New $2000 Lyft Driver Bonus – San Diego

Updated on July 11, 2016

$2000 Lyft Driver Bonus Promo Code San Diego

$2000 LYFT DRIVER BONUS [Expired]

Lyft is back with another big driver bonus: $2,000 for new Lyft drivers in San Diego! After the recent $5,000 bonus, this should not come as a big surprise.

New drivers will need to complete 500 rides in 60 days. Lyft has been experimenting with bigger bonuses with bigger ride requirements – probably in the hopes that drivers won't just collect the bonus then stop driving.



New drivers have to do 500 rides in 60 days. Of course 500 rides may sound like a lot, but if you are willing to stay with Lyft, it is doable and comes with a nice reward of $2,000! A full time driver should be able to manage ~63 rides per week for 8 weeks. Part time will likely be a challenge.


Lyft offered a whopping $5,000 new driver bonus, the largest ever, not long ago. This $2,000 bonus comes as no surprise. The ride-hailing app keeps changing bonuses depending on where demand is the greatest. That big demand seems to stay in California – before it was Los Angeles, now it is San Diego.

Keep in mind that Lyft can and does change their offers frequently!


Bonus offers change frequently. See my other post for the updated list of bonuses in other cities. The other biggest offers are currently $500 bonus in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Orange County, and Silicon Valley.

Lyft $750 - $1000 New Driver Bonus San Diego


If you sign up for this, let me know how it goes meeting the big ride requirement.

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