for the Freedom or just let it go now?

  28. I just applied and now they told me they need proof of residency and i went to Chase and they faxed everything. now its pending and about one month ago i was approved for American Express everyday card. hopefully i can get the sapphire preferred! i’l keep you guys posted!

    • I just got approved over the phone! Trust me call this number they have the power! 888-609-7805 they get the job done! A woman from chase branch gave me that number and she said that’s the fastest route. My credit last month was 697 after I applied for the AmericanEx but my credit score went up because of my credit line.

      • Thanks Harry this number worked for me, they just needed to ask me some verification questions and I was approved!

  29. Thanks so much. I had applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred for the second time to get the sign up bonus, because it’s over 2 years i got the same, as this was the second time i was very skeptical. But as per your suggestion i called them they asked common questions like you said just to verify my DOB, home address and put me on a brief hold and then came back and said the magical words ‘Your application is approved, and you will get your card in mail within 7-10 days” However when i asked for some email, he said i am confirming you here that you are approved.

    Again thanks for suggestions.

    • Good to hear you were also approved! Now we both need to wait a few days until our card arrives. Now there is a guy on YouTube, his username is called beatTheBush and he will explain how to get credit cards and increase your credit score!

  30. Violated the 5/24 rule and was slapped with a bold “DECLINED”. However, The representative told me to reapply when everything settles down a bit.

    Thanks for the advise. These are really helpful numbers. Better to get a straight answer than useless anticipation.

  31. I just got off the phone with the chase reconsideration line for CSP. My application was initially denied but after speaking with the agent and answering a few questions my application was approved for $5000. Had I not called, I would’ve gotten a denial letter. My advice: call the reconsideration line.

  32. Hello,

    I have a CS of 651. So I applied online for the Freedom card w/Unlimited Cash Rewards two days ago. I read previously on Credit Karma that I might as well go for the gusto since it was a fair chance I might be approved. I got the message that my application needed further review and I’d get a letter with their decision in 30 days. I read on CK that it usually meant a denial. So I decided to try the recon line. I was nervous to the point where my voice was cracking–I don’t know why. Anyway, I got a nice, helpful credit analyst named, Liz, who did confirm that my application had been denied for past credit issues. She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted my application to be reconsidered. I of course said, “yes” and she asked me a few questions about my annual income, personal identity, some derogatory accounts from years ago, a charge off, student loans, and a collection account I am currently paying off. By the way I still managed to brave through the script you suggested. So, Liz, put me on hold for about 15-20mins then came back on and told me she’d have to forward my case to a fund review analyst due to derogatory accounts. She said they would send me a letter with their decision in a couple of weeks. I figured they had denied me and didn’t feel like giving me the bad news over the phone. Well, today–two days later–I received an email stating I had been approved for the card, and I’d get it within 7-10 days. I didn’t see a credit limit, but it did show the last four digits of my new account. I was floored, shocked, speechless, and extremely grateful. Not only to Chase for offering a recon department, but to this site for providing easy-to-follow suggestions on how to help oneself. Thank you for infinity. I will be spreading the news about this informative site.



    • Glad I could help. This new account will help towards rebuilding your credit – good luck and charge responsibly!

    • Hi!

      My call with a recon rep today was exactly like yours! He asked me to identify myself, ask about my annual income, certain red flags on my credit report – one account in collection that will be paid off by the end of june 2016 and a high credit utilization ratio which was actually lowered to 20% but not was not reflected in the experian credit report they pulled but shown on equifax. at the end of the long conversation, he told me that my application was sent for reconsideration and i should hear a decision within 7-10 days. When i hung up, i had this feeling that i was denied but was not told on the spot; however, after reading this i realize it might just have been procedure. i really hope i get reconsidered!

  33. So i opened a chase freedom card back in february…last week in the mail, i received an ad for freedom unlimited – decided to apply due to better rewards program. Received the dreaded ‘pending review’ answer. Came across your website and followed instructions. The conversation was literally word for word how you described. On hold for about 3 minutes after answering some questions…and than congratulations Mr N, you’ve been approved.
    Great work on your site and Thanks!!!

  34. i applied for the chase freedom unlimited card and was given the reply that the application was under review. I found this site and other similar to it to try calling recon. I called and spoke to a rather lackadaisical gentleman. He told me i was denied tho the automated line kept spewing “pending review.” I asked for a reconsideration and he went asked me a litany of questions based off on the experian credit report. Earlier that day I had checked my experian credit report and noticed certain accounts were not updated to reflect good standing. I made sure to press the matter with the rep. He also asked me to explain my financial situation that led to those accounts (i slipped in student loans for 5 months!) After a few brief holds as he “noted” in the system…he came back on to tell me that my application has been sent in for reconsideration and i should receive a letter in the mail within 7-10 days with a decision. I asked if i can call back to check the status in a few days and he said sure. i have a strong feeling i have been denied, but if so, why did he not just point blank say so?

  35. I just wanted to say thank you so much! I applied for a Southwest card yesterday and got the “pending approval” crap. I called Chase Lending Services and followed your script. The Rep probably just woke up and was very curt. She did however, tell me to call the Verification Dept (877) 470-9042 instead. I called and it stated that it was the Fraud Dept. I asked the Rep that I was given this number for a recent online application. She was very nice and asked for my name and my social. Less than 5 minutes later, APPROVED! $5K credit line and was told that it would arrive in the mail within 1-2 weeks. YESSSS!!!

    Many Thanks!

    • Congrats! Thanks for sharing — hopefully they don’t start redirecting everyone to the Verification/Fraud dept.

      • I applied this morning and got the pending status too. I called the number you gave and was told to call that same verification line. The Verification Dept is open M-F 8a-8p, so I will call them bright and early on Monday!

        • UPDATE! I just called the Verification Dept this morning. The rep put me on for a couple minutes after I gave him my social. Then he came back and asked to send a verification code to my cell phone. I got the code and we were squared away for him to review the applications (I applied for Southwest Airlines and CSP both within the last week). He put me on hold for about 3 minutes and came back congratulating me and told me that I was approved for both!!! I was shocked considering that my scores for EQ, EX and TU range from 630-655 and one collection that’s months away from falling off, but everything else on my reports are never late. I think my saving grace was my salary (over 100K) and the fact that I pay all credit cards and loans on time. I took a chance and it worked! Thanks for your help. This site has been tremendously helpful!

  36. Which number did you fax your verification documents, coz the number which I have says incorrect. I have 1885938302

    • I have used 888-643-9628. They say it will take up to 10 business days for the document to go through so the analyst can see it. That’s quite a long time! For me, it came through in about 5 business days. Make sure you send it with the best quality possible. I tried faxing with an email-fax service and they kept rejecting the documents. I finally used a physical fax machine and set the quality to the highest possible and it went through.

