Does Price Match? No. Maybe.

Jet Price Match Policy


Ever since I started shopping on, I noticed the pricing was often equal or slightly better than competitors. For some items, has prices that are significantly higher. I was curious if they would do a price match. A word of advice – do not try this and do not waste your time asking. If you find it cheaper, just buy the item somewhere else. Despite this disappointing experience, I will continue to shop on Jet when the prices are equal or better than competitors. By combining Jet's prices + promotions + JetCash, I've found the savings worthwhile.

The price match policy wasn't listed online so I emailed them. They confirmed that while they don't price match, I could order the item… and then they will consider a price match. Here's their response:

We don’t have a price match option at this time. You would have to order the item with us first and then send us an email with the link from the other website. After that we could then credit the difference in amount into your Jet account.

Official Price Match Policy:

So the official policy as I see it is “We don't price match but email us and we'll think about it.“?

I pressed further and they said they do price match certain stores but refused to provide a list. Lets see if this works. I placed the order for a linen closet for $188. When the order confirm arrived, I emailed several links with prices ranging from $126.99 to $145.99 (none of them were major retailers).

Jet responded that they cannot match the price and because it is past the 30 minute cancellation period, I cannot cancel the order. Now I will have to wait until the item arrives, get a return label, then return the item for a refund.  Really?

Jet, I'd like to offer my version of the policy which would be more clear:

  • Option 1: “We do not price match. Period.”
  • Option 2: “We don’t have a price match option but email us and we'll think about it. If we don't match the price, we'll ship it anyway without confirming so make sure you're willing to pay the higher price in case we don't price match the item.”



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  1. I beg to differ, I just purchased a TV for $999.99 from them (with UPromise rewards making it only $899.99) and two days after I got it reduced the price to $799.99. They matched and gave a 2% bonus. My out the door price was nearly 50% off (this was a $1299.99 TV on-sale by many retailers for the holiday).

  2. Once I placed an order ($820.04 laptop) at webite, I’ve found out that it will be “fulfilled by uShopMall”. I went to and see the same exact item for final price of $779.99.
    I have contacted about price adjustment but been refused as “ineligible”.
    Also, they refused to cancel my order, though it was not processed yet.

    They adviced me to return their parcel (to uShopMall) and purchase it again (from uShopMall).
    That was my first and last purchase from who is just a re-seller of other stores.

    • Agreed this is dumb. I would suggest refusing the delivery. Jet does sometimes have good deals, however, I haven’t bought large ticket tech products from them (and probably won’t).

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