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Updated on December 14, 2023

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I use Awardwallet to keep track of almost 100 accounts balances. The regular account is free. Use the codes below for a free 6-month upgrade to AwardWallet Plus. The regular account is free but there are some extra perks with the upgraded account. Still using a notebook or spreadsheet? Get a free account and make your life easier. I get these free upgrades for referring people — enjoy.

UPDATE: All the codes have been used.

My favorite (free) features are:

  1. Seeing all my account balances without having to login to separate websites
  2. The warning emails that I have points expiring
  3. Tracking accounts of family members



Below are FREE 6-month upgrades to AwardWallet Plus. Please write in the comments once you have redeemed a code. Note: The AwardWallet site may give you a timeout if you try too many codes that have already been redeemed.

Invite-87674-TTJNU – use coupon
Invite-87674-FVYHZ – use coupon
Invite-87674-PFPKV – use coupon
Invite-87674-LFTLV – use coupon
Invite-87674-BRHSK – use coupon
Invite-87674-CYXEU – use coupon
Invite-87674-WVNXV – use coupon
Invite-87674-TMGVD – use coupon
Invite-87674-YJFYL – use coupon
Invite-87674-MOYZP – use coupon
Invite-87674-CRPVL – use coupon
Invite-87674-MBZKF – use coupon
Invite-87674-YVJGS – use coupon
Invite-87674-ERDLA – use coupon
Invite-87674-GVPCP – use coupon
Invite-87674-BAEHH – use coupon
Invite-87674-FHJUK – use coupon
Invite-87674-ONXSH – use coupon
Invite-87674-AJPNR – use coupon
Invite-87674-QOWCU – use coupon



The free account is amazing as it is. With a “Plus” account there are a few extra perks. Below is a comparison chart of a free Regular Account and a Plus account:

AwardWallet Plus Account Comparison

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  1. Really? So you’re going to leave them all up there even though you know they’ve already been used? I know I’m coming across as looking a gift horse in the mouth, but if you know they are all used, why don’t you take them down? I just signed up for an account with AW through your referral for a list of dead codes. If I had realized, I’d have not signed up right now.

    • @Nico, I updated the post to let everyone know the codes are used. I just made it bigger to make sure everyone sees it. The account is free so I don’t think any harm was done.

      • I understand you don’t see any harm in it. I wouldn’t have given them my email address if not for the desire to give the premium service a spin. All of the details as to why are an argument of perspective and opinion that probably isn’t worth debating.

        My point here is that you know the codes are used. You’ve left FREE 6 MONTH UPGRADE in large blue letters above a list of codes with links that are all dead and somewhere between the headline that says “GIVEAWAY: FREE Codes!” and the capital letters FREE ^ MONTH UPGRADE you have a smaller line hidden away that says, “Oh yeah, all the codes are used”. That seems like it is in poor taste.

        Honestly, I’m not just a daily reader of blogs at boarding area — I refresh the page with all of the posts several times an hour. I’m a VERY regular boarding area reader. This is my first visit to your page. After feeling like I was duped, it’ll probably be my last.

        I’m not sure if the update was there before or after I clicked your links. Maybe it was there before and I just missed it — which would clearly be at least partially my fault. But the way you set it up and left the headline and large blue “FREE CODES” list and buried the update that they were dead in the middle just screams deceptive to me and has ended my readership at one of your posts.

        Best of luck to you going forward, but I hope you follow the lead of others and put the word [DEAD] in the headline when something you post has died and the update at the top of the post before any other information. That’s the way it ought to be.

    • Stephane,
      That is not an upgrade code, it’s just a referral code. Please don’t try to trick people who read my blog.

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