  37. This works. Literally just tried it for personal card. I called in to see if my sapphire preferred was in transit. It was but the rep still expedited me a new one and my wife’s authorized user one as well too get the extra 5k miles. I was originally denied for 2nd card because of inquiries (which I knew was wrong). when on the phone with Mary, I bent her over and kissed her ass good lol. She approved me but couldn’t have that one expedited. Only issue was she approved me for the wrong card. Which was the freedom unlimited card with 1.5%. I was suppose to get just freedom with categories. She said take the unlimited, activate it then call in and they can swap it. Has anyone had to do this? What was your outcome?

    • Based on my experience, Chase typically requires you to hold that type of card for 1 year before they allow you to convert to another type of Chase card. Your scenario is a bit unique though since you literally just got approved (and not converting to avoid an annual fee – the most common reason people convert). Unfortunately I cannot opine but there is no downside to give it a shot – good luck!

  38. Welp, called into the business reconsideration line to find out that I was declined. Original reason was for an old chargeoff. Gave info about what I wanted to do (content creation and consulting), was asked about expected revenue by the end of the year. She put me on hold for a few minutes… was declined now only because of the lack of current revenue. I’ll try for the chase ink plus when the promotion is at 70k and when I’ve started to make money!

  39. This is awesome! I just called in after the 7-10 pending message and they looked into the application right away. I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card three weeks ago for $20,200.

    Today they approved me for the United Mileage Plus card at $25,300 after calling the recon number. The extra hundreds are sort of interesting.

    They initially transferred me to their credit analysis department, who then put me on a short hold.

  40. Thank you for this site, I also received the dreaded we need to review your application. My FICO scores are between 720-750 and just knew I would be approved. I spoke to two wonderful people and one sent a valdiation code to my cell. I gave it to her and answered a few questions on my application. I was approved. I am not sure what the credit limit will be but I am happy to use this card instead of my AMEX products to gain additional points to start traveling! Thank you so much for your website. You are a Blessing

  41. Applied today for SW Plus card and got the “pending review” status so called about 10min later, the first guy asked for ss# and verify address then said the status was due to a fraud check so sent me to the fraud department and they asked for ss#, phone number and then how long I have had that phone number, then sent me the verification code on the phone and I read it back to them and was instantly approved. This really works well! Make the call! It is easy and will get you approved much faster.

  42. Chase is by far the most difficult bank to get credit card. I am getting approved from Delta (AMEX), Capital One, Bank of America, Discover… And my credit scores varies between 720 and 750 as my credit history is less then 2 years since I moved recently to USA. Too bad as I wanted Chase Preferred Credit Card. I called number above but I didn’t get anywhere, no direct answers or suggestions, they are basically saying don’t apply if you are declined. My advice if you credit score is below 750 and you have opened several accounts in last year, don’t even bother. I receive offers in my mailbox all the time but she said that they send it to everybody

  43. I just applied for the chase freedom card last week what should I do to see if I was approved just saw they checked by credit what’s your thoughts

  44. I applied for the Southwest Premier (Personal Card) and the Business card (both with 50k bonuses). I was immediately approved for the personal, but a week has gone by, and no word on the Business card. I found a link for the Plus (the other personal card) with a 50k bonus, and I am tempted to just go ahead and apply for it, thinking I’ll have better luck. Do you think I could get denied for this 2nd personal card if I tried while having a business in limbo status, or would it possibly hurt my chances of getting approved for Business? What are your thoughts? Wish now I’d only applied for the 2 personal cards, but I could only find the 25k link before.

  45. Applied for both Southwest and Hyatt last week and instantly approved for 9k limits on each. Applied for CSP yesterday and received “review pending”. I called the number to check on status and was transferred to a rep who stated it was most likely a fraud protection/verification issue and said I could call back and check the status at any time. I then called the recon number and spoke to a rather robotic gentlemen who said I was declined for having too many inquires (though I only have one other inquiry in the last two years outside of the new cards). Gave the usual “anything else I can help you with today?” like, so I figured I wasn’t going to be reconsidered for approval. Called back an hour later and spoke to another analyst. We had about a 40 minute conversation. He asked me a bunch of questions regarding my home, income, things on my report, etc. He told me the reason for the initial denial was too much credit issued with no previous history with Chase. He offered to approve me for the CSP if I shifted some of my new credit around, which I happily accepted! BOOM!

    • Congrats buddy! Just keep in mind the 5/24 rule going forward – these may have been your last scores with Chase.

      • I applied online on June 7th got the pending had to verify 7-10 day message.
        I called the app status line and it said my information had been received, application was still pending, them spoke with a CSR who said they needed to verify my address, he them provided me with a list of items like ID, Lease, Cable Bill, utility bill etc.. He provided me the reference number and he fax number.. Is this a good sign, I faxed my electric bill the very next morning. Should I call the reconsider line our should I just wait

        • Give it a few days for things to get uploaded into the system and then call to follow up. Generally this is a good sign since they didn’t outright reject you.

        • Did you get an approval in the end? How long did you wait to call the recon line again? I’m in the same situation as you. Thanks

  46. My experience…. I applied about 3 months ago to the Chase Slate card, and received the message that my application needed further review. As a result, I didn’t do anything and just waited. I was very certain that I would get it due to my credit score, a pre-qualification letter that I received a few months before (which I think had expired by the time I applied), but I was certain that nothing had change in my payment record or credit score. So I was certain I was going to get approved. Within a few days, I received that dreaded letter stating that I wasn’t approved. I have to admit, I was shocked to read that letter but decided to shake it off and act as if it never happen. Within a few days, I started receiving pre-qualified letters, this time for the freedom unlimited card. Not going to lie, I was tempted to apply but did not want to go through the same situation or add another inquiry to my credit score. But the letters still kept coming.

