Cheap Hamilton Tickets $199 Amex Presale Starts Today!

Updated on September 21, 2016

Hamilton Tickets


Cheap Hamilton Tickets $199 – American Express Presale

Didn't win free Hamilton Tickets from Uber on Monday? Neither did I! Coincidentally, I found out that American Express just launched a pre-sale today (Monday 9/20/16) with tickets as low as $199 for June to Mid August 2017! Yes, $199 is “cheap”!

I just bought 4 tickets to see Hamilton in NYC on a Saturday night next summer through Amex Platinum Concierge at $199 each. This is the most I have ever paid for Broadway tickets. People are willing to pay $500-$1000+ for some reason so this seems like a great deal. Woohoo! I will finally see what all the buzz is about…next year.

You can buy tickets two different ways (1) online through of (2) by calling Amex Platinum Concierge. Amex has their own ticket inventory which Ticketmaster doesn't see so unless you want to pay $849 for premium tickets (like 1 seat in front of me), skip TicketMaster and call Amex.


  • 4 tickets per cardmember
  • $199 tickets are located in left/right orchestra starting around row F and closer to the wall
  • $849 tickets are located in center orchestra + front mezzanine
  • Save $18 per ticket. Amex does not charge the extra BS “service fees” that Ticketmaster does. If you order through Ticketmaster you pay $18 extra per ticket!
  • 4 tickets together is possible, but you will probably be a bit farther back or in the mezzanine where they had an entire row available in the center.



  1. You need to have an American Express Platinum or Amex Centurion (the black card). I used my Mercedes Benz Platinum Card.  Don't have an Amex Platinum? Read this (even though the 100k offer is expired).
  2. Load up the seating chart and have it ready before you call.
  3. Call Amex Platinum Concierge 800-345-2639. The wait time was about 20 minutes tonight.
  4. Ask for “$199 Hamilton tickets” and provide your preferred dates and times in June/July/August 2017. Want a Saturday night? They have plenty (shockingly) if you ask! Amex has their own inventory and the $199 tickets are really difficult to find on the Ticketmaster website!

Note: Physical tickets will be shipped to you a few weeks before the event. Be sure to give them an address where someone can sign for the tickets because otherwise UPS won't leave it for you, just like the iPhone 7.


If you don't have a Platinum or Centurion Amex, you can still buy tickets on but you won't have access to the inventory that Platinum Concierge has. I found ONE $199 ticket on and lots of $849 tickets. The seats with the padlock are “preferred seating” ($849) and are available for the following cards holders:

Preferred Seating is available to American Express® Gold Card, Platinum Card®, Centurion® Card, Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card, Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express, Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card, Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card from American Express, American Express® Corporate Gold Card, Corporate Platinum Card®, Corporate Centurion Card® from American Express, and the Executive Business Card, Business Gold Card, Business Platinum Card® and Business Centurion® Card from OPEN American Express


A few hours after your order you will receive an email confirmation from American Express like this:

Cheap Hamilton Tickets



New users get $20 off your first ride. Thank you if use my link – both of us will get a free $20 ride.

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  1. Wow, thank you! I am an amex plat member but didn’t hear of this presale. I saw the old one with the $849 and contemplated but still decided it was too much to spend. I loaded up the ticketmaster website and still saw all the 849 tickets available for this new block. Then called, and yes, you are 100% correct, they have access to tickets not available on ticketmaster for only $199. Boom! Done! TY!!!

  2. what if I move? I booked tickets for 4th of July, but know I will be moving in late may, can I call and change my address?

    • I had them ship it to my work address and asked a similar question. They said you can call back and change it.
      They did have some trouble using my work address and had to keep putting me on hold. Then they offered to call me back.

  3. Where are you seeing that it will be shipped a few weeks prior to the show? My purchase confirmation says 48 hours, which is pretty tight depending on travel plans…

    • Platinum or better to have access to Platinum Concierge and their separate inventory of tickets. All the other Amex cardholders can buy through Ticketmaster.

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