New BOGO Promo: iPhone X Get iPhone 8 Free ($700 value) – AT&T – No DirecTV Req’d

Updated on December 14, 2023

iPhone X Buy One Get iPhone 8 Free

AT&T just released the first very good iPhone X deal. And it's simple this time: Buy One Get One Free. Buy/upgrade iPhone X and you can add a line with a FREE iPhone 8. That's a $700 value! The credits come to you, as usual, over 24 months. I detailed the other carrier's launch and trade in offers here.

No DirecTV required. No trade in required. No usual annoying AT&T strings attached. Just add a second line.

AT&T hasn't yet published the official details online but you can get the offer online or in the store. I confirmed the details via chat (see screen shot below). This offer is also available in Costco physical stores.

iPhone X BOGO Link

Expiration date: Unknown


iPhone X BOGO iPhone 8 Buy One Get One Free


Here's what the Costco deal in warehouse deal (not available online) looks like, so now you can get the same thing directly from AT&T, online or in-store (*the details are not listed online so you can chat to confirm).

Costco AT&T iPhone X Buy One Get One Free iPhone 8

Competitor offers

No one else is doing this… yet.


In comparison to Verizon, if you bring over a line from another carrier, or trade a phone in, you will get $300 off the iPhone X. It's less than 50% of AT&T's promo but, of course it's different. It's a trade in or bring 1 line over from another carrier. If you switched two lines, you'd have a total of $600 savings, which is close to AT&T's deal.

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  1. Just be aware that if you get this deal you are stuck with at&t for 24 month as if you pay off the monthly payments your momthly credit stops. Normally thats fine but this means you can’t get your phone unlocked and if you need to travel and use local sim card you cant do that with any of phones you buy under this deal. I have iphone 6s on a similar BOGO deal and we had to rent a phone at the airport instead of just buying a sim.

    • Usually all the carriers make you stick with the full 24 months to get all the credits. You could technically pay it off sooner but then I believe month monthly credits may stop coming. Thanks for tip!

  2. What about if I pay for the X in full, since AMEX Platinum requires this to get the extended warranty, and you use the monthly credit to in essence get the iPhone 8 for free? Does this work or am I missing something?

    • I think as long as there is a charge on your card for the iPhone x you will have warranty coverage but I suggest double checking with Amex. Keep in mind the warranty extension ends if you cancel the card. On my Citi AA card they add 2 extra years of warranty.

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