    It is now June and I had received about 4 pre-qualified letter for the freedom unlimited. So this time, I felt confident again that I was going to be approved and that I still had a chance. I mean, why are they sending me all the pre-qualified letters if I wasn’t a good candidate. Well last Sunday, I decided to apply. Guess what? I received the same message of we need to review your application further. Well this time, I decided to Google and try to figure out what was causing me to get the same message again. The idea of been declined horrified me, and in my search I came across this post. Not going to lie, I read every single message and experience on the comments. Trying to understand and see if I could relate to anyone. I had also read a few reviews on the CK website as it came up in my google search. After reading this post and all the comments I decided that I was not going to just wait. I had to do something and call the reconsideration line, but I had decided to do this too late because it was after business hours. I finally called on Monday and follow the script. I do have to say I also got a really sweet lady, who made it easier to do small talk. Apparently, an old collection, which I paid in full was coming up on my credit report. I explained to the rep. the reason of why that account was coming up and the fact that I had paid it in full. I also shared with her that I am still doing business with that company. So after a few minutes and a few holds she said she was adding notes to my application to explain the reason of this collection. She also mentioned she would put the application through one more time. A few more questions were asked regarding income, address, employment, etc. Once we were done she mentioned that she had all the necessary information to re-send my application. That after further review, I would receive a letter in the mail letting me know the outcome. The call was about 45 mins, but overall, I though it was a great call and the rep was still the sweetest person all throughout the call. My advise would be to stay positive, tell the truth even if you had a collection and explain why you have it and also what you did to resolve it. This helped the representative understand my situation.

    Anyways, I finished the call and really though I had a 50/50 chance and I would just be patient and wait. Later that day, I had to check my balance on my checking acct. and to my surprise, my balance also included a credit card notification with my credit limit. I was shocked and so happy. I couldn’t believe that making this call actually worked. Had I not done this call, I would have been declined. With that said, I was thankful for finding this post. Today, 4 days later, I received my card and I am so proud. Thank you Reward Boss!

    • Thanks for sharing! Perhaps you can request the company reporting the debt update their records so it shows as paid off… might help for future credit requests.

      • Didn’t think of doing this….but I will definitely take your advise and call them. I will keep you posted.

        Again, thank you Reward Boss!

  47. Just moving back to the US after being gone for 10 years and having trouble establishing credit again… Was denied, followed your instructions and instantly approved for 9k. Quite weird standards, but hey! works for me 🙂

  48. LAST WEEK. Break the 5/24 rule. But applied for chase sapphire preferred in-branch through the pre qualified.
    NOT get approval instantly. Called recon line several times. Every time I heard the same feedback: pending further review. Wait up to 30 days to receive letter to know the result.

    Is this a sign that I would get denied? Cuz i heard if approved, would received email instead of mail notification.
    What do you think reward boss.
    Still thank you. this article has been very helpful

    • In-branch may be your only hope for approval… That seems to have best odds of approval w breaking the 5/24 rule. Tough to predict but I would say hope for the best but expect the worst.

      • Update: hope for the best but expect the worst! That’s what I did, Reward Boss! But yesterday, When I logged in to my chase, I accidentally found there’s one more account. It’s my sapphire!!! I was surprised. And Credit line is 16000. I think thats for sure approved, right? though I did not receive any letters or emails regarding this at all. I guess I’ll just wait for the card to arrive.

        Another thing I want you to know is that I also applied for Chase United Credit card the same day since you said do not waist the hard pull. I received denial letter clearly mentioned the reason is: too many credit cards within last 2 years. So United card is for sure 5/24.

        Again, Thank you so much Reward Boss! hope to see more of your posts!

        • Wow congrats – yes if you see it in your chase account that means you have been approved.

  49. I just called and it worked like a charm. In my case they moved some Chase Sapphire Preferred credit line to the new card. Thank you. Took no more than two minutes. Thank you.

  50. I applied for the Slate card wanting to transfer some balance from high interest cards. I got denied saying I had a bankruptcy on my credit report but I do not have a bankruptcy on any credit report. Not sure where they get their information.

    • Have you reviewed credit report from all 3 agencies? If you have never had a bankruptcy there may be an error that you can dispute.

  51. Called the Lending Services hotline: 888-609-7805. Made the call on Saturday, 10am (EST). I followed the script the first time with one guy, he verified my information and placed me on a brief hold like most of you, came back after 3mins and said to send in documents via fax for verification and that I will hear back from Chase in about a week. I said thank you and have a nice day at the end of the conversation, but after I hung up I thought I should call again to verify the fax number: 188-643-9628 because it didn’t look right to me. Then I called in again and I was praying that another person picks up, and so it did. Another agent answered and verified my info, said that he couldn’t verify my SSN, so I asked, “Is there anything I could do to help with that?” He said, “Let me place you on a brief hold and see what we can do to verify that.” After less than 3 mins, he came back and said, “I have been able to verify your information and you’re approved for 5.5k CL. You will receive a welcome package in the mail in about a week.” I thanked him and went on my merry way. Thank God for you Reward Boss!!

    • Congrats! Faxing things to them is not fun. It takes them up to 2 weeks to get it into their system so the reps can see it. If they can’t see it, you need to resend and wait again.

  52. I applied online yesterday for a Marriott Rewards Business Credit Card (through Chase) and received a “pending decision” / No Decision response and that my application would be reviewed. I called in this morning on the business help line for Chase (800-453-9719) and was told immediately it had been denied already and I would get a letter in two weeks. I asked nicely if that could decision could be reviewed and/or could I do something and then reapply. The agent said she would be glad to perform a review of my application and take another look at it with me. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back with a whole list of questions about my personal financial situation and my business. Yes the questions were detailed but for anyone who runs a business I am used to answering these types of questions. Bottom line, I offered to close my other Chase Ink Card which I haven’t used in 6 months in order to receive the benefits of the Chase Marriott Business Rewards card and she allowed me to do that. It took another 10 minutes on hold but she was able to transfer the credit line from that Ink Card over to the new Marriott Card (and saved my credit from a “denied” card thank goodness). I would encourage people to call if you are confident in your situation and can stay cool under pressure.

  53. Interesting, I was just rejected for the 5/24 rule. But i don’t have that many accounts. I asked how that was possible, he said that I’m an authorized user on 3 of my spouses accounts and have 2 of my own. That makes 5 total. Didn’t realize being an authorized user on somebody else’s card would count against me in this rule.

  54. My husband and FIL both applied for the Southwest Airlines CC. My husband got a denial letter and my FIL got a letter saying to call the fraud dept. I guess since both have the same name they wanted to make sure it’s not a fraud case. Anyway my FIL called the number they asked a few questions foe verification and then asked him to fax a copy of his drivers license. He took care of that yesterday. Should he wait now to hear from them again, like will they sent a letter with a decision? Thanks in advance

  55. I applied for chase slate one month ago and was approve with 500.00 but today I got the message about 30 days to review. I will call tomorrow and see what happens. I am rebuilding my credit after couple 2012 charge offs

  56. Thank you for the great info Reward Boss!

    I applied 3 days ago through the website and got the pending review page. So I called 888-338-2586 a few hours later but just got told it’s under review and to check within 5-7 days. I followed up today and called the same number but was told the same notice within possibly 5-7 days, and up to 30 days. I asked if there’s any way to expedite the process since I have wedding purchases coming up by the weekend. Lady replied it’s pending review and would have to check back. Seems they can only check the status of your application and nothing more.

