iPhone Xs Max Xr – Prices, How To Pre-Order, Trade In Offers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, TMobile)

Updated on September 23, 2018

Apple iPhone Xs Max Xr Prices Pre-Order

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr Pre-Order Deals

Apple's newest iPhones are now available for pre-order! Here's are the prices, trade ins and the best ways to pre-order.

This year, the trade-in offers from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have been kept secret for now. An inside source tells me details should be released tomorrow. Last year, the price war broke out in the weeks after launch. One of the best deals was AT&T buy one iPhone X get one free. I'll be looking for a great deal (def needed at these prices) or trade in since my contract is up – so check back later!'

Need help choosing and understanding the different models? Scroll down and I'll give you the short version! Let me know which one you plan to get and from which carrier? Turns out the new iPhones get up to 3x the download speeds due to new antennas – that's a good reason to upgrade!

Best Trade In Offers?

Right now I think Verizon has the best offer overall but you have to buy 2 phones. You'll get $700 off two phones plus you can trade in your phones for a reasonable value – see details below. But you have to open 2 new lines to get this so those of us who want to upgrade get much of a deal. Second place is Sprint because the trade in value is worth up to $700.

Pre-Order Dates

The prices and pre-order dates are the same for the major US carriers.

ModelPre-OrderShip DatePrices
iPhone Xs9/14/18 3AM EST9/21/18$999+ (64GB)
iPhone Xs Max9/14/18 3AM EST9/21/18$1,099+ (64GB)
iPhone Xr10/19/1810/26/18$749+ (64GB)

Pre-Order Prices

iPhone Xr$749$799$899N/A
iPhone Xs$999N/A$1,149$1,349
iPhone Xs Max$1,099N/A$1,249$1,449

Which iPhone X Should I Get?

If you're looking for the biggest screen, the most expensive iPhone Xs Max, which is about the size of an iPhone 8+ is for you. For everyone else, the decision is between the Xs and the “budget friendlier” Xr.

I compared the features of each of the 3 new iPhones in the table below. The Xs and Xs Max are exactly the same phone except for size, battery and of well… price.

Don't let the Xr fool you though, under the hood, it's almost the same as the more expensive Xs! The Xr is like an iPhone 8's materials with upgraded processor, battery and camera. It has the same power and the biggest battery of them all. The Xr is smaller than an iPhone 8+ but a much bigger screen. For $250 extra, you get the Xs with its fancy new screen and camera, but less battery! If the price doesn't sting enough, getting more storage might hurt since the Xs doesn't have a 128gb option so the next step is 256gb!

Me? I have an iPhone 7+ 128gb. I'm leaning towards the Xs which gives me a smaller, lighter phone, while giving me a bigger screen. Actually after sleeping on it, the Xr is sounding better to me due to the price, battery, big screen, and I can upgrade to 128gb which is more than I need. I'm also torn on the missing fingerprint scanner – I really find it useful to unlock the phone with my fingers. Will they bring back the fingerprint scanner in next year's model (or brands have it on the back!).

Note: As you upgrade, the green colors = better and Red = worse features.

iphone Xs Xs Max Xr Comparison


Pre-Order Links


Verizon Wireless Logo

Verizon Wireless

Pre-Order Link

Special Offer: Buy a new iPhone, get $700 off a second one.

I look at it as $350 off on each of 2 phones and then you would sell your existing phone. Selling my iPhone 7 Plus on Swappa should get me around $400+, which is similar to a trade in for $750 (not bad at all!). If I trade in my phone to Verizon and get “market value”, they will give me $330, which is not terrible even though they don't pay anything extra if you bought more storage.

You pay full price for two iPhone XS Max, XS, X, 8 Plus or 8 256GB devices over 24 months, then you’ll see a credit of $29.16/mo over 24 months starting in 1-2 billing cycles. Or you can also pick iPhone 8 64GB and get $24.99/mo instead.

Trade-In Offer: Verizon is advertising “$100 or more for your trade in”. The following are “Estimated Trade in values” I had to look up one by one by placing a mock-order on Verizon's website. Can you combine the special offer with the trade in? “This offer can’t be combined with getting $100 with select trade-in–you’ll get the market value instead.” I take this to mean only the older phones won't qualify for min $100 trade in like the iPhone 6, instead you'll get $75.

  • iPhone 7 $270,
  • iPhone 7 Plus $330
  • iPhone 8 $363
  • iPhone 8 Plus $453
  • iPhone X $630
  • iPhone 6 $75
  • iPhone 6 Plus $95

AT&T Logo

AT&T Wireless

Pre-Order Link

Special Offer:

This is almost as good as Verizon's offer because you have to keep the service for 30 months (Verizon is only 24)! Buy an iPhone get $700 off a second iphone. Both phones need to be on AT&T Next and cost $600 min each and a min of $65/month combined after discount.

Trade-In Offer: <tbd>

Sprint Logo


Pre-Order Link

Trade-In OfferGet iPhone Xs for $0/month with eligible trade in on the Sprint 18 month Flex Lease. You'll get $41.67/month x 18 = $750 total value.

  • What happens at the end of the 18 month lease? You need to pay off the balance of the cost of the phone in one lump sum or 6 monthly payments. I understand that to mean if I get iPhone Xs which costs $999, after 18 months $750 will have been paid off leaving $249 to pay.
  • For the $0/month rate, you'll need to trade in one of last year's models. This includes Apple iPhone X, 8 Plus or 8, or Samsung Galaxy S9+, S9, S8 Active, Note 8. These would get you a trade in from Verizon of $363-$630.

Sprint Apple_iPhone Xs Offers for Sprint Customers

T-Mobile Logo


Pre-Order Link

Trade-In Offer: Get $300 off iPhone Xs when you trade in an iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7. Verizon is more generous for these models and I believe it can be combined with their buy one get one offer too!

Apple iPhone Xs Xr Max Trade in Deals T-Mobile


Most people compete for pre-orders with everyone else on apple.com or directly at the carrier. The lesser known method is to use the Apple Store App . Download it now because if you plan to wake up at 3 am to pre-order, you might forget what you need to do. The app should have the least competition!



Pre-Order Link



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  1. If you have the 7+, don’t get the Xs. I upgraded to the iphone X and that was a mistake. The X (Xs) looks like a bigger screen on paper but it’s not. The width of the phone is actually less (same as the iphone 7/8) which makes all the text much smaller, and there is no zoomed view. I had to switch to the 8 plus because I couldn’t stand how small everything was. You really should consider the Xr or Xs Max.

    • These trade in offers are towards the newest phone. I’m sure they will offer you something towards the 7 plus but you’ll need to check with the store or try to go through the trade in process online.

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