Citi Thank You Points – FINALLY Worth Chasing (can transfer to 7 Airlines)

Updated on February 19, 2016

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Citi Thank You Points can now be transferred 1:1 to 7 airline programs making them much more valuable AND and worth chasing.  I never thought much of Thank You points and would only redeem smallest amount to prevent my existing points from expiring.

TRANSFER PARTNERS (7 airlines + Hilton, though the FAQ also includes an 8th: Malaysia Airlines Enrich Program)

  1. Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
  2. EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
  3. Etihad Guest
  4. Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flyer
  5. Qatar Privilege Club
  6. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  7. Thai Airways Royal Orchard Plus
  8. Hilton – but I would not transfer to Hilton

Link to transfer points.  If you Citi card is not eligible, you will see “You are not eligible for this Points Transfer program.”   HOW MUCH ARE THEY WORTH? The maximum value I could find was 1 cent per point and I would redeem them for a $25 to $50 gift card to a store.  The best value appears to be with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Program which is part of the Star Alliance.  Using points to pay for flights will get you 1.25 cents value. BEST USE:

HOW TO GET POINTS & ELIGIBLE CARDS You can get points by getting a credit card sign up bonus and also by having an account at Citibank. These are the cards that are eligible (I have a regular thankyou card so I'm not eligible to transfer points to an airline):

The best deal is for the Premier card and you can find a link to apply for the bonus offer here – click on Points Rewards Credit Cards.   SUMMARY I'm not in a rush to get this card or to collect more Thank You points.  Yes, they are worth more now, but I prefer to stick with programs I'm more familiar with like American Airlines for example (Citi's partner) so adding American would make me more interested.  After getting 100k bonus miles with from the Citi AA Executive card (now expired), 50k seems tiny.  If you know you can use the points for a specific trip, it may be worth it.  Also, don't forget that you can get Singapore Airline miles by transferring from these programs: Citi Thankyou, Chase Ultimate RewardsAmerican Express Membership Rewards and Starwood, making it easier to save up a lot of miles.   HT to Lucky for posting detailed information.



FAQ (copied from the Citi Website) 1. What is Points Transfer? Points Transfer is a feature of ThankYou®Rewards that allows certain eligible ThankYou® members to easily transfer their ThankYou Points to a variety of international travel loyalty programs. From airlines to hotels, Points Transfer brings a new dimension of value and flexibility to your ThankYou Points.

2. Who is eligible to use Points Transfer?

Only Citi ThankYou® Premier, Citi Prestige®and Citi Chairman® cardmembers are eligible to transfer available and qualifying points to participating travel loyalty programs membership accounts.

3. How can I transfer ThankYou® Points?

Transfer your ThankYou Points through or by calling the ThankYou Customer Service. Here's how:

  1. 1. Select the participating travel loyalty program you want to transfer your available and qualifying ThankYou Points to.
  2. 2. Select number of ThankYou Points to transfer
  3. 3. Confirm Points Transfer and accept terms and conditions

4. Can I cancel my Points Transfer request after it's submitted to the participating travel loyalty program?

No. Points Transfer requests cannot be cancelled or reversed. Once your ThankYou Points are transferred, the resulting rewards currency of the participating travel loyalty program cannot be converted or transferred back to ThankYou Points

5. Do the ThankYou® Points that I transfer expire, have blackout dates, or any other restrictions?

Once transferred, the ThankYou Points become the reward currency of the participating travel loyalty program and are subject to the terms and conditions of that participating travel loyalty program. Please check the terms and conditions of the participating travel loyalty program involved in your transfer for details regarding restrictions and other terms.

6. Can all ThankYou® Points be transferred?

No, taxable points and points that are made unavailable for redemption due to signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity in your ThankYou Member Account or due to your failure to make the required minimum payment due on your participating Citi® credit card account by the payment due date are not eligible for Points Transfer. Taxable points are points received for a Citibank checking relationship, points obtained through activity unrelated to purchases made with your eligible Citi credit card, as well as bonus points that may be awarded with no spend requirements such as opening new Citi accounts or for signing up for new credit card account services.

7. What travel loyalty programs currently participate in Points Transfer?

The participating travel loyalty programs are:

  1. Asia Miles
  2. Etihad Guest
  3. EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
  4. Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flyer
  5. Hilton HHonors™
  6. Malaysia Airlines Enrich
  7. Qatar Airways Privilege Club
  8. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  9. Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus

8. Is there a minimum number of ThankYou®Points required in order to transfer points into participating travel loyalty programs?

The minimum number of ThankYou Points that you can transfer is 1,000. Transfers must be made in 1,000 ThankYou Point increments.

9. Is there a maximum limit to the number of ThankYou® Points that may be transferred?

There is no maximum limit to the number of available qualifying ThankYou Points that you can transfer.

10. Is there a limit to the number of times I can transfer ThankYou® Points into participating travel loyalty programs?

There is no limit to the number of times you can transfer ThankYou Citi Rewards Points.

11. Is there a fee to use Points Transfer?

No, currently there is no fee to transfer ThankYou Points when using Points Transfer.

12. How long will it take for my ThankYou®Points to post to my participating travel loyalty program member account after I request a transfer?

It may take up to fourteen days for the ThankYou Points to post to your participating travel loyalty program member account.

13. How long will it take for my ThankYou Points to be deducted from my ThankYou Member Account after I request a transfer?

ThankYou Points will be deducted immediately from your ThankYou Member Account.

14. Can ThankYou Points be transferred to a participating travel loyalty program member account that is not in my name?

No. The first and last names on both the ThankYou Member Account and the participating travel loyalty program member's account must match in order to transfer points using the Points Transfer feature.

15. Where can I read the full terms and conditions of Points Transfer?

See Terms & Conditions


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  1. Pretty sure the Citi Chairman card is gone. Also, there are better offers for the Prestige card in-branch.

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