    Thanked the lady, hung up, and called 888-245-0625. You don’t get an automated machine like the other number and a Chase lending specialist picks up right away. I said I’m calling about a pending credit card application, was asked for a reference number, I didn’t have one, was then asked to provide my SSN. He looked it up and told me I would be transferred over to the security verification department. The 2nd representative asked for my personal info, SSN, and put me on hold while he reviewed the information. After about 3 mins on hold, he asked to confirm my mobile number. He said I would be texted a verification code. After reading back the code to him once received, he processed the verification and voila! no more 30-day waiting period for the notification, approved for $18k CL. He even agreed to expedite the card at no cost and have the card arrive in 2 business days.

    So if anyone else lands on the pending review, wait up to 30 days for notification page after submitting the online application, follow Reward Boss’s advice and call in to the number stated. It might be on hold due to a security verification and not because of an actual credit review. Thanks again Reward Boss.

  57. Is the number 1-888-338-2586 legitimate? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere directly associated with Chase and when I called I entered my Soc and it automatically disconnected so now I am worried it was a serious scam

  58. Is there an address where you can write a letter further explaining your situation? I received an offer and was still declined. The specialist that I spoke to was completely rude and didn’t want to hear anything?!?

  59. I applied for the SW plus card 2 days ago online, and got the 7-10 days pending review message. I called in today to 888-245-0625. The rep asked for my ss# my birthdate and my mothers maiden name. She told me that I was approved yesterday for the card and I would receive it in 1 to 2 weeks. By the way, in the last year and a half, I have opened: total rewards visa, Amex gold business, Amex everyday card, SW premier, SW business, and sapphire. Woohoo!

  60. Hello everyone!

    I applied for Chase Ink Business Plus card over the weekend and receive a pending notification. This morning got up the nerve to call in about the status. The CSR told me I had been denied based on a collection account. I told her it had been paid and should not be on my report. She offered to do a recon which I agreed to. She asked a series of questions about my personal income and business’ revenue and profits over the two years I have been established. After being placed on hold twice I was approved! Welcome letter and card are on the way.

    I hope this helps!

  61. I applied for the Chase Slate and they I got the pending page. I called the morning after and after verifying my SSN and DOB they said I was approved for $3k. Not much but better than nothing :). This will help lower my utilization. I only plan to use it for balance transfer.

    Thanks for this info!

    • If you have existing chase credit cards, call up chase to shift credit over to your new slate card. May as well get full use of the 0% BT and 0% APR.

  62. Wonderful website, I literally had no credit history. On applying in the bank, the banker told me due to privacy, they could not tell me the results right away. So I head home and google on how to check Chase Credit Card approval. I stumble on this website. I call the no. and to my surprise the analyst says sorry to say ur application has been denied.
    Then I explain the need for building my credit history and he says he would relook into the application again. After couple of questions, he puts me on hold and then says I was approved for 700$ CL.

    Thank you for the information here, else I would have surely ended up with a denial letter.

    • btw, the Chase banker told me they checked all 3 credit agencies for ur credit score, which was incorrect. They only checked Transunion.

  63. any tips: just called Chase Lending services (again)..i went through the verification process again, received a ID code, relayed the #s and was told oh we have already recommended approval (two weeks ago) and its in the queue for a supervisor to approve….and that they will expedite the approval….no additional info.

  64. Hello, I just got off the phone with reconsideration line. It went nowhere, seemed like the guy had his mind made up right away. Declined for “not enough accounts opened long enough to establish a credit history”. They had pulled my Equifax report which does not show two loans that I had paid in full several years ago. My BOA card is only eight months old and is my only current card. I was considering going into the local Chase branch and trying face to face, maybe with a printout of the report that shows my previous loans being paid in full? Or should I call again and hope for a more accommodating representative?

  65. Got a pending status after applying for the United MileagePlus Explorer card. Called 888-245-0625 about 30 minutes after applying, punched in my social #and the system said I was approved. Chose to be connected to a customer rep, who agreed to expedite the card to me in 1-3 business days via UPS.

  66. CS Ex 635
    CS EQ 619

    Did a lot of research… and after much hesitation I decided to apply for Chase Sapphire Preferred because my credit was already low and I didn’t want to make it worse.

    Applied and got the notification that it would take up to 30 days to review…called the number they reviewed it …was super nice, and in 30 min and i was approved at a 5K limit! Stoked

    Pretty much used the convo above as a guide..

  67. Both wife and I applied for CSR today, both got the pending message online that said answer w/in 7-10 days. However, the strange thing is when I call the status line I get a different message than she does. For me it says my application is pending further review and I’ll receive and answer in 7-10 days. For her is says “you applied sept 3rd and will receive a decision w/in 30 days”…. So my assumption is one of these messages means denied and one means it truly is pending… Any data points on the difference between the messages?

  68. I don’t know who wrote this article but i must say it works. I applied last night and got the ” we will let you know our decision through US mail” so I decided to call this afternoon and i followed the instruction on this article word for word. I was approved for $2,500 after waiting on hold.

  69. Bummer! 🙁

    My app for Chase Freedom Card was denied due to over utilization of credit. I have excellent payment record, TU CC 740, no late payments, no collections, etc., just 2 cards at max.
    Was looking to balance transfer those cards to help with lowering the utilization rate. Disappointed!

  70. I applied for the Chase Ink Business plus card and got the 30 day message. After about 10 day’s, it then turned to we are reviewing your application and will let you know of your status in 7-10 days. From what I read on the blogs, the 7-10 message means a denial. So I waited a few days and decided to call in. I have a valid business with an EIN. I figured if I was denied I’d ask them to reconsider me and I could explain the revenues and expenses of my business. I read the scrip and had all my numbers prepared for the call. Well, I called in and they put me on hold for about 3 minutes (which felt like 30 minutes) and he came back and said everything checks out. You are approved. They didn’t ask me any questions about my business nor revenues or expenses. One thing I did do was open a Chase business checking account about 2 weeks prior, so I’d already be in their systems. Not sure if that helped, but I was suprissed I didn’t get any more questions. I am not over the the 5/24 and currently have two Chase cards (SW Personal and Chase Sapphire). It can be easier than you think. In my experience, the 7-10 message does not mean a denial. They only pulled experian.

  71. Hi guys

    I just called the Business Credit line after applying and getting a pending status. They transferred me over to the fraud dept to verify my identity. Asked me a few questions and sent me over a text with a code to read back to them while I was on the phone. About 10 mins all together and I was approved for double more than I wanted.

