Trip Reports

Trip Reports

Cuba: How To Get a Cuban Tourist Visa, Entry Requirements, Medical Insurance

Old Havana - Habana Vieja

Travel to Cuba for US Citizens has been restricted for a very long time. The rules have changed and you can now travel to Cuba for certain specific reasons. “Tourism” is not allowed. Before you go, you’ll need a few other things like a Tourist Visa Card, medical insurance, and travel affidavit. I just returned from…

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Havana, Cuba Transportation, Taxis, Airport Transfers + Getting Around

Havana, Cuba Transportation, Taxis, How To Get Around

When visiting Havana, you’ll need to get around. One thing Cuba has plenty of is transportation options! You probably won’t see this many classic American cars unless you go to a car show! Many of these cars look great, although only the body is American with the rest a sort of frankenstein since no American parts…

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Cuba’s Two Currencies (CUC vs CUP), Exchanging Money, Credit Cards, ATMs

Havana Cuba - Money CUC vs CUP - Front

ONE COUNTRY, TWO CURRENCIES Cuba has two official currencies called “peso” and your US credit cards and ATM cards are useless. Yes, it can be confusing, but I’ll explain. One currency (CUP) is mainly used by locals and the other by tourists (CUC), but not exclusively so. As a tourist you might only see the CUC, aka…

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Havana, Cuba – Digital Detox Retreat From Internet & Phone (+ Where To Get It If You Really Need It)

Havana CUba - Old Havana Habana Vieja

Heading to Cuba? Get ready to disconnect from all your devices. You are about to do a digital detox. Knowing that I would have plenty of free time in Cuba, I was planning to use some of it to catch up on some emails and work. Reality check. Not only did none of my credit cards work,…

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How to Book Award Flights To Havana, Cuba (fr United States NYC/EWR – HAV)

Havana Cuba Convertible Cars

Yes, its possible to use miles to visit Cuba from the United States. And it’s fairly easy. Obama isn’t the only one visiting Cuba. I just got back from spending a week in Havana. In this post, I want to share how you can book award flights using Miles & More miles. Before you read…

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Trip Report: Majestic Cliffs of Moher & Doolin Cave (Ireland)

Cliffs of Moher

TRIP REPORT INDEX SUMMARY Majestic Cliffs of Moher – Fantastic! The Cliffs of Moher were the main reason we visited Doolin, Ireland, but I didn’t realize there was much more to do (including those things covered in my previous post). We visited the Cliffs both in the evening and the morning looking for the best…

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Trip Report: Galway To Doolin, The Burren, Castles & Forts

Dungaire Castle

TRIP REPORT INDEX SUMMARY Castles, Cliffs, and the lunar landscape of The Burren. Next stop: Doolin. From Galway, we drive to Doolin. We booked one night at the Cahermaclanchy House B&B (which has one of the best ratings in the area in Doolin, Ireland (thank you if you use my affiliate link to book lodging!). The…

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