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Updated on February 19, 2016

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Hyatt Discount and Corporate Codes – Overview

Most large companies have corporate codes that their employees can use and it seems that many employees don't even know about it.  Sometimes the codes are meant for business travel only but often they are not strict about this.

Many of these discount / promo codes are Corporate Codes, intended to be used as employee discounts – therefore, I do not endorse using them unless you are an employee of that company.  If you plan to use these promo codes, be prepared to provide proof that you work for the company or are allowed to use the code (i.e. you may be a consultant offering services for another company (the client) who may allow you to reap the employee discount benefits by using its corporate codes). When I was sent on projects, I was sometimes told to book a hotel using the client code.

As discussed in the FlyerTalk thread, the hotel has the right to request for support of your affiliation with the company whose corporate code you are using – typically a business card will suffice.

My friend has used the Credit Suisse code at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong and was asked for support via email several days prior to check in.  She was a CS employee, and a simple email reply from her CS work email served as support.

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui

IBM's corporate code, 13717, appears to consistently offer the best rates for many locations.

  • If you like to take risks, browse through the thread and test each code out at the specific Hyatt property you wish to stay.  Not all of the discount / coupon codes are Corporate Codes.
  • If you are not a risk taker, you may want to just stick with Hyatt's My Elite rate which typically offers up to 20% off the Hyatt Daily Rate.  Hyatt My Elite Rate has been discontinued for 2015.


Warning About Using Hyatt Corporate Codes

I must stress that I do not endorse using any of the Corporate codes within the FlyerTalk thread unless you can prove affiliation with the company whose code you are using.  It is very surprising that the FlyerTalk social media specialists for Hyatt have not taken down this page which started 10 years ago.

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui Room

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui Room



Here is a list of Hyatt discount /coupon codes (some Corporate) to save readers from sifting through this extensive 60+ page thread on Hyatt Discount Codes.  Please post in comments below if you find other codes that work.

  • 12114
  • 13717
  • 17500
  • 15985
  • 17497
  • 90010
  • 12624
  • 99800
  • 68083
  • 57039
  • 14425
  • 23079
  • 35902
  • 20937
  • 60848
  • 4309
  • 17885
  • 349097
  • 66267
Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui Pool

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui Pool


How to Use Hyatt Discount Codes

  • Click Special Rates on the bottom of the Search Box
  • Enter the code within the “Corporate or Group Code” box (NOT the Special Offer Code box)

Hyatt Code

The results will look similar to this if the property accepts the discount code / coupon code:

Hyatt IBM Search Results

However, if the property does not accept the discount code / coupon code, the results will appear as if you had not entered any codes:

Hyatt Failed Search Results


List of Hilton Properties

These promo codes may be valid at the following Hilton Hotels and Resorts:

  • Park Hyatt
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Andaz
  • Hyatt All Inclusive (Ziva and Zilara)
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Hyatt Place
  • Hyatt House
  • Hyatt Centric


4/29/15 UPDATE: Best Hyatt Hotel Deal Yet!!!

The biggest discount you can get for Hyatt hotels may come from the place you least suspect.  The Citi Prestige credit card comes with a “4TH NIGHT FREE” benefit for any hotel stay booked through Citi Concierge.  If you book a hotel for a minimum 4 night stay through the Citi Concierge service, the Citi Prestige card will refund you the 4th night's TOTAL cost, inclusive of taxes and fees.

I have found that the price per night quoted by Citi Concierge to be identical to the daily rate seen on  This means that if the hotel costs $200 / nt for the first 3 nights, and $1,000 for the 4th night, Citi will refund you the $1,000 with the taxes and fees. An example of this kind of pricing would be around New Years Eve.  If you are still not convinced, see how to get $1,350 worth of free AA / US Airway flights from the latest sign-up bonus offer by Citi.


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  1. I often wonder if it’s actually in a travel provider’s interest to “hassle” folks using these semi-secret codes. Obviously, the provider intends to sell some rooms at this price. I’m almost certain that most of the code users would not pay more to stay at the hotel: they would just book a deal someplace else. So unless they are taking rooms away from higher paying customers, code users are profitable for the hotel.

  2. Nice! I must be missing something obvious, but how do you use the Hyatt’s My Elite rate? I clicked through to that page but was unclear how to get that rate.

  3. I would be sure to be able to prove affiliation before booking using any corporate codes – As an employee, I’m consistently being asked for company ID’s for both Hyatt and Marriott stays over the last year.

    You can check the “rate details” before booking, as this one from Hyatt in BKK details:

    Rate Rules

    IBM CORP ***DO NOT BOOK*** Per IBM policy all travelers are required to make their reservations via the online booking tool or through the authorized Travel Agency This company has a volume pricing agreement with specific Hyatt Hotels -Rate includes Breakfast Buffet -Rate includes Internet access in room -6 pm cancellation

  4. I stay at Hyatt’s all the time and have NEVER been asked to prove my affiliation with my company even though I do have it. I think this happens more across sea’s than in the US.

  5. So i tried alot of codes for hyatt n nothing seems to work does anyone have the code for two free nights . N etc w/e else come with it

  6. Hi,
    I am just wondering what Corporate rate the first one listed is for (12114)? It just mentions “Worldwide Rate” when I enter it, not a Corporation. Can “anyone” use this one? It also gives the best rate out of all the codes I tried. (I want to stay at the Port of Spain Trinidad Hyatt).


    Doug Johnson,
    Toronto, Canada

    • Hi. Just wondering if you were able to use this code? I just tried it and it said the same thing. I’m trying to book for Hyatt Anaheim. Thanks.

    • That code is for Moet Henessy. When you see “Worldwide Rate” it means that the hotel you are looking for does not have a negotiated rate with this company, but the chain (Hyatt) offers a worlwide discount.

  7. I found a corporate code for Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, you seem to get some discount and a better room and free breakfast. I tried it and i didn’t have to show a company id. Maybe it is usefull for anybody else. The price is already high so anything would help.

    Corporate: 59434 Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

  8. 15985 – AAA discount
    17500 – AAA discount
    13717 – IBM Corporate discount
    17497 – Senior Citizen discount
    66267 – Costco Member discount

    • Me too! I tried so many of these codes and it didn’t change the rates. I’m looking foe a code that works for Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

  9. Hi, my friend works in DC Hyatt place, I want to use the friends and family rate for my upcoming trip to LA and SD, I have the code, what else do I need to provide when I check into the hotels?
    Thank you,

    • Cynthia

      I have used the code quite a few times visiting my daughter in college. They changed the code last year. (was FANDF) My friend no longer works for Hyatt so I don’t have the new code. All you have to do is put in in under special offer code and if they have rooms available under the program you get a very good rate. I have never had it questioned when I check in. Hate to ask but could you send me the new code… would come in very helpful visiting my daughter. Thanks


      • Hey Ken – Ever find out the latest on the old “fandf”….Out of nowhere you’re right, it just stopped working!!

    • I lost my wallet and am wondering how to obtain my “Hyatt Employee Rate”
      number (starts with a B) and get a new card.

  10. I legit have a friend who works for Hyatt and I would simply enter the code stated above by Ken (fandf) which stands for friends and family…Then My Friend who works for Hyatts information, Job Title Position Phone Number etc..I travel quite often and don’t like bothering her to constantly book the hotel room for me now…What happened to (FANDF) am I missing something!?!? HELP!?!?

    • Alex, same here! It was super helpful when I had a friend who worked at Hyatt. I desperately miss that code. Let me know if you find the new one!

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