    Thanks, guy!!!

    Just one question. I want to be sure that my card will only show up on my Business credit and NOT be reporting to my personal. My personal credit is good, but I want to keep my business expenses and profile seperate and away from the personal

  72. Hello guys,

    I just applied today for Slate credit card with a TU648 and got the pending message saying that I will get a letter within 7-10 days.
    I called the automated line and pending time was extended to 30 days. Not knowing what to do I made some searches on the internet and came across this page. It took me 2-3 hours to decide if I had to call the reconsideration line or not.
    I followed the script and was approved with CL of 2k plus balance transfer at 0%. The agent told me that my app was on hold for verification. All I was asked was my ssn, address…was put on hold for 3 min and got APPROVED!!!!!
    They are even going to overnight my new card !!!!
    It doesn’t hurt to call and it might avoid you some unnecessary delay.

    Thank you for all these information.
    I usually just come for help and never post anything but today I felt like I needed to share my experience.

    Good luck!

  73. Hi i applied for the chase marriott rewards card along w a ffamily member as authorized user. she helps me with my bill etc as i am retired and older and we travel and i need my grandson to be taken care of in case im not nearby so she aldo got a card. based on my credit which is very good we got a fairly.
    high limit and got the cards 1 day. before we traveled out of syate. I activated my card and made a $300 purchase then stopped at a bank to get a lil cash since i had set up a pin on activation. well since i was in a diff town several miles away it got immediayely flagged for fraud & as i wad speaking w the fraud specialist she was not undetstandable bc she was foreign and blurred and i had hard time understanding her. i askef her to talk to my co authorized user but since im primary she wud not. i gave het both of my phpne #s and she proceeded to try to tell me that if my family member helpef me w my applicatipn it easnt valid and now idk wat to do nect bc i have already used it once fot $300 But now it seens she plaved iit in a revirw szatus again. i wad told to wsit few days and call bal bc at that point no one cud see my acct? Wat shud i do next? Im bak home and itd been two dayss. i feel likr they gave it and took it away n i was discriminated against bc of my age and my lack of computer skills. anx suggestions how to proceed?

    • I would suggested asking for a supervisor until you get someone you can understand. If you still can’t understand, ask for a rep who is based in the United States. Also, you can put the call on speakerphone and your family member could help you out without dealing with them directly.

      In the past, my parents have added me as an authorized person to manage my account. This would allow me to call on my own whenever I need to take care of anything and never had a problem with this.

  74. I applied for a Chase Disney Visa and got the “pending” message and then a denial in the mail. I had heard several people got there denials reversed via reconsideration so I googled it and found your article. I decided to try it. My financial situation is this: Bankruptcy Discharge in Jan 2014 due to horrendous divorce, currently 3 zero balance cc in excellent standing, one cc with a low balance and zero percent interest in excellent standing and a car loan with Chase in excellent standing, TU-706; EQ-721. I called,was polite and honest, spoke with a rep who asked questions, put me on hold, came back asked more questions, put me on hold, came back asked more questions then advised that he was sending my app for second review.He apologized he couldn’t just approve it right then and there but that because of the bankruptcy they have to go through second review however it would have all his notes and recommendation as well as they can see that I have been extremely responsible with my current accounts and working and to re-establish credit since the bankruptcy discharge. He told me to call back Th or Fri to check the status. I will post the outcome but thought I’d share my experience thus far as I’m sure there are others out there in my situation.

  75. Thank you!
    So happy that I came across your page. We received a pre-approval for the Chase Slate. Applied on-line and received the needs further review notification. Called the 1-888-270-2127 number and was told it was denied for too many credit cards. Told the representative that we were wanting to take advantage of the balance transfer. She put me on hold for 2 minutes and came back and said since I had received a pre approval letter that they were certain guidelines that she could look at. Next thing she says you are now approved for $3500. The call actually worked! Thanks for the great advice!

  76. This didn’t work for me but I still have a bankruptcy on my credit report which needs another year for removal. The representative was very nice throughout the process which took about 10 minutes. She asked me quite a few questions about my financial situation as I expected. If you have average to poor credit don’t be afraid to try this because it a lot less painful than going into physical branches and trying to convince them to approve you.

  77. Worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!
    Applied at 11am got the 7-10 days message, started searching the web coz I was denied by Citi for the Costco card and I came across this post
    Followed your script exactly, call was received by a very helpful lady asked me to confirm my SSN and Address, after a brief hold of 5 mins she got back to me saying my application was pending verification and I got approved for 4.5K
    Asked for the card to be expedited to me, call was transfered to another department and that request got approved too!!! I am expecting my card in 1 to 2 business days

  78. Applied a few days ago and got the dreaded message that my app is under review and will take 7-10 days. I’m calling the recon line this weekend. This is my third time apllying

  79. Tried this and it didn’t work for me. I’m sure it would have but i have 6 new credit cards within the last 2 years. Little do they know though, I have a 7th on the way from Amex.. lol.. I’ll retry next year when 2 fall off. Solid advice though guys, please use it.

  80. THANK YOU so much for the information! I applied the Chase Freedom Unlimited card last night after receiving the offer letter in the mail. I got a “needed further review” message on the screen after I submitted my app online. I waited today and no responses in email or what so ever… Earlier I found your website and started following the new personal card number and script to call, they transferred me to 800-278-8830 and a lady (who was incredibly nice) asked me a few questions to verify my identify and then she APPROVED my app. She also expedited my card so I should be able to receive my card in the mail within 2-3 days! 🙂

  81. This worked perfectly for me as well. Transferred me to another agent that asked several security questions and instantly approved for 4500.00. Thank You


    I applied for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Card, and was told that my decision was pending. I called several times to check on the status of my application, and I would get the same message that the decision was pending. I came across this website, and called the number provided. When I spoke with a representative, she told me that I was denied due to a recent collection account that was a BIG misunderstanding (I set up automatic payments with my gas company, and my bank changed my card number and forgot to update the account). The representative asked me several questions regarding my employment status and student loan payments. She was extremely nice, and we had a casual conversation about my job. After waiting on the line for EXACTLY 39 MINUTES, she came back and told me I was approved for a credit limit of $2000, ad would receive my welcome packet in 1-2 weeks! $2000 is not a huge credit limit, but it is a start, and I am thankful for them reconsidering my application, and most importantly, I am thankful for you, The Reward Boss! 🙂

    • If you have existing Chase cards, you can transfer credit lines from existing to the newly approved one. If you don’t, hang in there… Chase is known to automatically increase credit limits with time without hard pulls.

