Refer friends & earn up to 2.5 free flights with American Airlines Business ExtrAA (not a credit card)

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American Airlines has an AMAZING promotion with their second (not so well known) frequent flyer program called “Business ExtrAA” where you earn up to 5,000 points by referring friends through March 31, 2014. That's enough for up to 2.5 free domestic flights! Sign up and both you and the person who referred you each gets 1,000 points!  Yes, that's right, that's enough for up to 2.5 free flights.  THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD, IS FREE & FAST!


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This is a fantastic offer and very valuable, maybe too valuable and is likely to get pulled or cancelled (and therefore, its not guaranteed you will get it). DON'T WAIT!  Its free and very easy – it similar to your regular AA frequent flyer account. If you already have a Business Extra account, you probably received an email inviting you to refer friends (max of 5 friends). You can double dip and get points with this program on top of the usual miles you get on your AA account.


  • You only get 5 referrals so don't waste them on someone who you are not sure will sign up.
  • You can send one at a time so don't worry about having all 5 ready.
  • Don't confuse miles and points – they are completely different. You get points here which are worth much more than miles.  In the table below you can see that a domestic round trip coach ticket costs only 2,000 points which would normally cost 25,000 miles.
  • Don't share your referral link with anyone — put the referrals in yourself.  If you make an error such as an incorrect email address, you will waste 1 of your 5 valuable referrals.


How to sign up?

To sign up your business (its not for individuals), you need to be referred by an existing member. They will only ask you the business name when you sign up.  I have a couple referrals left and am happy to refer you if you really plan to sign up. If you click “Ask Rewardboss”  and email me your first/last name and email address I can send you one or if don't have any left, with your consent, I will have another reader refer you, or you can check out the forum (see links below).

Also, feel free to use the comments below to exchange referrals.

How to refer a friend?

If you signed up to receive promotional emails, you probably received an email with a link to send referrals.  If not, your link should be   with your AAdvantage number added to the end without any spaces (NOT your Business Extra Account#).  For example, if your AAdvantage # was 99999, the link would be


What can the points be used for?

I just selected a few sample awards: Points
Roundtrip domestic coach ticket 2,000
Roundtrip domestic business ticket 3,200
Admirals Club Pass 300
AAdvantage Gold Status 2,400
And you earn 1 point per $10 spent


Who is eligible?

In a nutshell, a business with 2 or more travellers. I've pasted the specifics from the website below:

Subject to approval by American Airlines, Inc. (American) membership in Business ExtraSM program is available to companies (Member) with two or more employee travelers. Participation is subject to all program terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures (Program Rules). American may immediately, without notice, remove any Member from the program who abuses or fails to adhere to the Program Rules. American reserves the right to determine Member eligibility and to require a minimum number of employee travelers per account and minimum activity levels to award Business Extra points or recognize revenue credit.

The following are not eligible to participate:

  • Companies that have a corporate sales agreement, discount, or other agreement with American or American Eagle Airlines; however, with American's approval, they may participate for the portion of travel not already covered by another such discount or agreement; and
  • Travel agencies, wholesalers, consolidators, and other sellers or re-sellers of travel; however, they may book travel for Members.
  • Individuals are not eligible to participate as a Member.


Need more information?  Read more about this promotion here:

  • Hat tip to PointsMilesAndMartinis blog and Hackmytrip
  • About the program:
  • List of awards you can redeem your points for:
  • Read the discussion and people offering referrals here: Flyertalk Forum (starting with post # 578)

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  1. Hello – I just received an invite from a buddy. If I sign up for this offer can I just refer 5 more “friends” myself to get the entire 5k bonus? It almost seems too easy..


    • I agree so I think they should at least honor the promotion to those people who were already existing members. That’s why I think this is likely to get cancelled. We will see.

    • I should also add that I read through the terms and conditions (I posted part of them), and of course AA does have the right to remove anyone who abuses the promotion and determine who is eligible. So if they determine that only existing members who were invited will be eligible, then it may not work.

  2. I have a few Business Extra invites that I can send out, if anyone is interested. Please drop me a line with your first name, last name and email to send invites to. The current promo ends march 31st, so will have to act fast.

  3. I also have some Rocket miles referral codes, where you get an extra 1,000 miles to a program of your choice for bookings over the next 72 hours. This one can be used by new or existing members. Contact me if you would like a referral.

    • Usually you don’t get credit towards elite status unless you book directly with the hotel. I just checked and they only seem to have the more expensive hotels. If you’re not chasing status and the price is the same the extra miles would be nice. Usually I’m booking through What have you booked through rocket miles?

      • Correct, you do not get credit during status when booking, although mistakes do happen on occasion.

        I tend to travel lots for work and in large cities, so the prices are rarely cheap. Ive booked at a variety of typically 3-4 star properties, ranging from la quinta/holiday in expresson the low end, hilton/hyatt/crowne plaza/marriott for nicer properties in major cities. For my travel, i find it too difficult to be brand loyal. RM stacks up nicely when comparedto, orbitz, which are the other two i book through the most frequently. Their frequent promos are icing on the cake

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