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How To Book a Casa Particular in Cuba Without the Hassle! (Don’t Book a Hotel!)

Casa Particular Sign - Havana Cuba

Updated on July 23, 2018 Finding a place to stay in Havana was a very frustrating process for us. We spent countless hours on this during the months leading up to the trip and finally booked a place last minute – 1 day before our flight left for Cuba. Want to stay in a hotel?…

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Havana, Cuba Transportation, Taxis, Airport Transfers + Getting Around

Havana, Cuba Transportation, Taxis, How To Get Around

Updated on January 15, 2020 When visiting Havana, you’ll need to get around. One thing Cuba has plenty of is transportation options! You probably won’t see this many classic American cars unless you go to a car show! Many of these cars look great, although only the body is American with the rest a sort of…

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Havana, Cuba – Digital Detox Retreat From Internet & Phone (+ Where To Get It If You Really Need It)

Havana CUba - Old Havana Habana Vieja

Updated on April 10, 2016 Heading to Cuba? Get ready to disconnect from all your devices. You are about to do a digital detox. Knowing that I would have plenty of free time in Cuba, I was planning to use some of it to catch up on some emails and work. Reality check. Not only did none…

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