  83. Awesome Post! Thanks. The number worked wonderfully for me for the chase sapphire preferred. The rep just asked me a few verification questions to verify my identity and I was approved in less than a minute! Thanks for some really useful information.

  84. Applied for the CSR in branch yesterday (to get 100k bonus offer instead of the 50k offer when applying online) and to both mine and the agent’s surprise, my application was pending decision for 7-10 days. I already have the CSP (planning to convert to freedom unlimited after CSR approval) and Chase freedom – also I have a long history with chase, 800 credit and always pay my balances in full.

    I called the status phone line and they say a decision will be made within 30 days.

    Any ideas??

  85. Applied for CSR yesterday in branch (to get the 100k bonus point offer instead of the 50k offered with online applications) and to mine and the agent’s surprise, the application needed 7-10 days for review.

    I called the status phone line today and the robot indicated I would receive a decision within 30 days.

    I have a long history with chase – have both the CSP (planning to convert to freedom unlimited once approved for CSR) and the chase freedom with rotating categories. I have excellent credit ~800, 90k income and pretty sure I’m no where near the 5/24 rule.

    Any ideas? I have a few large purchases I was planning to make on the CSR to help me reach the min spend but not getting auto approved is making me concerned.

  86. Applied for Marriott Business 1st message 2/22/17 says 30 days, 2 days later 2 weeks, now says 7 to 10 days.

    Waiting it out to see what comes or not, before calling. May have to shift some credit, can personal credit be shifted to business when opening an account?

  87. I went to a Chase branch and applied today with my friend for the Reserve (my friend only applied for this one) and Business Ink Preferred. My friend got an instant approval and I got denied (I also had a BK 9yrs ago). So, I came home and call the reconsideration line and got Gabby on the line and she asked a few questions and took a few minutes and after clarification I received $11K for the Reserve and I will still need to call back next week for the Business Ink.

  88. Applied for personal credit card two days ago at the branch and didn’t get approved right away. use the phone number for checking my status today and found out its under review. read this post and called the other number to talk to someone and he was very nice and helpful and got me approved for 3K and then made it for me to get it in one to two business days. i can’t still believe it got approved that quickly. don’t wait and give them a call and be very nice to them. thanks so much for your advice 🙂

  89. Yep, Reward Boss, you’re advice was totally on point, of course with God’s help first and foremost! When I applied, my status was “pending,” so I called the same day, within minutes actually, and learned I was declined a due to a recent bankruptcy discharged May 2016. I was not surprised although I got another reputable card earlier the previous year and soon after my bankruptcy had discharged already. I followed your advice and she reconsidered, after I was able to explain my situation in detail. Took about 10 minutes tops. Chase was great, and so is you’re expertise!!

  90. I applied for a Chase Freedom Card. I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 so I was nervous when I submitted my application. I got a thank you for your application and will let you know by US mail and can take up to 30 days. I did not have a good feeling. I called the 888-270-2127 and to find out that I was denied because of my bankruptcy. The agent very nice asked me if I wanted to get reconsidered for my application of course I said yes. After couple questions and she asked what I learned after the bankruptcy and that was my time to explain why I did the chapter 7 and what I have done to restore my credit. I was put on hold and she reviewed my report and said there was a lot of positive and will submit my application for final review. Later on that day I called the 800-432-3117 to find out that I was approved for 10K. I was so excited. Thank you so much for the great information provided.

  91. This worked for me. I applied for the Chase Freedom unlimited and got an email saying they will get back to me within 30 days. I found this website and decided to call them. Asked why I wasn’t instantly approved or rejected and asked if i can provide any additional information for my application. They asked a couple questions, put me on hold and then came back and said i was approved.

    Great advice, thank you

  92. i just called the reconsideration line and was told I was denied because there was no credit history. When I applied I put my new last name (got married in July 2016) my married name shows no credit history. I thought that your credit history followed your Social Security number. Should I reapply with my maiden name?

  93. Applied for a Chase Slate and got the pending review within 30 days. Called the status phone number for 2 days. Said still reviewing and should receive an answer in 7-10 days. I got the nerve to call on the third day to see if I was approved. I was not due to my 5 year old BK. Representative asked me if I wanted a reconsideration and I said yes. Told her about my reason for BK but that I have had other cards which I have paid on time. Plus I had an auto loan which I just paid off a year earlier than scheduled. She came back on the line and said I was approved for $1000 which is good enough for me. I’m glad I found this site.

  94. I think that Chase is a little discriminating. I have a credit score of over 700, work full time, plus own my own contracting business. I bring in over $150,000 a year, and yet, cannot get approved for the Southwest business card because of a bankruptcy in 2000. I called the reconsideration line and informed the agent on the phone that I had been approved for the Alaska Airlines business card with Bank of America, even with the bankruptcy, and did not understand why they would not approve me. He said that the bankruptcy probably did not show on the credit agency they use. Really? It shows up on all 3. I really think that Chase needs to refocus on customer service standards. I know for sure that my history is more favorable than many that apply, and get approved. All in all, don’t apply if you have a bk on your report, because they say it’s an automatic denial.

  95. I just received my denial letter and when I called to see why I was denied when I have a credit score of 750. I was told by the rep that I only have personal loan credit but no credit card credit. I have not wanted to get a credit card but now that I do they will not give me one because I don’t have credit card credit haha.

  96. Great article, applied Sunday, checked that afternoon and their automated system said it was pending. Called the number listed in the article on Monday, followed the script, they said they were sending me a letter requesting additional documents that I would have to wait 5 days for, I was travelling towards the end of the week and hoping to expedite the process. I was very nice and the Chase representatives were a huge help, they asked me a few security verification questions, then I was transferred to a different representative to answer a few more questions, she approved me over the phone on Monday and expedited the card so I would receive it in 2-3 business days. Spent about 20 minutes on the phone, smooth and easy!

  97. I am so glad I found this post! I received an invitation to apply for the Disney rewards Visa from Chase and I was skeptical at first to apply because I’m rebuilding credit. I have a few hospital bills in collections from when I was a college student along with multiple student loans. I’ve been reading a lot about the “5/24” rule and didn’t think that I would qualify (with my score being in the mid/upper 600s and hospital collections) I normally would have thrown away the offer, but I decided to apply. I didn’t get an instant approval, I got the “we will contact you via US mail within 30 days.” message. Being nervous and anxious to get a reply the same day, I googled the customer service number and got through to a Chase representative who informed me that my application was still showing pending and they would let me know their decision within the next couple weeks. She did give me hope by letting me know that I still had a chance because I wasn’t instantly denied. The next day I found this post, and after reading the experience that other people had, I gave it a try. THE BEST DECISION EVER! After speaking to Leo, the nicest representative I’ve ever encountered, and verifying my information; I was transferred to his supervisor who asked me some more questions to verify my information, after being on hold for a few minutes he came back and informed me that I WAS APPROVED FOR $3,500! I was so stunned that I asked him to repeat the credit limit! I was only expecting $500-$1000, I was so grateful and excited! I should be getting my card in the mail in the next couple weeks. Thank you for this post!!

