70,000 Chase Ink Plus Offer – In Branch only?

Updated on February 19, 2016

Chase is offering a 70,000 sign up bonus for the Ink Plus Business Credit Card.

This is an amazing offer and I would sign up for this right away if I could!  Now that the Citi AA Executive 100k offer if gone, this will be the next best thing.  Reports from this flyertalk forum and this slickdeals post say that this offer is available in Chase branches.  Today I stopped by a branch and they confirmed it by email after I left (but had no idea at first).  Flyertalk user “cyin” posted the photo below of the offer.   Others have reported receiving the offer in the mail.

Stay tuned — I am trying to confirm the offer and, if possible, find a link.

  • 70,000 Ultimate Reward Points after $5,000 spend in 3 months
  • $95 Annual Fee NOT WAIVED

Chase Ink Bold - Transfer Partners

Chase Ink Plus 70000 Offer

Credit: Flyertalk User cyin

Get your 60,000 offer bumped up to 70,000 points! [works for Ink Plus AND Ink Bold]

Did you recently apply for the 60k Chase Ink offer in June?  People on Slickdeals have been able to get the increased 70,000 offer for both the Ink Plus and Ink Bold (bold was confirmed here).  How?  Send a secure message to chase asking for it like this:

I noticed that there was a 70,000 bonus point promo that was just launched. Is it possible to have that matched for my Ink plus that I recently got?? i only got the 60,000 bonus points 
[First Name][Last Name]

The response slickdeals users received:

Dear Person,

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the 70,000 
point enrollment bonus offer.

I am pleased to advise that I did add 10,000 points to the
account number noted above so that it receives a total of 
70,000 points for an enrollment bonus. You will see this 
adjustment on the next statement. This adjustment is 
available for redemption now.

I am glad I was able to assist you. If you have any 
further questions, please reply using the Secure Message 

Thank you,

Other Person
Customer Service Specialist


Learn more about business credit cards – click here.

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  1. Hi,

    I got 60k Ink plus offer 2 months back. So I tried SM to Chase for this offer. They got back to me saying they won’t honor it as it’s $95 fee for the current offer.

    I do see that. But in all fairness, some of them already got addtional 10k offer. Is there anyway for me to ask them to reconsider? Tried twice. They won’t budge!

    • I saw that people were starting to get rejected. Have you offered to pay the annual fee since that’s the new offer? The additional points are easily worth it. Even at 1 cent its worth $100 and you can’t buy miles for 1 cent.

  2. I went into a branch. I had my tax ID, my social security number, my 2 Chase personal accounts, and asked to apply for the business card. The employee told me I can not apply for a business card with only a federal tax ID, and that I have to have my “sole proprietorship” registered with the state. All I am doing is selling trinkets on ebay. Is it true there is no way to apply for a business card, if the business has only a tax ID and is not incorporated or registered as a DBA? It seems to me that other people have gotten the card with only the tax ID papers.

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