  98. Just to add another data point. Late last year I finished refinancing my house and decided 2017 would be the time to finally take advantage of the various CC signup bonuses. I applied for the CSR in January, and since then have applied for the Slate, Chase United, Amex SPG, and Chase Marriott (in that order). I had also applied for the Amazon Prime store card within the past 2 years, so I thought the Chase Marriot might put me over 5/24, but was approved instantly. I figured I would keep trying with Chase until I got an actual denial so applied for the CSP today. I got the “decision pending” page as expected and called into the reconsideration hotline. They confirmed income level and had me verify some basic account info. She said they had already extended as much credit as they were able but I could shuffle some around and get the card approved. I pulled $10k from one of the other cards that I don’t plan on using now that I’ve earned the signup and she put me on hold for a few minutes. She came back and it was approved. The card now shows up on my account. To summarize, that’s 5 new Chase cards and 1 new Amex card in the last 5 months, and 1 new Amazon card within the last 24 months. Not quite sure what to make of that, but there you go. Good luck everyone!

  99. I just wanted check in and thank you all for sharing your experience with Chase. I applied for the Amazon Rewards card a few days ago on Amazon’s website and all I received after applying was a brief message stating my application was pending and I’d receive a notice in 30 days; no email message. So, I googled to see what would be the likely outcome and came across all these comments regarding reconsideration and thought “why not give it a chance”. I called 888-609-7805 and someone answered immediately. I went through the script somewhat and made sure to call the rep by his first name. He asked me to simply verify my name, SS# and the county I lived in, that’s all. He then placed me on hold for a few minutes and came back on the line and told me I was approved for $2000.00. This is with a credit report having two tax liens and a credit history of less than two years consisting of only secured cards and an awful payment history prior to that. CS in mid 600s. Thanks again for the great info.

  100. WOW…I called about 12 minutes ago with some apprehension and skepticism. I was transferred after a few initial questions to the verification dept. Once there, I was asked a former or current employer. My phone number (on application). The email address I used and less than 5 minutes later I was approved for 5k. This number is some kinda wonderful. I applied 3 days ago.

    United Mileage Plus Card.

  101. My card got declined because I had applied 5 or more cards in last years. Chase loan analyst said there is no chance for reconsideration.

  102. I’m glad to see others have had luck but unfortunately using this number has not worked for me. I’ve followed the script and been super nice but still no dice.

    My application has been in review for weeks now. First I got a letter from the fraud department that said I they had to verify some info. I called in and got that squared away. Then I received a 2nd letter saying they still needed to verify my date of birth and my mailing address. I called the number above to try to expedite the process and no luck, the rep transferred me to someone in India who basically said my application wouldn’t be processed without this info. So I have now faxed in my driver’s license twice now and both times they said the quality wasn’t good enough to be verified. I’ve called Chase numerous times now (using the number above and other numbers) over the last few days and this has been a major headache. I don’t understand how my info can’t be verified. Every other card I’ve applied for I’ve gotten instant approval. In fact, I got another Chase card a few months ago without these issues so I’m confused on why it’s been so excruciatingly hard to get this application approved this time around.

    • I’ve had a similar problem with some family applying. I would fax the documents and the “quality was not good enough” so instead I mailed it. Same…result. Quality was not good enough. Turns out they just scan the paper document. So their scanning system is sh/t. We finally resolved this by going into a branch and having the employees physically check the documents and call it in. Very annoying but it worked.

      • I definitely would’ve done that but there aren’t any Chase locations in South Carolina.

        To continue with my saga, I faxed my driver’s license a 3rd time with four different versions of varying lightness hoping that one of them would be acceptable. Then after I called back I was told that they received my documents but “my application process cannot be continued” and I wasn’t provided a reason why. So essentially, they declined my application because of their inadequate scanning system and they just no longer wanted to deal with me. I immediately wrote a scathing email to customer service through my online Chase account. I received a call from a manager in the fraud department the following morning and she personally completed my application process over the phone and offered to overnight my card to me. Horrible experience, but glad it finally got resolved. But sad that it took me having to write a pretty brutal email to get it fixed.

  103. Amex & Chase are stupid they offer all day on your Experian with great chance of approval,thanks for the dead inquiry. Then you apply and BK is showing on credit report so they declined application even after 3 years so don’t apply until it comes off your report either in 7 or 10years. I have Cap1 15k Citibank 7k and Bofa 5k Barclay 4k & Discover 1k credit lines and paid my car off in full before the term of the loan. Credit score over 700+ no late pmt small balances only fuck them

  104. I applied for the Chase Disney Visa this afternoon (Sunday, 01/28/2018). I got the online notification “We need to review your request a little longer. We will let you know of our decision by US mail. This could take up to 30 days”. I tried calling the recon number 1-888-270-2127 three times but the call failed all three times. Is this still a good recon number for Chase? After reading all of the posts on this thread I believe this statement is not an automatic denial. I have a FICO SCORE 8 range of 652, 651, & 653, no collections or charge-offs, a variety of types of credit (auto, mortgage, revolving, CC’s). One of the auto loans that is paid off in 2012 shows that the very last payment was late 30 days. It wasn’t, and I challenged them on it, but they were not budging. That is the only ding and I wouldn’t think that it would hold much weight after 6 years. If I hadn’t found this thread tonight I would have just accepted that I had been denied. But not now. As soon as I get a working phone number for the Chase recon department I’m calling them! I’ll report back here with the final verdict. Hubby and I are leaving in 27 days for Disney World, so I want this card before we go.

    • The phone number works, just tried it. The missed payment will probably disappear after 7 years or you can try to fix it again assuming you have proof, though coming up with proof after such a long time may not be easy.

  105. Well, what can I say.., I applied for the Chase Slate (Chase representative was very courteous and professional), but was declined due to a ch. 7 bk in 2009. I saw that some others with past bankruptcies actually got approved, but it appears they had already established positive credit in the iterim, whereas this Slate card would have been my first credit since 2009. Still, there were definitely significant positives that I hoped would counter-balance the old bk: like, long stable employment with good income, no debt of any kind, no inquiries on credit report, and absolutely no negative items since the bk was filed in 2009.
    Now, my dilemma is: by applying for this Chase card, my credit report will now show 1 inquiry. Is this not going to make applying for a card from another issuer that much more difficult..? (I’m hoping that just a single inquiry is not going to kill my chances for approval for the next two years).. I would very much appreciate feedback from someone who has knowledge of how to proceed in this situation. Can I try/apply one more time from another card issuer in the very near future, or must I wait a minimum amount of time before applying again? Thanks much.

    • Scott, I just added a section above on bankruptcy. I’d say you should first find out your credit score to help plan next steps (see the details above).

      • Yeah, the big hurdle the Chase representative couldn’t overlook was the lack of established credit since the bk in 2009; I actually think I would have been approved if I had gotten two secured cards in mid-2013 and spent the past 3-4 years diligently using them and paying them off in full each month. That way they would have certainly converted to unsecured cards by late 2014, and by now.., I would have qualified for a Slate card.
        For people with BKs, all I can say is: you have to rebuild your credit (with reputable secured card issuers like Capital One or Discover!) And this takes time.., don’t wait 8-plus years to get started like I did..!

  106. This site rocks! IT worked. Salary over $100k Scores 720-728. Didn’t get instantly approved. Called in and got instantly approved for $5,000

  107. Dropped to 4/24 June 1st and I might have jumped the gun, applying for a CSP about 6-hours after the Ink Cash app still pending.

    Apparently, this could have been a BIG boo boo IF the CSP were to get approved first, per Chase’s 1/30 rule.

    On top of that my reasoning for the double-dipping was a bit off, thinking 2 credit pulls would be combined, which is apparently NOT true when dealing with both Chase Business and Personal offers at the same time.

    BUT, on the bright side, after a few app status updates via phone system over 2-days (Started at 30-days then changed to the dreaded 7-10 via mail), and today a call to Chase Personal Recon line @ 888-270-2127, I’m now a proud Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) holder with a $10k SL.

    Thanks to all I have and continue to learn here!

    P.S. – My Ink Cash was luckily approved FIRST @ a $12k SL…. nice start at BIG 2018 UR SUB’s with this Chase duo!

  108. I applied for the Sapphire Reserve on 9/22 and received the 2 weeks message on the automated line. I waited a few days before calling the recon line and following the script above on 9/28 – only to be told it was still sitting with their processing department and that there was nothing additional that I could provide at that time. I checked the automated line on 9/30 and noticed the message changed to 7-10 days. I called the recon line again on 10/1, was transferred to the verifications department, sent a text to verify my identity and was approved within 2 minutes! Not exactly sure why I had to verify (but I’ve moved twice in the past 9 months and have had my CF # compromised 3 times in the past 3 years, so maybe that had something to do with it). Was so excited that I forgot to ask to have the card expedited, but called back the automated line, transferred to someone and he took care of that in less than 3 minutes. Sent to a different address because I’m traveling – can’t wait to start using the card. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  109. This worked great! Thanks so much! It turned out I had just forgotten about my credit freeze. I was asked to call back after putting a temporary lift on it, which I did and received instant approval, the new credit card showing up on my Chase online account and everything.

  110. Article: “Often times, Chase wants to keep an application pending for security / fraud measures and not because there is something fishy on your credit report.”

    As strangely puzzling as the above statement may seem to rational individuals, I can do that “one better”. Recently applied for a (consumer, not business) Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card (currently with a $200 sign-up bonus if $500 in qualifying purchases are made with the first 90 days time). Never once been late on a single credit card payment in 24 years at the same residence. Credit Score in the 800s. No claims ever against me. No reasons to flag any concerns.

    Upon completing on-line application process, I immediately received an email stating that I had been approved, and would receive the credit card and documents in 3-5 business days. I relied on (Chase bank’s) misrepresentation of a fact material to their written acceptance of my acceptance of a credit card agreement under their (pre-application) published terms and conditions, thinking that I would do well on Black Friday sales prices coupled with the sign-up bonus offered, and then use the card in applications where it was truly competitive (in terms of rewards categories) with my other previously held and still used credit card.

    Some clown in one of their “applications fraud” departments decided to yank my application over amorphous, secretive “fraud related concerns) on Thanksgiving Day. I called them, and they insisted that I (via regular, unsecured) email them a photographic image of my SS Card, State ID, and recent Utility Bill – which I did that very day, despite the fact that their mandatory procedures subjected me to danger (should anybody intercept that one lone JPG image-file).

    Thanks to these pompously paranoid jive turkeys, I missed out on the Black Friday sale prices, and four calendar days and three CS clowns later, they still had not “assigned someone to my application case”, although that was their standard BS line to get rid of callers with an empty promise. Thanks to these jive turkeys, I missed out on the Black Friday sale prices, and just gave up, pretty much forgetting about these tight-lipped stooges holding my “on ice” for 90 days.

    Then, a week or so later, the Chase Credit Card with documents arrives. My internet browser was not able to communicate with their swank web-site that they sent me to in order to activate the card. And it would not have mattered – as when I called the toll-free telephone number on a Sunday to activate, EVEN AFTER SENDING ME THE DANG CARD, I was somehow still “lost in BS space”, and was told that I would have to call one of their “fraud” departments in order to activate my card. However, the Chase “fraud” departments do not work weekends (imagine that if/when one’s card might be hacked and used extensively over a weekend !).

    I think that I have had just about enough of these pompous punks working for faceless robots.

    Will soon be receiving an alternate bank’s credit card (with an otherwise identical offer, although the sign-up bonus is less at $150, the all-purchase reward percentage is 1.0% as opposed to 1.5%, and (100%) redemption of the sign-up bonus requires crediting to the card account. When that alternate card arrives, I am going nail Chase on their treating me like dirt. Their persistent, insulting, and baseless insinuations surrounding “fraud”, and mind-massage fear routines surrounding yanking people’s sign-up bonuses (at their arbitrary and capricious whims, despite a person meeting 100% of their end of the contractual agreement) are a genuine turn-off. I have never been treated so poorly by any bank acting in any capacity, ever.

    If these Chase jive-turkeys won’t shoot straight with me (and that seems more likely than not at this point), I am just going to instead go with the less profitable (but also much less specious BS) credit card offer – from a bank that has not transformed it’s wage enslaved minions into unduly arrogant, information and authority starved, nearly useless androids.

  111. This method actually worked for me. I called the number above and they told me that I was flagged for fraud on my application and they redirected me to their fraud dept. The first time I called it was 10 mins and automatically hung up. the second time I talked to a human who said she would look into my application and it was put on hold (which also resulted in hang up). Third time, I called and waited 15 mins for a response and when I got one they said it was approved and I will be getting my card in a week. So….it works but you gotta be persistent in calling and re-calling

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